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Is This Worth It?

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5471
Monday, April 12, 2021


But, is this site truly worth it?

That was the question posed & my immediate response was...

emoticon emoticon emoticon

How could anyone doubt this site? emoticon

Then I remembered...

...Waaay back when I first found SP... how amazed I was at all they offered...
I'd already tried other places, most that had websites back then (before SP even hit their first million sparkpoints) offered them at a price and had next to nothing available for free, other than frequent suggestions leading you to the paid side of the site. emoticon

So, OK, it's a completely understandable question. emoticon

When I began MY SP journey ~~~ and it IS a journey ~~~ I was a single mom with SIX kids PLUS my sister & her daughter all under one roof with absolutely not enough income! And they all looked to me for guidance, leadership, mothering & all that entails! The problem was, I was battling some very serious health issues (serious enough to have my doctors (yes, all of them) want a frequently updated Medical POA, "living will," etc. on hand at all times)!!!

So much seemed completely out of my control then! Losing weight was STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! But my health conditions put any surgical options off the table. My income eliminated 99% of all the other options. A few times, kind practitioners even gave me prepaid memberships to various local groups to help me in losing weight. I had some small successes.

Inevitably, the weight gradually returned. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...
All 6 of my kids had their own special needs
So did my sister
And my niece
emoticon emoticon emoticon
Everyone had daily medications to take
Everyone had weekly therapy appointments to get to
Everyone had regular doctor visits to attend
Everyone had "special dietary needs" and few were the same
emoticon emoticon emoticon
They all depended upon me, my organizational skills, my stamina, & my one minivan!
No other support!
No "back-ups" of any kind!

Yeah, I needed to lose weight! I needed to get back some of the good health I'd lost! I needed to get better - so I could better deal with all these responsibilities!

SP offered me so much more than help in losing weight!
SP showed me I was not alone!
SP taught me that as long as I keep going I will eventually find what works for me!



While I haven't yet arrived at my personal goal weight - having well over 100# to lose - I have lost just over 70# from my highest weight - which my doctors are all impressed with - and even though some of it comes back sometimes, I know, without doubt, that I will lose that again, and I will keep on going until I do, one day, get to my personal goal weight!



At first they'll ask you WHY you're doing it,
Later, they'll ask you HOW you did it.

Nothing worth having comes easy!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Til Next Time,
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