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My latest blog-journal 6-12-2021 through 8-17-21 come back I will update several times!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

emoticon 6-12-2021 In response to 2BDYNAMIC's last blog: (as of 6-20-21 she is no longer on SP, emoticon )

I've never heard of the 5 stages of grief.... but I have had them all, over SP closing. Our precious LUCY dog passed over in April.... still VERY sad. SP gave me the courage to move forward. I became much MORE involved in SP with the pandemic. It was my safety net.

Like you I have made many SP friends. Some I have invited to my 'real' eMail. (I won't check it everyday) Now, I am looking at SP land as graduation. emoticon Today is 3,375 (I joined just after you, March 16, 2012) I have been here EVERYDAY. Never missed a day, as that was my promise to myself. I will be here till the last day, to help support my friends, if they need it. My life's mission is to bring JOY to the world. SP helped me share that! emoticon emoticon I keep thinking maybe 'someone' could buy SP from Chris. After all he started SP with the money he gained from selling his little business to eBay. I don't blame him for not having the money to keep it open. There are several projects I can not afford, either. He-you-everyone helped my life- my health more than I can ever say. I am so thankful & grateful for all of you! When Aug. 17 comes, I am going on 'summer' vacation. Just like the song says.... "Schools out for summer". I do not know what I will do in the autumn, but I am sure it will be fun. NOT being tied down to checking in everyday, will be a relief for me. Stressing always trying to find internet access. I can even go camping in the mountains if I want! I have joined the google maintenance


But haven't learned how to use it, yet. Taking time to be 'me'. & continue SP.

THX for this, the last blog, 2B. I love you! Have a happy life & I will too!
My quote, I wrote about 2016 "Be the health you want with what you have to work with & I will too!" emoticon I am off to hike, I CAN because of SP & the lessons I have learned here!!

(my SP PR head dress)

emoticon 6-14-21 Yep, it's 115 degrees right now. At 3 pm. emoticon going up to 117 today. YIKES! I went for my walk 2 miles & swim before 7 am. Then off to hair cut. I like it short. Came out 'sassy'! Been trying to peek at the google maintenance team I joined. REALLY need more time to even start to figure it out. I need to work today & get to SP. DH Birthday is Wednesday. I'm taking him to get his retinas checked. In the old days, I would have gone camping with him, LOL! We are meeting his sister & nephew for a birthday gathering on Thursday. It's been over 19 months since we have seen them! Have fun everyone! Stay safe & KNOW you are doing a GREAT job with your lives!

emoticon 6-15-21 It's been HOT here too! 120 yesterday at 12% humidity. I get out as early as possible! Walk about an hour & then swim another hour.(all before 9 am) Since we put the pool motor on at night, the temp in water went down! Yeah! It's at 80 now. Was 90! Electric company is asking us to keep air conditioner at 75. We keep house at 85, days & 80 nights. Yes! It IS hot, but when it is 35 degrees hotter outside, feels good! I do not like be stuck inside all day. But not much choice, right? This is VERY unseasonable!

Other than that, I am back to working emoticon & Sheppard PILATES DVD, emoticon this afternoon. Hope YOU are all doing good emoticon . I KNOW there is a lot of changes going on, on with our lovely, SP community feeds. emoticon I still think it is great we at least had time to figure out other ways to connect emoticon , if we want to. I am blessed to have gotten to know you & share my world with you. I LOVE hearing about you & how you are, too! Sharing, that's what it is all about, right? emoticon

(Our pool & back yard, Memorial day, 2021)

emoticon 6-17-21 THX for the good wishes for my DH B'day emoticon & eye exam. emoticon We canceled his party for tonight. He needs to heal. He's ok, just being careful, what an ordeal, especially in the heat! The temps are over the moon! 119 today! I couldn't even get out to walk before heat. It went DOWN to 90 last night, yuck! emoticon Praying for rain! emoticon I still love SP land & you! emoticon Yes! I'm savoring each day, too! emoticon

(I'll be flying even after SP closes!)

emoticon 6-19-21 emoticon Just in from a 3 hour hike. It started out at 91 & was 102 by the time I finished. Not too bad, really. I KEEP VERY hydrated emoticon & also eat cucumbers for re hydration. I am a bit tired & will rest most of the day! Out of watermelon emoticon will pick up next week when I shop!

