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What Healthy Thing May I Do With This Contraption?

Saturday, May 01, 2021

The roommates and I have had a new contraption in our kitchen for months and do not use.

For some odd reason, I was thinking of 2 bags of carrots in our fridge that have been left there forever. I am frugal. Throwing them out would be a sin.

While thinking, I asked myself what I would do with the carrots and thought of our machine called Bella Basics, a mini food shredder mostly for vegetables.

Then I thought, what to do with shredded carrots? The only thing I could think of was chicken salad for sandwiches.

Would you like to take a little peek at the contraption?

This is how many you can place in the shreddder at once.

This is the blender in action.

This is after the carrots have been in action.

This is all of the carrots shredded, an entire storage bowl full!

Nice, huh?

Out of curiosity, if you had an entire storage bowl full of shredded carrots, what would you do? Any tips, especially frugal tips, would be appreciated!

Have a wonderful evening!

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