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our democracy survived yesterday TG - I did not binge

Thursday, January 07, 2021

good morning - I saw on TV and saw my beloved country being defiled on national TV. I was very upset. My son - a VET who was disabled from Iraq was so mortified. He was so upset - what this does to our troops? We are loyal to our country. He says it really puts a stake in our missions overseas. Troops need a sane commander in Chief. He said that our commander in chief needs to be removed. This was an attempted coup. Any military person would be taken out. I am ashamed of our junior senator of Texas. emoticon I was so upset that I wanted to binge. I have not had these feelings for absolutely months even during all these days of the COVID isolation. I want to state I CHOSE not to OVEREAT and break my program. I CHOSE to eat my food plan. I CHOSE to feel the pain and anxiety of what happened yesterday. this is a lesson. You can be sad but you do not need to go to food. No need to binge. I want you all to know I am committed to my program. I will not OVEREAT. I love my country. I never thought in my lifetime this all would happen. I am so glad that we will get a new commander in chief VERY SOON!! emoticon WORDS MATTER to everyone and our children. have a good day! Be safe!!
Amazing a Pandemic, a potential coup, and a delusional president - Stay safe!
The more I travel to other countries the more I love coming home to my beloved country. emoticon Stay Safe.

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    My reply to Berry4:
    7:16 AM 1/8/2021 good morning - you sound very angry. I am also. I am not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I have traveled around the world since I have been 19 years old. I am in my 60's now. Our country has problems no doubt. I have been very frustrated at times, but I love my country. I have asked my DH - would you ever want to live anywhere else. We say no. My son is a VET - disabled from Iraq ( I did not want him to join the Army b/c I did not believe in that war). He joins and is paralyzed now with severe PTSD and panic attacks. I still love my country. Can it be improved YES? We have to use our vote and work the system to change. It is can be slow. I do believe in socialism in areas - health care and social security- daycare like in WWII so moms/dads can work. and know their child is safe- junior colleges - technical colleges - free - also work program to work off college debt. What I want is jobs in manufacturing - my dad provided for a family of 5. I had the foresight in my younger years to get into an industry that has made my senior years better so we can travel. I planned that way. I knew as a child that I was going to change my future and I did. This country allowed me to do this. In many of the countries of the world, my present life would not be possible. I always say to people- travel and see the difference. This president will be gone and it has been very painful to see our country and democracy so damaged. When I saw the Russian ambassador and Foreign Secretary in a photo with Trump in our President's Oval office- I knew this guy was no president that I knew. He was a reality TV person. Showtime - has a series Our clown president that is what I call him. I am angry that the GOP knew what he is like and supported all these crazy things. I was very upset about the 500+ children taken on the border from their mothers. My daughter went there to volunteer. I have worked food lines to give people food during this pandemic. I believe in Science - this president did NOTHING. 400,000 of our citizens are dead. Am I angry - I could go on and on. But I still love this country b/c I have talked to people in other countries and seen what a different kind of government can do to destroy a people. When we travel - we get to know local people - volunteer to build a school or a project a community needs. My daughter belongs to Engineers without borders - she has put in clean water systems in Central America. I hear your anger. Nancy
    163 days ago
  • BERRY4
    From my viewpoint, our Republic DIED yesterday. There is NO democracy. -- When lying, cheating, stealing and corruption is the "name of the game", sign me out! We are becoming a socialistic, third-world country. There is no more personal freedom. The constitution has been ignored. We have no vote. (Nothing a machine can't "flip" however it is suited!) No voice. Nothing that resembles a "united" state of America under God. That is GONE. Judgment is coming.

    #NotMyPresident -- If a position is taken by means of profound evidence of STEALING, then it does NOT belong to the person who STOLE it.
    163 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    Great on not binging.

    I agree, that was a riotous mob going after the centre of your democracy, trying to stop the certification of your election. What I saw in the pictures where American flags, southern confederate flags, Maga gear, and Trump flags, no doubt where their loyalties were.
    164 days ago
    It's great that you avoided the urge to overeat, even though yesterday's events were crazy and horrible!
    164 days ago
    Same position. DS is an Afghanistan vet and was unspeakably mad. **SIGH** I am glad that our capitol was taken back, but @ what cost . . . 4 people died. Just senseless, sad, angering.

    be safe, be well.
    164 days ago
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