I truly hope you are doing emoticon emoticon Feel free to contact me anytime, just send me a SP email with YOUR 'real' email & I will reply with mine, IF we haven't already! emoticon PLEASE include your SP NAME! emoticon I am treating the closing of SP as graduation. emoticon SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! I will re-group in the autumn!

emoticon 6-21-21 I've been trying to keep our garden growing, with water rationing & time frames, (not between 11 am till 7 pm, never on Sunday). 115 for a few days! Going down to 109, I'll take it! My sweet plants are wilting even with water! YIKES! First day of summer/winter, welcome everyone to fun play days! emoticon emoticon

(Fiary garden, yes! I've shared before.... but)

(Our LUCY dogs, memorial spot, in Fairy Garden, I miss her so much! She passed 4-8-21 @ 16.5 yrs. Boo Hoo!)

emoticon 6-22-21 The temps are going down!!!!! YEAH! Tomorrow will be a high of 96, last Wednesday it was 116! THAT difference is HUGE! We decided to put the watering system on, daily, (I was trying to keep it lower, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) except Sundays. IF we are caught not following the watering rules, it is a $160.00 fine. BUT the plants can't handle it only 3 days a week. Hope they bounce back, soon! I think they will, plus I won't need to hand water as often. I water their leaves, as we only get about 4 inches of rain a year, no kidding! SW NV is a desert! Lot's of hot wind in summer & lot's of cold wind in winter. I'm back to work & indoors activities. I went for a long swim this morning. Pool went down to 84. Felt great! I LOVE being outside. I WAS a couch potato before SP. DH is feeling better, day by day! YEAH! emoticon

(I've decided to share Photos from my past, before SP closes. 2011 with forever friend & friend Alice Davis. She created the costumes for 'SMALL WORLD, DISNEYLAND" & Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Her hubby was Mark Davis, 1 of Walt's original 13 men, the sweetest lady, ever! This was a party for her)

emoticon 6-23-21 Today I swam for 40 minutes, (temps went down 20 degrees to 96) emoticon Made my famous veggie packs, ready to grab & go lunches, & getting ready to shop at Sam's for organic veggies. emoticon They have the best! DH is better, finally! Life is good as I learn to take my health back into my own hands, graduation day is Aug. 17! Today is 3,386 days of Sparking DAILY! Looking forward to the summer , 'off'!

Hope you are happy & keeping to your goals, TOO!
I truly hope you have a fabulous day!

6-24-21 I woke up VERY early this morning & it was cool enough to open the windows!!!! 77 degrees & 34% humidity. PERFECT for me! Lovely 3:34 am, this was the view from our Bedroom window, upstairs! Happy full moon! Also, after Sam's club yesterday I had to take this photo, of just the fruits! I LOVE apricots, my favorite! What is your favorite? I also bought a lot of veggies, not pictured. This is about 2 weeks worth. I may freeze some! Right now, it is RAINING, hard! YEAH!!!! 1:30 pm. We only receive 4 inches a year, SO happy for it! emoticon I might lose electricity... I'm flying! emoticon

6-25-21 Happy Friday! I swam, walked & am having a fun morning! & worked. Date night!
For some reason, our Costco doesn't have good produce. They always pick too early! But Sam's is always perfect! The apricots were SO amazing! Reminded me of my childhood. I had a small wading pool. I put it under the apricot tree & let them drop. I ate WAY too many. We also had a plum tree & I did the same thing. I can't find that type of plum, anywhere. They are VERY dark on outside & pretty red inside & VERY juicy. I would make coffee cake & cut them in 1/2. & nest them into the cake. Their juice permeated the cake in pretty swirls. Childhood memories, right? I'm salivating! Have a fun weekend! Hike tomorrow!

