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.....Can't Wait For Friday!!!

Monday, April 12, 2021

....Good morning and Happy Monday to everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We certainly did! Well, Saturday maybe not so much. DH had to work overtime which only left us the afternoon to get some things done to prepare ahead.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day! He and I went out to the Archery range in the morning. We must have spent a good 2 to 2.5 hours there. The only downer is that I lost a couple of arrows. Those aren't easy to find when they dig themselves into the grass. They're not that cheap either. DH decided it's time to look for an inexpensive metal detector just to find arrows... emoticon Believe me, I'm not the only one who loses them.

We had Carlie with us so she had a lot of exercise running around. Well, she was on her leash for safety since there were other people there also. She wouldn't bite anyone. All she wants is attention. But we couldn't have her running down by the targets if someone is shooting either. For safety's sake.

We came home, had a short nap of sorts, then went he and I went back out to try to locate some special batteries he needs for his camera equipment for the trip and a few other items.

Every day I promise myself that I will go to bed early. It hasn't been happening. Friday night I stayed up until past 12:30 AM. Just trying to get more books into boxes to sell. It's harder than you might imagine. They have to be the "Right books." 4 boxes were dropped off last week. Now today, I'll have another 3, possibly 4 to drop off. I'm hoping to be able to get at least one more box done by Thursday afternoon. We'll be heading out early Friday morning to Kentucky. If not, I'll get the house cleaned up at least.

I've got bins and boxes of books to donate. Just don't want to give them to someone who will end up taking them to the landfill. That's not right for books to end up in landfills. They should be recycled. The only place close enough to me that recycles books is more than 20 miles away. Not all of these books will fit for one trip. I'm looking into other options. In the meantime, my house truly does look terrible with all of the bins stacked up all over. It would be nice to come back from Kentucky and not find them here. Wish me luck. Oh, and there's no way I can do it myself.

Have a great day everyone! Blessings....
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