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Have You Been to Shangri la?

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Monday, April 05, 2021

A concept maybe? ..The term Shangri la has become a common English word meaning ‘Heaven on earth.’ Since it is purely fiction it is a place where we stay young forever and never age.

For some that could be the paradise they long for. To escape the pressures of everyday life and live in Eutopia. No aches, no pains, no fatigue.

Imagine living here. Ethereal. Carefree. Blissful harmony. Paradise.

I was single and thirty in this picture-taken at Sweet Briar, California. Ah—the sweet bird of youth. Life was good. I felt good, had lots of energy and had so much life and dreams yet to come.

Now Fast forward thirty years. From then to now. (Will be married 42 years in September).
I said to my husband when we saw an actor we had not seen in many years. He was close to our age.

“Oh my goodness—he has really aged!”

My hubby laughed and said, “Have you taken a good look at us lately?” …”Whaaat?”

What became of our Shangri la? It happened so gradually, that age literally snuck up on us.
Not long ago, I saw some photos of us at our ‘mature age’ shall we say, and gasped!

“Oh good heavens! Who are those old people?” … again he laughed. (The nerve). Ok, so neither of us have wrinkles per se’ but I noticed we looked tired. Nevertheless, we still see each other from the heart. And I still remember the first time I saw him! I nudged a friend and asked, "Who is that?"

Neither of us look just like the photos of our youth, but he still tells me “You are just as beautiful as the day I first met you.” And when he walks into the room, his hair still black, I can still feel my heart skip a beat. Did we pass through Shangri La without noticing? Or could it be Shangri La is yet to come? I smile with that knowing inside. I believe it is. Compared to eternity, we are only here for a little while.

Thanks for reading and have a Blissful day!
P.S. Some said they would find Shangri-La boring. It is a fictional place, and through the many storms of life, and some hardships. our love and laughter has made us strong and unstoppable. Guess you could say we have our version of Shangri-La.
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