(THX to my friend MILLER, for this food art!)

emoticon 6-26-21 Lovely Hike emoticon today in nature preserve & then swim at home. emoticon
Last night DH & I emoticon had date night. Picked up OLIVE GARDEN, it makes 5 meals for us, no kidding! & for DH B'Day last week I gave him MARY POPPINS, he had never seen it. It was the 45th anniversary edition. LOTS of bonus features. He loved it! Richard Sherman was a personal friend of ours. We performed for his family many times. GREAT man! I'm Feeling GREAT! Hope you are too! emoticon

(from my hike)

emoticon 6-27-21 I swam emoticon & had a lovely morning house cleaning. emoticon I LOVE things clean & tidy. Yes! I do live a VERY fun life! But please know, I don't write about the problems very much. There are quite a few. Mostly with DH health. (He is getting his hair cut, right now, actually ALL of them, LOL) emoticon I try to be uplifting emoticon to everyone in SP land. I share Life's Up's & Downs. emoticon emoticon Try for the ups, mostly! Sure will miss everyone! It is just so easy to connect with all of you through SP. I will miss the photos & memes too! Here are some from SP land!

emoticon 6-28-21 I saw the SUNDAY morning show, yesterday & because the migrant field workers are having a hard time at the southern borders, with visas, in Oregon a farm that grows most of the asparagus for the country, put the call out to everyone in the area, to come & pick it for free, to take home.So it wouldn't just rot. PLUS the workers do not want to hassle getting through the border, even though he pays $16.00 an hour. He said if something is not done for these people, soon. The USA will not have fresh fruits & veggies in about 2-5 years. Shopping locally, from little gardens will be the only way to get fresh. I had no idea how direr this situation is! I LIVE on fresh, emoticon more than anything else. (because of SP, teaching me how to eat) Thinking of trying to create on top veggies beds, to put on the concrete. To at least try to grow lettuce. BUT with the heat, they might not grow. Did YOU see this show? What do you think? Kinda scary for us City folks! emoticon

Also, I am putting out a request for FOOD ART. IF you have any photos you would like to share, PLEASE do! My SP friends find the cutest things!

(THX to MILLER-S for this lovely photo!)

emoticon 6-30-21 As ROSEWAND said, "I will miss my everyday rituals of Spark; it is so integrated into
my life. At the same time, I am excited to learn of the new opportunities
I would have missed, if I were still in the Spark life."

With so many new ways to connect with my SP friends...glad to have your 'real' email.(I need to take the time to learn about all the new websites). I will be keeping up with some of my SP rituals, just not daily. I have been sparking 3,393 days everyday. I'm pretty sure not everyone would care about my streak. BUT I made a promise to myself, after I said this simple prayer, once I found an answer to my health situation, I would be committed to it, daily. 10 minutes later I read an article in WOMEN's WORLD about SP. That was March 2012, my joining date! I feel like it is graduation, emoticon I have the tools & now I get to fly! emoticon So here I am, still blessed, still 'playing' with my healthy lifestyle AND sharing my joy with YOU! emoticon emoticon DH had yet another Retina exam today. We have been gone most of the morning. THIS is his 'real' Dr. Been a busy day, he is ok, but time to rest! I walked in the rain & swam in it too, before we left the house. RAIN is so rare here.(about 4 inches a year) I bless EVERY drop. emoticon

Have a wonderful evening/morning, see you on the flip side! July starts tomorrow! My BDay month, the 6th. emoticon emoticon GREAT to see so many posting, MANY have already left. I'll be here to the end! emoticon

(Walking the Santa 5K, 2016, promoting SP)

emoticon 7-1-21 Happy emoticon Day! I celebrate my sp friends to my north!
I had a wonderful swim, emoticon & walk emoticon before work, today! Happy, healthy July everyone!!!! DH is off to get his last crown, topped. His eyes are OK, keeping my fingers crossed he gets better. emoticon Today is my Fairy God Son's 8th B'Day! emoticon I sent him a "Explorer Pack" I created myself. He will love it!

(with his sister, last week)


emoticon 7-2-21 I've been walking, cleaning house & swimming, most of the morning. Now at computer & Sparking, working & getting ready for date night. The movie we will probably watch is THE BIRDS, Hitchcock. Haven't seen is quite awhile. My friends FIL, worked on it. Also PANDA EXPRESS. I LOVE their 'greens' & string bean chicken. ! serving feeds me for 3 dinners! DH loves their walnut shrimp. (I do not like fish, of any kind, usually) Plus SP Nicole's' seated core workout. Tomorrow is hike in nature preserve. Tuesday is my BDay, emoticon we are going to get together at a restaurant with DH Sister & family. Our first time since the pandemic started. We will celebrate DH BDay, too. We couldn't go because of his retina exam. Should be fun. A little scary for me, though. I'll wear my mask for a little security. (Happy almost BDay MILLER-S on the 9th! emoticon )

