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Good Intentions, Uncertain results.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

I'm in the middle of my two week visit to my dad. The other day I went to my GP for a followup visit. They weighed me (fully dressed) and the scale results were unchanged from my last visit 3 months ago. This is both reassuring and discouraging. What do I need to do to get out of this plateau?

When dad and I were in the Christmas Tree Shop, I saw a display bin full of yoga mats for $7.99. I had given my daughter my last yoga mat. I debated. Will i actually use it? Do I need it? Second question first. 1) YES I need exercise and because i can't put much weight on my feet (due to RA--rheumatoid arthritis and also psoriatic arthritis.) that means the majority of my work will be done lying down. 2) I have no place to exercise. My bedroom doesn't have enough floor space to spread out the mat. This means I will have to use the liviing room floor but my husband works there and doesn't like having company while working.

If I can get downstairs so many problems would be resolved. I think I'm going to make it my goal to get down the 12 steps to my basement/spare bedroom/gym. I have a recumbent bike down there that would be great to use (IF that is possible with two ankles fused at 90 degree angles.....that remains to be seen). RIght now the only steps I"ve traversed are the 6 steep deck steps at my house. This has caused excruciating pain and almost resulted in a number of falls. I think that the basement steps will be easier because they are more shallow and the width of the steps is more narrow. Also there are sturdy railings on both sides. This means I can support my weight with my arms and would be much safer should I start to fall. (to some degree. My elbows and shoulders are shot so I can't place too much demand on them.) I wish I had a PT person here to help me regain my steps mastery. I would feel safer. The thing that makes me nervous which has been a threat even here at Dad's, is the sensation of instability in my hips. I've had numerous bilateral hip replacements following a great number of dislocations and am due for another right side revision. I see my ortho surgeon next Monday so I will ask him what he advises. At the very least he can order at home PT for me.

I was thinking that I want to do a workout video that I have which uses resistance bands. ....It's pretty demanding and I'm very weak.....so I do not expect to get through the whole thing the first time. The biggest problem--even bigger than my legs (maybe) is the weakness and pain in my arm joints. I do not know if I can support the force of the bands. Yeah. The more I think about it, the more I see the need for a PT ....either at their gym or at my home.

The other problem is what I"m feeding my face. I've been living on Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals. It could be worse....but I feel like it could also be a lot better.
I want to eat more Freggies and if I get creative and buy thngs like frozen riced cauliflower and Bell Pepper segments. Edamame (eda-mom'-ay) which are soy beans. You can get them freeze dried and eat them like nuts, or you can buy them uncooked and shelled in the frozen section of the store. They are great on salads or in smoothies...hIgh in protein and delicious to boot.

If I made some bean pasta (It comes in a variety...chickpea. or black beans and others) and a veggie mixture, stir fried and seasoned with sesame oil, Miso, teriyaki. soy sauce, ginger, honey...well it would taste awesome and I could make enough for several meals to be reheated. In one meal I would eat it --veggies over the pasta. or another meal...make a pizza-like crust from the riced cauliflower and spread veggies and cheese on top and make a completely healthy pizza.

I also have a lentil mixture to make a stew or a soup from. I also have bone broth which is something I can use to cook this in and Ihave been wanting to eat more bone broth as I have read that it prevents tooth decay....which is something I struggle with.

All of this might be pipe dreams. It has been a few years since i"ve been well enough to stand for long enough to cook a meal. It seems like every week I get motivated and psyched to cook something original.---I even buy the ingredients and then....it just doesn't happen. Pain squashes my motivation.

Well, this is my plan. I will update and let you know how I made out.

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    Cynthia,JHADZHIA has given you the best advice.You are weighing the
    pros&cons that is great!!!So i agree with the PT first! emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    37 days ago
    If you have to exercise lying down, why not just use your bed? I can't get up and down off the floor (and my joints would be too painful on the hard surface anyway) so I use my bed to do any floor stuff from my workout classes. You don't need working arms and legs to do core exercises. I wouldn't do stairs with any kind of hip instability, that isn't safe :-( Its something you need to work on strengthening so a PT would give you appropriate exercises for your current level of disability. Doing bridges would work both your core and hips if possible. But you really need clearance to see what is safe for you. So yes see a PT first.
    I cook as little as possible and eat plainly, just freggies depending on my smoothie to carry most of my nutritional load.
    Those frozen meals aren't really bad, at least they are a real rounded controlled calorie option. I have a undersized fridge so can't get much frozen stuff so smoothie ingredients and frozen veggies are it. Its a pain having to go with that as it would be nice to get fresh, but the Farmer's Market has moved out to the industrial area, the exact opposite end of my city and it would be a heck of a long bus ride with transfers to get there and then a block walk after that. I used to buy a lot of fresh produce in the summer, it was a treat better than any sweet.
    Stay safe, prayers and {{{hugs}}}
    38 days ago
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