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OH STRESS!!! What to do???

Thursday, April 29, 2021

I was sitting here tonight after doing the exercise/LTGL (AKA healthy habits) that we on the 2021 Spring 5% Challenge report daily and on the 12 teams the "CL" (Challenge Leader) will enter onto the spreadsheet It's not hard to do at all, it can take a tiny bit of time, (Oh yeah I AM THE CL!! Of the Spirited Under Dawg team GOOOOO emoticon IE"s and ALL teams!! YEAH AND ALL On SPARKS which means all of you towards being healthy!) and I noticed my fists were clamped, my back hurt.

WELL it was NOT from the 5% Challenge at all. I LOVE doing that, but it had been a very busy day and stuff. It did start off slowly which I was enjoying so much. I had a luncheon to go to with 3 other friends. We are renting a cabin up the coast from where we live. Out of the 4 of us 2 of us have the harbor view of the city across the water from where we live. So the other 2 are wanting to enjoy the water also. The 4 of us get together yearly for this though last year with so much not known about COVID nor had any of us of course, as with others had the vaccine, the 4 of us have. So today we got together to talk this over as said.

A few pics of where we'll be

The 4 of us get along very very well which is a SUPER PLUS and we are all used to each others ways. Three of us are very laid back. LOL the other one I just laugh at ,, but she does too and is rather entertaining for us!! It's great we are this way and she's a great sport.

I NEEDED to be home for the kiddo's online. I am a foster grandmother and am working with a different elementary school right now than the one I normally do. It's an after school program which is really neat. The kids have the "OOOOHHHH SCHOOL will BE OUT In JUNE which is ALMOST HERE FEELING!" So they've been all over the place. Funny, cute, but sometimes it can be a little bit distracting and today was that way. PLUS my computer is needing some HELP!! I now know what to do , just to find the time to update my drivers. AND I WILL!! When I was in the class a dear friend of many years had called,, I couldn't answer of course, than she texted and texted and texted. Of course during class I can't be on my phone though it's ZOOM camera's ARE ON!! Afterwards of course I looked. Her Mom had passed yesterday. A side line affect of COVID as in there are so many things happening because of COVID. Her Mom had gone to a government building the security guard had asked her to place her belongings in an area not where she would of. She lost her balance in doing so, fell, hit her head. Had been in the ICU for weeks. Had come home, wasnt recovering, but I didn't realize ,, and i do not think my friend family realized she was so close to death. She passed away in her sleep Monday early AM. My friend has been sick, and had traveled so see her Mom, told me on Tuesday she has a very high temp. TRIED to get her to go the hospital, I am not exactly sure when she FINALLY did. Her health hasn't been well either, but yeah I also would of gone to see my Mom. But we did not connect today when we usually talk hours each week, sometimes daily. I am so worried about her!! I've already lost 2 dear friends in 8 months. THis 1 and 1 I've lost, we both lost, the 3 of us used to be so BAD AND FUNNY together!! We had met in a chatroom WAY WAY back when they were new to everyone on AOL (Remember that tone??? DIAL UP that took FOREVER??) the chat room KNEW when the 3 of us were in there, we WOULD CONTROL what happened, and WE DID!! Sometimes it was sad (it was a depression chatroom) but often the 3 of us would have everyone in a VERY HAPPY mood. SO yes, life changes, and we are older. HUG YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ALL THE TIME!! You NEVER KNOW when it'll be the last time.

SO YES I was sitting here tonight CLENCHING my fists, back tight, and my mind ALL OVER THE PLACE!!


I went onto youtube to listen to destressing meditative video, but tonight that did NOT do it for me. HOWEVER LOL If you know me, you KNOW I LOVE Cats (I HAVE ONE) so I watched some kittens playing. THE LAUGHTER!! And I watched a few other video's I follow (I AM NOT southern , I am anything but living in Maine the furthest UP one can go on the Atlantic ocean and still be in the US) but I do follow "It's a Southern Thing" Which totally cracks me up especially the ones with Meemaw in it!! (I probably didn't spell that right! I NEVER KNEW there was such a word! LOL that and Young Sheldon), I also follow "Gerry Brooks" who if you are a teacher, parent anything to do with schooling is so VERY VERY FUNNY and a few others. Well the brain can only do ONE Task at a time, so WOOHOO I am totally relaxed from laughing now. And now I have on music I enjoy which regulates your breathing and helps us to go ahhhh to happy times if that's what you put on and I did. AND NOW Izzy kitty just climbed up on my lap.

YUP I'll sleep so well tonight!!

When you feel STRESS (and even GOOD STRESS can still knock one for a loop) what is it you do so you'll sleep well?

for coming to my blog. Izzy and I are headed OFF to bed very soon.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The place you are going looks lovely! So sorry to hear about your friend's Mom
    49 days ago
    The cabin is fabulous. It is so much bigger than cabins I remember.

    So sad you couldn't connect with your friend as soon as she needed you. The circumstances of her mother's passing, I'm at a loss. emoticon

    Enjoy 'Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty.'
    49 days ago
    Sounds like a day of many emotions! Your retreat looks wonderful! You will enjoy it. Sorry about the news of your friends mother. Your techniques to destress are great-- I will try them myself.
    49 days ago
    The place is gorgeous! What a great way to care for self and others. It also says it is hard work to destress. Proud of you. emoticon emoticon
    49 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Sounds like a bit of overload there kiddo!! Yep stress can tie ya in knots for sure!
    Great idea to watch kitten videos!! That retreat looks like heaven!!
    Sorry to hear about your friends Mum...that's tough ...glad she has a great friend like you to lean on.
    Me..walk...meditate,,music or even games on puter! Just get mind moving elsewhere!!

    49 days ago
    I hope you all have a great time at the retreat. Sorry about your friends Mom and the way it happened.

    I am stressed pretty tight myself...the dr. told me Tuesday to come back May 10 for a cardiac stress
    test and EKG to make sure I am all well and good??? I told him you would choose that weekend, my birthdayand Mothers Day weekend.

    May as well get it over with.
    49 days ago
    When I get stressed I try to regulate my breathing. I either do box breathing or follow the prompts on my Apple Watch. If that doesn’t work then I try and walk the dog (this doesn’t work on rainy days like today though… lol).
    49 days ago
    Doing my best to "unplug" earlier in the evenings. Reading usually helps me, too, so I always try to have a book going. Right now I'm between books (waiting on one of those I have reserved through the library app). Still trying to figure out the best way...you did it!! And, good for you and good for Izzy!!! emoticon
    50 days ago

    Glad you found your LAUGHTER fix for stress.
    Have a great holiday !!

    50 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    50 days ago
    Sorry for the passing of your friend's mum, glad you've been there for her, you ARE a GOOD friend, and I'm glad you're one of mine,
    Wonderful place to chill out, just what you need,

    I clean for Britain when I'm stressed LOL

    stay safe sweetheart, have a great Thursday emoticon
    50 days ago
    The place you're going on vacation is spectacular! What relaxing fun you all are going to have there. I'm sorry for the passing of your friend's mom. I'm glad you looked for cat videos, such a great idea! Have a soothing night.
    When with stress, I try to get my body exhausted by walking in place and then read.
    50 days ago
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