We will stay home for the 4th. The illegal fireworks have been going off, for about a week. (we have millions of Vet's in town, with PTSS. I do wish the fireworks didn't go off.) They land on the house & in the pool. Police can not keep up with all of them. So we will be CAREFUL! The strip is expecting about 300,000 people. YIKES! emoticon We do not go near there! Too bad, cause the hospitals are full right now with covid patients. People think, since they are vaccinated, they can stop wear masks (indoors) & keeping clean & 6' apart. So after the HUGE opening of the latest & new casino, first 1 in 10 years, MANY people flew in for the opening. Are still here, sick. Probably more info than you need, sorry about that!

I'm back to it! Happy safe weekend everyone! emoticon
PS... Remember I asked everyone how to keep wild cats from pooping in our yard? Turns out the pine cones is what worked the best! emoticon We can get millions of them in the park behind our home! YEAH! THX for your help! emoticon

(Fairy God Son with his friends & cake. Again YIKES! Too much sugar! Candy filled cake, what no chocolate? He loved the gift we gave him)

emoticon 4-3-21 I had a long walk today! Time to rest! emoticon

emoticon 7-4-21 Happy Independence Day to the USA! Sending good ((((((((vibes))))))) to the rest of the world! emoticon DH & I are BBQ today, chicken & asparagus. Lemon meringue pie for desert! Swim & play today! emoticon We are staying HOME! 300,000 people visiting, YIKES! Today is my 43rd year of doing my marionette business! PLUS 19 years before that with our family marionette business! Not sure how that is possible, I am only 22! Haha! I am down another #. 10 # to goal hope to reach it before SP says emoticon emoticon . Long hike yesterday! Here's some photos from it!

emoticon 7-6-21 emoticon On this my BDay celebration. A new year for me to find new goals! emoticon I love SP & sharing my life with you! emoticon I couldn't have come this far with out you! NO KIDDING! I am just so grateful we have had all this time to learn the 'rules' to health. emoticon THX SO much to Chris Downie, emoticon for sponsoring SP for all these years. (Today 3,399 days of SP for me EVERYDAY!) I couldn't afford to! I have several projects I would love to do, but they are WAY too pricey for me, at this time. I WILL keep the faith & IF I am to do them, the money will come. In the mean time I am sparking to the end. emoticon THEN taking the summer off to explore my next steps. emoticon I walked emoticon , & swam emoticon & made us green drinks emoticon & played with DH emoticon & opened presents emoticon & worked & am getting ready for a late lunch with family. First time in a restaurant since 2-2020, except on my visit with my Mom, but we ate outside. "Be the health you want , with what you have to work with, & I will too!" A quote by me! emoticon

(me at goal 1 year after I joined SP. (2013) 9# back to it, right now!)

(Mother's day 2021)

( I have 6 Fairy God Children, this is just prefect! Love Helen)

🍴 Ate a healthy food or meal #healthyeats

THX goes out to all of you! emoticon I have never felt such love from SP emoticon for my Bday! emoticon Because I was born in July, our schools never celebrated the summer kids. emoticon BUT YOU all did that for me, thx for the well wishes. I will miss you, forever & send you loving ((((((((vibes)))))))), always! emoticon I'll see you in the cosmos! THX again! Today is my 3,400 days of SP EVERYDAY! Woo Hoo!


( I KNOW it looks like I wear this jacket, alot! But I have 6 in this color! So pretty!)

emoticon 7-9-21 THX for your comments about my BDay, ladies. emoticon You are the BEST! emoticon I've been REALLY working out hard today. Up at 5 am to walk, it was 91 degrees. Going up to 116 today, YIKES! The park had the sprinklers on, so I walked through them. VERY fun! Hand watered the plants in front & back. Then made us GREEN drinks, for more energy! Swam for about 30 mins. But the pool water was 90 degrees. So didn't feel that refreshing. I also pulled out the dead star Jasmine. We had it in planters, but it didn't make the heat. It use to cover the wall, about 30 feet by 6 feet. There is 1 left & it's doing great, but is in shade most of the day. The others were in full sun. VERY dry I didn't want them to catch fire! I've been working with DH business for a few hours. & SP. I DO need to do my Sheppard Pilates DVD, but rather tired. My body aches for it, though, so I'm getting the gumption up for it. Tonight is date night. (DH is ok, another Retina doctor exam soon). Not sure what, but NOT outdoors! Maybe a movie, we watched the BIRDS, last week, I didn't remember it being so scary. Won't make that mistake, again! Still have bad dreams about it. emoticon

