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Iced Mocha Cola

Friday, April 16, 2021

Warm weather is here! Some of we people need a cool drink for a little cool rejuvenation. Maybe you have no a/c. Maybe you have worked all day. Maybe you have a headache. Maybe you just did an exhausting workout. Maybe you want something different to drink. Maybe you are a coffee fanatic. Maybe you are a cola fanatic. Maybe you like mocktails. Maybe you need to serve a drink at a gathering. Maybe you want to cut down on expensive drinks as all of the required ingredients may be found at the dollar store. Maybe you need something child-friendly.

Do any of these say your name?

Today I found a recipe for Iced Mocha Cola that is sure to please!


After reviewing the ingredients, you shall see that the recipe calls for a small amount of half n half. Do you think plain milk would suffice?

A little coffee. emoticon A little cola. emoticon Sure seems delicious to me! Tell me what you think! Don't forget to tell me if I may use milk instead of half n half!

Thank you!

photo by pixabay
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