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* Taps Microphone * Hello, this thing on? Seven year maintenance update!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Hello fellow Sparkers! It has been AWHILE since I’ve posted an update/blog/anything! I have still continued tracking food/workouts etc on sparks this whole time but still.

I did a “checked in” post in Dec 2019 and said I’d write a post and well…2020 happened! Also just realized I wrote 5yr maintenance and it was actually 6. Time flies… because now it has been SEVEN YEARS that I have been in maintenance.

So what has happened in the last few years?
Got Married, Had skin removal surgery, Bought a home, adopted a dog, and thankfully…maintained my weight. Well. Okay not fully. My original goal weight was 155lbs. By 2015 I was hanging around 160-165 (this was really my most comfortable weight) . 2017-now I’m bopping around in the 170s. Not terrible but I know it can become a slippery slope so I started 2021 with a goal of getting back to the 160-165 range. I felt good at that weight and didn’t feel like I was starving myself/working out too much. 155lbs and below just aren’t realistic for maintenance for me and when I finally accepted that I got better mentally.

So I don’t really know where to begin with an update. My last full post was 2014 after 1 year maintenance. I briefly skimmed through it and dang is it still spot on . Maintenance is hard, yall! But incredibly worth it. Okay so let’s give a quick recap.

2015: Married my favorite person in the entire world. And dang is it great I did because I couldn’t imagine being quarantined with anyone else. Ugh, shes the best. Seriously. My weight was around 160-165 most of this year. Even with still having the loose skin, I was good at this weight.

2016: Decided to get skin removal surgery. A LOT went into this decision. The only “surgery” I ever had up to this point was wisdom teeth haha So this was a big deal. Also, financially ! My wife and I had a ton of conversations and both agreed that for my mental health I should get it done. I was struggling HARD CORE with the loose skin. Many breakdowns. It’s hard to put in all that hard work and not “see” it. I wasn’t looking for abs because let’s be real…I’ll never have those! However, just the skin hanging off my arms and stomach were reminders to myself on what I did to my body all those years. So in May 2016 I sat with a surgeon, went over everything and scheduled the procedure for August. By surgery I was about 170lbs. Annoyed with myself that I didn’t try to loose some more weight before going in - at least get back to 160-165. I had a bunch of blood work and stuff done and BAM the day had arrived. Surgery went smoothly and was back home that night. 2 days later I had a bit of a reaction to the pain meds and it, weirdly enough, was causing me sooo much pain. My Dr said I could stop them and just take normal OTC meds. Which, thankfully helped a great deal. By the next day the pain from the reaction was gone and the OTC meds were maintaining relief from my wounds. All in all this was one of the best decisions I made, personally for myself. Surgery isn’t for everyone but I know for my mental health I had to get it done. It’s still crazy because its been over 4 years and I still have barely any feeling on the bottom part of my stomach!

2017: Bought a home!! House hunting is THE WORST. Between bid wars, finding a location you like within the budget you like within the look you like…enough to make my head spin. A few times, quite literally. I remember being on the phone with the mortgage lender and going over numbers and suddenly the room was spinning! I had a mini panic attack. Just the thought of spending THAT much money and having to pay for it for 30 YEARS is just …..a lot. I think we can all agree on that. My realtor did say I was very well organized with my budget and stayed pretty close to our “no higher than this” plan. So far, it’s been great. I love our home so much. Great neighborhood, close to family. Really lucked out. Also since we don’t have children (and don’t plan on it) we have a big space for a home gym! Needs to be used more though! Hahaha

2018-Present: Just living life. Trying to stay healthy/maintain. Naturally many hiccups but that’s life and I’ve learned the best thing to do is acknowledge them and then do what needs to be done to fix. That leads me to 2021. Dec 2020 I felt sooo bloated. We had spent the year being lazy and eating not so great. I think a lot of people did. Lots of takeout. We kept saying we wanted to “support” small businesses…..which obviously yes we wanted to but we probably should’ve ordered something healthier here and there. So when Jan 1st hit we said NO takeout/restaurants (tho we havent been to an actual sit down restaurant since March 2020) for the entire month of January. We needed to reset and focus on cooking meals at home and its now the 26th and I can gladly say we have stuck to it! We talked the other day that for the months of Feb and March our goal is to only get 1 meal out every other weekend, the rest must all be at home. Some people may find this restrictive but after years of being overweight, dieting, maintenance-- I know what I need for a kick back in gear. And that is getting my food under control. I’m a binge eater, always have been- even after losing the weight. So I know that if I can work at getting the food under control and I realize how much better my body (and wallet) feel than that motivates me to continue. It’s like the holidays…you have 1 bad meal here, a few cookies there, a holiday party this day…next thing you know you’re eating badly all day every day. It’s addicting and sometimes really hard to stop. Originally my wife and I were like “lets start Jan 4th because it’s a Monday” but we decided NO, we are starting on the 1st and now almost a month later-- happy we did! I’ve gotten a better hand on my food and I already feel better and less bloated. I just need to get back to the working out. I have literally NO excuse. I work a normal job, no kids, have a home gym…literally zero excuse. It really comes down to pure laziness. I just need to start because once I’m consistent for a week or so then its sooo much easier. I start to feel better so that makes me continue but starting is sooo hard! WHY?! haha

So, wow. Okay sorry if that’s rambling and long. But I felt like I needed to do an update to help hold me accountable! So let’s do that for each other! PS- I've added a few photos from my wedding (2015) , after my surgery (2016) , and me my wife and our pup Finn now!

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