Tomorrow I am getting up at 3:30 am so I can go to the nature preserve with a group & see the Beavers playing. There are about 82 of them. They are HUGE! 50 pounds or so! emoticon I only do it 1 time a year, it will be fun seeing my friends again. It's been TOO long!

So I am resting most of the day, near the AC. We keep the house at 85 degrees. I KNOW that seems hot, but with 116, it isn't! Stay safe everyone! I will too!

THX for being my SP friend! I will miss SP SO VERY much! emoticon

(night light Humming birds from DH for my BDay! They change colors, too darling)

emoticon 7-10-21 Yep! Up before the crack of dawn! A guided hike with the beavers! SO fun. I watched 1 playing & swimming. He was BIG, about 50 pounds! Walked about 2 hours, before the temps went up to 106. Then came home & pretended I WAS a beaver in our VERY hot pool. 90 degrees. Lot's of exercise! Ready to rest after SP. Have a fabulous time!


(beaver under water, Haha!)

(Just for fun, from the internet!)

emoticon 7-11-21 So, I've cleaned 2 bathrooms emoticon , changed sheets, swam emoticon , & did my Sheppard Pilates DVD. emoticon After I Spark, I will rest for the rest of the day. Inside of course!!Temp is 114, right now! emoticon DH & I are also working today. Tomorrow I get a hair cut emoticon , luckily it is at 10 am. I read on AAA, IF your car over heats, turn on the heater, to help cool it down. Nothing like sitting in a car that is about 125 degrees. BUT if it saves the car, I would do it. We do not go out unless it is NECESSARY. So tomorrow is Hair, Sam's Club & pick up our mail. (We don't get it at home, kids steal it!) Hope to be home by 1 pm. Stay safe everyone! PLEASE send some rain here! I might just do a dance emoticon for it, Haha!


7-14-21 YES! It's been hot & trying to live my active life with in it! We DID get a little rain!!!! emoticon .05 inches. Pool temp today was 92, YIKES! I'm swimming anyway, but again YIKES! Our oven was not working, the guy came out did nothing & now it is fine. I told DH put his food on a tray & stand outside with it. Just to give you an idea, of the temp. I do not dry my clothes. I am tall & don't want them to shrink. PLUS it is hard on the fabrics. (That's why I have clothes from 1968, that I made! No kidding) In the winter it takes about 3 days to dry, in the garage. Now it is 30 minutes. Yep that is hot!(My computer stopped before I could send this message! But I found it! Here it is for 7-14-21

emoticon 7-15-21 Today with the temps going down, emoticon I was able to Walk, swing & swim, before housework & regular work. 117 was brutal! I couldn't turn on my AC in car, it was too hot, YIKES! It's 106 today. Yep, that is still hot, but makes a HUGE difference! Off to PILATES DVD & errands before the heat! Be happy, be safe & I will too! emoticon

(here are some pineapple flowers for you! I have been making 100% pineapple juice pop cycles, DELICIOUS!)

emoticon 7-16-21 Because my Mom 92 yrs, is starting dementia, I have been searching about it. 1 of my SP friends, SLIMMERKIWI (THX!) said THIAMINE really helps. I just found out vitamin B1, Thiamine, is in beef & pork. Suppose to be good for memory! As well as: (THX MILLER-S "Food sources of thiamine include beef, liver, dried milk, nuts, oats, oranges, pork, eggs, seeds, legumes, peas and yeast. Foods are also fortified with thiamine. Some foods that are often fortified with B1 are rice, pasta, breads, cereals and flour." Funny thing is she never really likes any of these foods, except maybe a White Castle mini burger. Funny how our body's react to foods, right? She does take a multi vitamin. (I do too. & I eat well, but not much hoofed animals or fish. I DO eat whole grains & legumes. Might start considering more fish) Hope this info helps you, too!

