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February 2021

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

It’s been a year since a blog check in! But, I've never stopped Sparking or working on a better me! I’m nearly ten years in on Spark and still 50lbs down!
Good news for 2021 is my weight has been the same all year, plus or minus a few pounds.

However, the scale is up higher than comfortable since 2020. (See previous blogs)
Not so good news is I never got last year’s 15lb regain off.
Honestly I’ve been on a rough roller coaster ride with my food all year long...
After retiring 3 yrs ago and work stress gone, I dropped those extra pounds rather easily, but then other life stressors came into play and the retirement honeymoon over. I’m still happily retired but old food habits have resurfaced. Just when I thought I had this, wham! The creep. The creep. The creep. A binge or two then three, four and more. I have allowed it. I’m still working things out.

Another plus since June 2020 (post COVID lockdown) gym and pool reopen and I’m on this fitness train! Also finally back to yoga studio after reopening 2021! Fitness/Exercise is pretty much my passion. I thoroughly enjoy it all!

I very much enjoy SparkPeople and appreciate my Spark friends, old and new!
I check in pretty much every day with 100 plus day streaks. I enjoy reading blogs and articles. I use the nutrition tracker most days.

My food plan is pretty basic with the goal being staying at top of cal range and balancing macros 30:30:30. My issues are the slip ups that lead to the all-or-nothing attitude.

I’ve learned so very much. Some times, too much! There are so many ways to go about a healthy lifestyle. But I do know what works best for me most of the time. Now, to just reestablish those habits that I know work for me for weight loss and most of all maintenance.

I will admit that not having outings/trips/events to plan for this past year which usually includes dropping a few pounds is part of the reason I haven’t shed extra weight. Emotional eating is my nemesis either in losing or gaining weight. I have made some really important permanent changes but the scales have tipped toward many slip ups.

I put off this blog for a couple of months because I just wasn’t sure what to write. Up I’m glad I finally did it. It made me do some self reflection.

I persevere this year of 2021 toward better health and well-being with the continued support, motivation, and inspiration from SparkPeople!

Thanks to everyone who checks in!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So happy to see a blog from you! I always see your pretty pic and follow your comments to others' blogs but I was pleasantly surprised to see a link to a blog by you! Good job keeping it off, that is success. I'm happy for you that fitness is opening up again. Please blog more, you are so valuable. emoticon
    122 days ago
    What a wonderful and thoughtful and insightful blog!
    And the comments were also so interesting.
    I know what u mean about learning too much...sounds funny but it is true for me as well as I try to do it all or flit around a bit.
    I will stick with something that works but as soon as it stops working I move over to something else, which may or may not work. Or it works for a while and then not. emoticon

    Anyway...glad to see you back to blogging.
    122 days ago
    You're right. There is such a thing as learning too much, which then can lead to overthinking.
    Best wishes!
    emoticon emoticon
    122 days ago
    WHAT A THRILL! ! ! To see you here. We cannot praise Spark People enough can we?! For, when push comes to shove, it is where we turn for support and understanding. We know we can count on SP to be there for us. AND, you can count on me too, Tricia!

    What a thoughtful and reflective blog. Acknowledging where we side-stepped and accepting the need to get back on track to find the balance that fits us best.

    I'm cheering you on emoticon
    122 days ago
    What a great blog!!

    I really appreciate your attitude to stressors in retirement (new to me) -- and your pleasure in exercise which I absolutely share.

    We continue to be healthy and aware. To take pleasure in the good stuff and to value this great Spark community!!
    123 days ago
    Oh, we must be family-- but overall, WOOHOO YOU!!! The good thing is we CAN get back to better eating with the next bite.

    Emo eating -- oh how we all understand! Think distance-- get away from the kitchen. Think time-- not now but later. Think move-- can't eat when we're exercising.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts with us.
    123 days ago
    Good to see you blogging. I find it really helps put everything in perspective and keeps me moving in the right direction...
    123 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Nice to see you again. Oh, these darn food woes. I am convinced down deep it is the set point in charge, ready to take advantage of any circumstance to reassert its will. It thinks it's keeping us alive and comfortable. I actually dropped some gained weight from 2019 just before COVID and was having an easy time (NO social events or other people to cook for so I could be quite ideal) until around June but read some anti-binge stuff that was all about total permission, etc. I didn't fall completely for it, but it got me off track of meal-based eating and into the peanut butter. I've found a decent compromise. I gained just a few pounds but I think age has really kicked in because I've stabilized a bit above my previous weight and I really don't think I can eat less than I do, so I am probably not going back down and certainly not the few more pounds I thought my get whittled away. I am working on realizing that I really do eat extremely well by most standards and am really NOT at risk of going back to compulsive junk eating. Also that there will be little real reward for losing more. Just a societal illusion that having the fleeting approval of strangers is worth worrying about my eating. It was as if I felt I had to fear to stay in line. But I really don't. However, I have gotten to depend on eating nearly all home cooked food and some weird practices that I could never depend on at someone else's house or on a long trip, which I plan to take at some point. I don't like thinking that I would go off the deep end if I can't have things exactly my way. or that it would mean anything significant about my value or happiness to gain some.

    In any case, welcome back and warmest wishes for 2021.
    123 days ago
    Nice to see you again. Great job in maintaining.
    123 days ago
    This will be a better year!
    123 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your journey.
    123 days ago
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