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How To Handle Food Cravings

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Eat high-fiber foods and whole grains.

You are strong. You can hold yourself.

Eat a small healthy snack (no more than 100 calories).

If your hungry, deprivation causes food cravings. Eat balanced meals.

Vegetable are interesting. Make a tasty, low calorie salad. Vegetables have low GI and contain very few calories.

Get absorbed in your favorite hobby. It'll push the cravings out of your head.

You'll miss nothing by avoiding sweets. Life will be better without them.

Don't start your diet tomorrow. You're on a diet now. The extra food will turn to fat.

Do you want firm and shapely thighs? Self control will be worth it!

Eat an orange. It's much healthier than chocolate and other sweets. Just be careful as most fruits contain lots of sugar.

Take your mind off the foods you are craving. Watch a movie. Play a sport. Or clean your house.

Combine sweets with a healthier food. For example, a chocolate covered strawberry. Yum!

Feeling sad? Food will not comfort you! Talk to a friend or watch a movie. Go for a walk even.

If you feel like something sweet, get natural sugars from an apple, orange, strawberries or even a pineapple. They're healthier, more satisfying and they contain fewer calories. *NOTE* I actually, for the most part, disagree with this. Fruits contain MORE sugar and add up in calories. Be careful when consuming fruit as it can be more unhealthy in the long run.

Just do something else to take those cravings out of your mind. You could tidy up the house, for example.

Have a taste, one or two bites, but if you can't resist eating it all, better avoid these foods all together.

Eat just one piece of DARK chocolate instead of binging. Believe it or not dark chocolate has nutrients that positively affect your health. Made from the seeds of the cocoa tree, dark chocolate is the best source of antioxidants. It contains magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorous, and copper. Dark chocolate improves your health and lowers your risk of heart disease. Plus, there is only about, on average, 0.6 grams of sugar in dark chocolate!

Is it emotional eating? Sweets won't rid of your emotions! Talk to a friend or a relative instead!

Make healthy desserts. Preferably sugar free and low calorie.

If your too stressed out, try to relax. Take a bath or meditate. Sweets are not the answer to stress.

Exercise. It's relieve the craving, help you lose weight, and you'll feel a lot healthier!

Reduce your carbohydrate consumption.

Drink a vegetable juice, such as Tomato Juice (my personal favorite) or V-8.

Holding yourself back for just 10 minutes can enough to stop the cravings.

Eat a small ( and I really mean small!) portion of the food you like.

Eat a low fat yogurt.

Have a cup of tea! Without sugar of course.

Drink a glass of milk. Milk actually curbs appetite and controls cravings.

Make wise decisions when it comes to the foods you eat.

Do some light exercise such as yoga, stretching and running in place.

Eat vegetables! They are healthy and full of vitamins and minerals.

Write down what you eat or what you are going to eat. This is a great way to control cravings and to count calories!

Go for a walk. This will burn calories and help you lose weight.

Imagine yourself going shopping for new clothes with your new figure.

Drink water with a slice of lemon! It's not only good, but refreshing as well!

Brush your teeth and gargle! This will help with cravings and the tempting taste of food will disappear from your mouth.

Eating will not keep you awake. You'll still feel tired! So, if you are tired, just go to sleep.

Write down your emotions in a journal or a diary and then spend at least 5 minutes thinking about those emotions.

Drink water. I cannot express this enough. It's healthy and flushes out your system (which is a good thing).

Chew sugar-free gum. It controls cravings AND it also helps those who are quitting smoking to quit smoking.

How do you control your cravings?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you
    29 days ago
    These are a LOT of great ideas. Thank you for the list. I can add one more: Do your taxes. I'm doing them right now. It's a natural appetite suppressant! emoticon
    29 days ago
    Great ideas. The less carbs I eat, the less I crave. I never eat carbs without protein.
    29 days ago
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