I will SO miss this community postings from SP! Glad you are ALL still here! SP email me if you want to stay 'friends' with your 'real' email & SP name & I will add you to my list! (If you haven't & want too!)

It is FRIDAY, date night. DH is working on a huge project for his business, we haven' t made plans yet. BUT I bet a movie is happening! Tomorrow is a hike, before the heat hits. Going back up to 110. Errands before 9 am! Happy day, happy weekend!

(photo from Mother's Day, 2021, I finally got to visit her! She lives 500 miles away.)

(Little Red & Me promoting SP at the Santa 5k. !2-2-2017)

emoticon 7-18-21 This is what I wrote on the message boards, today, about SP closing:

I, too, am so sorry for SP closing. Today is my 3,411 days of SP land, EVERYDAY. BUT, what would have happened IF Chris had lost his life, a few years ago? We wouldn't have heard so many grumbles, about SP closing, right? ALSO, I have MANY projects I would like to do, but just can't afford them right now. (1 would cost me $10,000.00 a month, yes it is special, but I just can't do it) I have been promoting SP since the beginning. Through walking for various charities, The LV Santa 5k, I have done yearly for 13 years. Chris inspired me to continue. I have THE SPARK on cd's & listen every week. Chris's ideas about HOW to get healthy, his tools are there for all of us. I am still with SP, till the end. I am SO amazingly grateful we had several months to 're-group'.

Once it closes, I am feeling like it is graduation! emoticon I am taking the summer off & may re-join later. I am here for the 'community'. I share & support. I'm not of FB, nor do I care to be. I have been adding my 'real' SP friends to my 'real' email. By invitation. I read 'somewhere' by a SP member, HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME? Closing isn't something DONE to you. I hope that person figures out HOW to continue their life, in more joy, than this statement shows. I thought about trying to convey this thought to them, BUT not my job, right? They need to find their way, just as ALL of us have. I truly hope EVERYONE has a blessed life, going forward with the tools we have so graciously been given! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

(Me & WILD THANG, 2014)

7-20-21 I have been promoting SP for many years. Mainly at the LV Santa 5K. I always take a puppet or marionette with me. There are about 8,800 other Santas. SO very fun. Before SP I couldn't have walked that far. But now I can walk 3.2 miles in about an hour. I will miss doing this for SP, but I have a nature preserve I can promote, for the Santa 5k. Volunteering helps me so very much! Recommended by Chris Downie! emoticon THIS 1 book, helped me learn the SP method. (I found it on eBay). Happy Tuesday!!!! I'm back to it! Sheppard Pilates is on my workout list today. Already walked & swam! Fun day!

2015 With Tree

7-21-21 emoticon . Off to grocery shopping & errands! Be happy & have fun!

I will emoticon 7-22-21 The points all add up! I try for 200 Spark points a day! I like to give 'goodies'! U2? I also try for 200 minutes of exercise, daily. That includes EVERYTHING!!!! House work & swimming & walking & hiking & Zumba & Pilates & shopping & just in-joying life!

Been going through my many photos I have shared with Spark Land. There are a lot! THIS place is so comforting to me, wish it didn't end! emoticon I will be here till it closes!

Time to get ready to fly on my own!

emoticon 7-23-21 Happy Friday, everyone! It's date night, after work. We will probably watch the Olympics with Panda Express. LOT's of veggies. Had light GREEN drink for breakfast.
I walked 30 minutes, swam for 60, gardened & cleaned up house a little, washed my hair & gave myself a pedicure. Fun 'spa' day. The pool felt FABULOUS! Although it is 91 degrees! But it is 103 outside so felt ok.

This photo is of me & my TREE puppet, from the LV Santa 5K 2016 promoting SP. ( I have done this 5K for many years, at the encouragement of Spark Guy! ) THIS year I will promote the nature preserve. It IS for charity, after all! 8,800 other Santas' too! Since YOU won't be here for Christmas, I thought we could have Christmas in July! HAHA!

(At home before going to the event)

emoticon 7-25-21 5 months to Christmas.... thought I would share with all of you! I didn't make REDMOND-DAVENPORT, but DID turn him into an apple tree! (For the LV Santa 5K 2016) We/DH/My Mom/family- make most of our marionettes, though. About 5,000 to date. I have about 150 of them, still using! SO fun to bring JOY TO THE
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