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mask or no mask now?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

good morning - I have a strong science background. What I know and feel there is still lots of virus hanging around. I had a long talk with my DD who wants to get her kids vaccinated. She says she is not ready to give up the mask. My friend in Scotland is not ready to give up the mask. Some of my friends are in the same boat as me. We do not even know if we can travel Internationally yet. I want to give up the mask and I am fully vaccinated and very healthy. But should I yet? I have read that if you do get COVID even after being vaccinated you will not die or even be hospitalized. The vaccines are only 90% effective. I do not want to get it. I know I have to return to life. But I have spent nearly two years of my life remaining safe. I live in a state that we barely had any restrictions due to our governor. I want to remain safe and spend my future traveling. I do not want to test positive for a COVID test just when I am about to cross a border. We have not reached herd immunity yet. Everything is confusing. Just would like your thoughts. Are things moving too fast? Have a good day. I will.
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    Masks will be part of my routine from now on, especially during the winter season. It is remarkable how few cases of seasonal influenza occurred this past winter but like COVID the flu is a respiratory viral infection and wearing masks literally stopped transmission.
    When outdoors here we focus on social distancing (at least 6'). We are also encouraged to get regular CVID tests, vaccinated or not, because it is not known if fully vaccinated people can still carry the virus and transmit it to others. I get tested at least once a month, my DIL in the health care field is required to get one every week.
    35 days ago
    I have 1 shot and I don't usually wear the mask outside, but even after my second I still plan on wearing it inside/in crowds regardless of what the CDC says. I just don't trust other people enough!
    35 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    There were people who never wore mask and just like the flu, it’s still out there. For me and mine, I will continue to wear the mask because I care about my healthy and the health of my loved ones. emoticon It doesn’t hurt me to wear it and I feel safe. I wear my seatbelts emoticon and don’t expect to be in an accident. I have insurance just in case. Choose your battles and have no regrets. emoticon I take an umbrella with me just in case. emoticon
    35 days ago
    Masking for the foreseeable future. I am at risk so not taking chances.

    In my home with just DH and I, or with my kids, who are vaccinated, it's all right. Out in public, definitely.

    35 days ago
    I do not wear my mask when I know the people are fully vaccinated. I do not wear a mask outside doing yard work. I will wear a mask in crowded areas, or with people, I do not know. I am grateful that I got the vaccine. I do not live in fear b/c I have an N95 mask. I went to great lengths to buy many for front-line workers in our area. I sent over to Scotland 100 of these masks for my BBF to give to her family with many of them in the medical field or front-line workers. I just believe in being prepared whether I am traveling in the USA or abroad. I have traveled in over 50 countries and have had to take many vaccines. I have worn masks in countries b4 COVID. My biggest fear is for the people who are not getting the vaccine out of fear. I saw what Polio does to a person first hand. This friend of mine was not given a polio vaccine b/c her parents were afraid of it. My parents were not afraid. Even one life lost to COVID is too much. emoticon
    35 days ago
    Indoors at ANY TIME I feel it is necessary .... I have changed many things, like shopping when less crowded, and avoiding indoor dining for the most part.... but I will stay informed and CHOOSE as I go, I think...
    35 days ago
    I wish the messaging had been more streamlined snd consistent the whole way... very maddening! I have 100% ditched mine outside! Feels GREAT!!! I refuse to “should” on myself or others as we make choices going forward. I reserve the right to mask
    35 days ago
    Having worked in the medical field most of my life, I can tell with great certainty, if you were to have a Covid test, you will test positive for Covid. They gave us a live virus, it is in our system now, if it wasn't before. I for one am only wearing a mask where there is a sign that still requires it. We went to a restaurant yesterday and on the door it said mask required, so we put ours on. But our waitress didn't have one on, so I ask her about it and she said she was fully vaccinated so they are not required to wear it. So We left without our mask on. I refused to live the rest of my life in fear. Yes I suppose I could get Covid, but I could get hit by a bus too. Life is to short to live in fear. Just my two cents, not worth much. Have a great day.
    35 days ago
    I will continue to wear a mask if in a public setting with people I do not know. If I am with a small group of people that have all been vaccinated, I will not wear a mask.
    35 days ago
    Considering the low vaccination rates in our area, a mask will be part of my life for the forseeable future.
    Sad, but given the progression from covid isn't real, it's real but just like a cold, masks are an infringement of my freedom, masks are dangerous, masks don't work, to the vaccine is not effective, the vaccine is dangerous, they can't make you provide proof of vaccination (just lie?), I will have to protect myself from these people.
    My whole family is fully vaccinated but DH & I are in our 70s, we do not need the extra risk of exposure to those who don't care about anyone but themselves. A mask is really a minor inconvenience.
    Also, YES we do not want a positive covid test when we are finally able to travel again.
    35 days ago
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