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Not Again!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

My engine light came on last week on the panel in my car and I called the place that services my car to let them know about it, only to be greeted by nobody answering the phone nor answering my cries for help on the internet. According to their site, they were open on Friday but closed on the weekends.

When Monday, rolled around, I received an email asking me how they could help me and I called them immediately and explained that I was the person blowing up their phone on Friday along with their internet site. It was at that time they let me know that they had closed down for Good Friday, which I gave them a compliment for doing so.

I let them know about the engine light and the very first thing that they assured me of is that as long as the engine light was not blinking, it was still okay to drive the car and nothing would be damaged. I took the car into them on Monday afternoon, only to find out that I had to leave it overnight because they didn't have enough time to fix it that day. They explained that an electrical part has gone out which regulated the fuel that was getting to the engine and if I continued to drive it that it would eventually stop giving fuel to the engine and I would be stranded.

I went back on Tuesday afternoon to pick up my car and paid over $1200.00 to them, which I had in my emergency fund, and I was delighted to have my car again and I could get around without having a concern in the world, which was short-lived as the engine light came back on when I was headed down the interstate to the VA Hospital on Friday morning. I called them but they were not open yet. I called a bit later and they answered the phone ahead of opening time and I told them what was happening. They told me to bring the car in right away but I explained I had several appointments at the VA Hospital, so they asked me to bring it by on the way home and I did only to find out that it was the same problem.

I was talking to God and I asked Him where the money would come from to pay for this car as I didn't have that much money in my emergency fund. When they ordered the part from Asheville, they told me that there would be no charge to me and I was relieved for the blessing that God bestowed upon me.

It was a very long day Friday, as I left the house at 7 AM and didn't get home until 6 PM, but I am grateful that my car is FINE and GOD was faithful in His Word to me that He would NEVER leave me nor FORSAKE me!!!

Lord, thank You, for the gifts or your Word, your Promise, your Love, and your Faithfulness to me. In Jesus' Mighty Name, AMEN!!!!


- Nancy Jean -
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