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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saw someone in the Sp Facebook group post about FatSecret.com. so I googled it and found they had an app. I installed it. I'm kywildcat1954 on there. I don't know if I will keep it or not. I'm not happy with their diets. I chose high protein lower carbs because I'm diabetic. I don't do keto. Intermittent fasting only elevates my blood sugars so I can do that. I've tried. I can eat nothing and my blood sugar continues to go up until I eat, then who knows which way it will go. I'm not sold on this app at all but it seems to be the best solution for me if the SparkAmerica food tracker isn't as good as Sp. I liked SP's because I had myself on a diabetic, heart healthy diet plus I had lowered my carbs a bit from what it showed. Right now, I am really conscious of my carb intake so I can get my blood sugar numbers down and my A1C lowered before my primary doctor appointment in August. My numbers are improving. Plus I had lost weight today when I weighed. I was down 1.8lbs. Three more pounds and I will be at my highest weight in 1978, that I haven't since since. Also I'll be in onderland finally. I'm trying to step up my exercise too. I know between my walking and the gym I have a winning plan.in.place. I just have to remember not to overdo it. I have to be realistic about my goals and my methods to get there. I set my first weight loss goal at 185. That's 15 pounds to lose. I finally think I see a way to that goal clearer. I also gave up Pepsi. I don't do any artificial sweeteners in my drinks because they're all migraine triggers for me so that's a no brainer thought. I've had my black coffee for breakfast and have been drinking plenty of water. I may make tea as I have plenty green tea bags as well as herbal teas, and good old iced tea bags too. I'm paying closer attention to the nutrition on foods. I've done this for years looking for migraine triggers and fats as well as carbs. This has to be a workable solution for the rest of my life. This isn't a quick fix by no means. Remember your solutions can change. Always be ready to tweak your plan, your methods and goals. Life can throw us some crazy curveballs but we can always stop, re-evaluate, refocus and move forward. Like last night, we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. My son and I wanted sushi. I normally don't do appetizers but last night I had steamed edamane. My son had fried calamari rings. I had 2 of the calamari rings and shared some of the edamane with him. We ordered a sushi roll a piece and a special one we usually share. I ate half of my sushi roll and a couple pieces of the special one. We brought home a majority of the sushi. After I tracked my food I had plenty of calories for a few more pieces. I remained in range on all.my carbs, protein, fat and calories. Today, I'm well within calories, carbs and protein but the fats are over because my son made beef and bacon sausages links. On my fatsecret app I'm with range on all categories because the fats allowed are higher.Each day I will evaluate where I am in reaching my goal so I can adjust my diet accordingly. Have a good weekend Update: it connected to my Samsung Health App to track my activity but it does not reflect the steps I actually walked, it's about 1700 steps short. So i.may have to disconnect for it to be accurate. I don't know where it got those numbers because that's not what I've done.
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