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The End of An Era/ Where To Find Me

Monday, June 07, 2021

I can't really put into words how disheartened I am by SP's decision. If money was a problem, why not give us the option to pay by month/quarter/annually? As one commenter suggested. I would pay $5 a month to keep up my morning routine and keep in contact with my friends! But we were not asked, so the point it moot. And the new site almost sounds like it is geared more towards businesses? I'm not employed. So, I guess that counts me out.

I don't think I'll be doing much blogging on here, as I don't see much of a point in it. It will all be lost information come August 17, but I do have another blog and wanted to share the link to to one of the more recent blog posts so you know where to find me. For those of you that want to keep up. I try to post once a week (in my dreams, lol), but you know how that goes. It is a catch all blog, mostly for crafting, but as you'll see, it is for anything that catches my fancy, plus update blogs. Here is one of my more recent blog posts, it will at least get you onto the blog:


Okay it is a post or two ago, but that is okay. They tricked me into that name... notice the 'com' at the end of karri's corner? Yeah, thought I was buying karris corner dot com, but that is apparently taken. LOL, have to laugh at it and learn!!

I am on FB, and email, for those interested and want to keep up with me, just Spark Email me and we can either exchange FB info and become friends on there, or exchange email and chat back and forth.

I was honestly trying to get off of FB more as it can be a big time waster for me, but if this is where SP is going, I then I'll change with the times and spend more time on FB and email to keep up with my friends.

I've been with SP off and on for longer than my kids have been alive. Joined when I was still in the AF under the name G.I.Jane. LOL. Have had several names, been in many groups. Made friends that I will always cherish. This breaks my heart. But, change is inevitable, they say. I guess we will have to adapt. I do not like the new site. It is too impersonal. Ah well. I will find something else.

Hugs to you all as we scramble to find ways to keep in contact with our friends, and fill the gap that SP will leave behind.

Flea AKA Karri
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