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When Life Throws You Lemons...

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

... Or in this case, horses. LOL!

DD and I went to an appointment today and took a certain hwy almost the whole way there. It was near my cardiologist's just the next town over. I've never been there, so I had some anxiety about it (Anxiety should be my middle name!), but as most of the route was familiar, not too bad. We left early, did a bunch of errands, got lunch... and got there early enough to do the paperwork in the car and goof off. With Google nowadays, I don't have as much anxiety going to unfamiliar places, because most of the time, not always (ahem), it gets me there pretty easily.

Appointment done, we got in the car and had to leave out the back (one way entrance/exit) so ended up on a different street. We hit the home button on Google and it took us back out to the hwy. A little turned around, I thought we were going in the same direction as we had when we were on our way in, but thought it was just my bad sense of direction. We made a few turns, off of the hwy, which seemed odd. Why would we leave the hwy that goes straight home? And then, we turned on to a gravel road that probably could not have fit two cars passing in most places. Nope! Was my first thought. I am a country girl, grew up in a town that only had one red light and it could have been a four way stop. So I grew up on a road like this, and I still dislike them. And you know those errands we ran? One was getting my car washed. Yep.

But do you know what was at the end of that gravel road? A field full of the most beautiful horse. And I mean, they were gorgeous. We were already going slow, gravel road and all, but we slowed down even more and pointed out which ones we liked the most and were the prettiest or most cow-like, LOL. I'm glad there was no one else there or they would have been honking at us. There had to have been at least 25 horses in just his one field, all close to the road. So we drove really slow and took in the view. I was still anxious and worried that Google was sending us in the opposite direction of where we were supposed to be going, but for that one moment, we just enjoyed the horses.

I think it is kind of like the saying that people are always repeating: "slow down and smell the roses", only in this case, don't breath too deeply. Slow down and take in the scenery. Look at the horses. So, sometimes life sends you down a gravel road, and it's bumpy and there isn't much room, and you just washed your car and there is dust everywhere. There are potholes you could get lost in, so avoid those, but take the time while you are on the road to enjoy the scenery. It's not all bad. Yeah, the road isn't all that great, but look at the view. Watch the graceful horses.

I think I get the saying now. Yeah, I got it before. But it makes even more sense now. Life threw me a lemon, in the form of route home I was completely unfamiliar with. After the gravel road with the horses, we pulled over and took a look at the map on the screen to make sure it was actually taking us to our home, not some random 'home' location, LOL. We were headed in the right direction. So, we decided that we would make it our adventure of the day. The scenery was beautiful. It took us through the back way into the next town and we got to see a train too. So we took our lemon, and we made lemonade. I was still anxious, but not as bad as it would have been if we had approached the situation differently.

For those wondering, yes, we made it home. It just took us a while longer. But the views were beautiful, and we got to see some pretty neat sights.

So the next time life throws you a lemon, or Google sends you down a gravel road (hehehe), don't just look at the lemon. Look at what else comes with the lemon to make your lemonade with, because lemons don't come alone. Sometimes, they come with horses. And breathtaking scenery that has all the vibrant colors of Spring. And with a little silliness, and a lot of grace, you can turn that lemon into lemonade.

Take care!


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