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Setting Off On A Weight Loss Adventure!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

"I'm going on an adventure." ~ Bilbo Baggins
"Every adventure requires a first step." ~ Cheshire Cat

Well, I've gone and done it. I've taken a first step on another weight loss adventure. Not that I wasn't already on one, but this notes a new kind of adventure. I've joined a certain weight loss/coaching group. Not one I've ever heard of before. There are no points to track so far that I've heard of. But there are lessons, and a health coach... it is all online. I'll be working with a small group that they will put me in, of similar people. Nifty! I don't know how they group us, probably by how much we have to lose and by medical type conditions, it asked a lot of medical questions... I don't know when it starts.. At least two weeks from now, I think. On a Sunday is all I really know. I'm going to continue on what I'm doing now to lose weight till it starts. I've never joined a weight loss program like this before. Never done WW or the like before. So this is should be an interesting adventure indeed. I'm looking forward to it! But I have some apprehension as well. Though, I think that comes from trying something new, and it being such a split second decision. I was going to research them more, and it sat in my email for a week (or more) before this morning, on a whim, just signing up. It will be a grand new adventure! Health coaches are or were (I'm probably behind the times on this) a big thing, so this will be something interesting to try.

I'm having fun with my 'basic training' workouts, slipping in 5-10 push ups or crunches here and there throughout my day to get them all in. I decided to up from 30 each to 40 each yesterday.... and went to do my set of 10 that would have equaled 30 push ups, around 5 PM last night, was getting ready to go walking (I was going to up my walking to 40 minutes yesterday too!) when my head felt like it exploded! Migraine alert, it screamed!

My head has been doing pretty well lately, just sensitive, but mostly normal headache level pain. Not last night. I got hit with a doozy! I was literally seeing stars at the edges of my vision (migraine aura)!! Not fun! So I wobbled down to DH's office and told him, discussed the few things I could remember that I wanted to talk to him about, handed off the nightly responsibilities to him (making sure the teens got showers and went to bed at a decent hour) and went to bed. Or tried to. Migraine meds and migraine pain don't always equate peaceful sleep at first. It took a while. But eventually I drifted off to dreamland. So, taking today off of working out as well, migraine is still there, came back after I went grocery shopping. Phooey. I really wanted to get some exercise in! But, I should have known better, it was more than a little there when I got up and I should have put off the errands.

In other news, I found a state hiking group on FB. No, I haven't lost my mind, LOL!! Last time I went hiking, I got one of the worst migraines! It was super steep, rated 'hard/difficult', and I was majorly out of shape, but the family and friends wanted to go, so I went, thinking it would not be that bad. I am looking to get back out in nature, and for easy trails to start me out as I get into better shape. The FB group led me to a few websites where I was able to find some local trails rated from easy to difficult/hard. I found one that is my goal for mid-Summer. It is 3 miles long, rated easy (so flat or close to it) and has a creek running beside it! I grew up in the middle of creeks and rivers and always had flowing water nearby. So that is my goal. I can walk 1 mile easy peasy right now, on the treadmill. So my goal is to get to walking 4 miles. The exercise physiologist I used to work with used to always say you train for more than what you actually want to do. If you need to run 1 mile, train for 2. Makes sense. In the meanwhile, my main objective is to get out into nature, so the local park that I'll be starting Tai Chi at next week has a decent 1.1 mile trail, and is shaded with lots of trees, and I don't ever see too many people there. Maybe if I go around 9 or 10 in the morning, it will be nice out still and I'll get a good stroll in. Will count towards my steps, as part of my walking exercise if I keep my heart rate up, and I'll be outdoors, my main objective. I think I'll try doing that 2-3 times a week, and if I'm pressed for time there is one just a few blocks away that is more open, usually has more people though, but I would still be outside, and would get more sun that way. Note to self, pick up some sunblock.

So, that is my exciting news, I've joined a weight loss program! I'm super excited for it to start, though I know it will be a week or two, the scale has to get here and they have to match me with other people that are starting as well. I'm stoked to be training to go hiking and getting back out into nature. I used to be outdoors all the time, and I miss it. Starting as soon as this migraine is gone! Tai Chi starts next week and I'm very happy to be starting it, I was on a waiting list since January! The Sifu had just done a demo, so lots of people signed up, he was excited to have that many people, but very apologetic that the wait was so long, said it was the longest wait time he had ever had in his decade plus of teaching.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week, an awesome adventure, and stay safe!



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