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Migraine Update!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

So, I know some of you followed me through my 10 week+ migraine, and have kept up with me since (thank you emoticon ). I thought I would bring you my Wonderful News from my appointment with my new neurologist, aka my fourth 2nd opinion referral, LOL!!

This neurologist is an answered prayer, truly. I was praying for a miracle, a truly competent neurologist that would look past the basics, look to the root cause, and do SOMETHING more than just give me pill to take when I have a migraine. I was given just that, or close enough. PTL!!! I still don't know the root cause, but migraines are an enigma.

I had to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out forms, and was given the usual office paperwork you do. Then was handed a questionnaire about my family history, my history, my medical stuff and was like, I did this online... well there is more on the questionnaire they wanted to know... okay, so filled all that out. Once I got back I had to get in a gown... at the neurologists, weird, and was given yet another questionnaire to fill out. This was yes or no, so easy only I was like, what if it happens only sometimes? Or what if it is only one of these things can I write that in? The nurse said yes, so I began filling it in.

The neurologist basically gave me full physical. Looked at the results from my CT scan, and asked me a ton more questions after looking at the questionnaire. Some were repeated, I think to make sure my answer didn't change, which is smart. I walked on my toes, did all the touch your nose with your eyes closed, walk on your toes and your heels, stuff that neurologists have you do and then some. Then we got into how my vitamin levels are, and I was like, well these are low but I'm taking supplements (when I remember them...). So I have lab work to do as well. No MRI, because the CT Scan and my physical were good so he has no reason to do such an expensive test.

Then he explained the treatment plan. Most will just give you what they are going to do. He explained and asked if I was okay with it. See why I like this neurologist? It does involve giving myself monthly injections as a preventative, so I can see why he wanted to make sure I would be okay with it. After the 10+ week (I lost track of the weeks after 10 weeks!) migraine, and then the numerous migraines since... yes, I will give myself injections. The nurse would come in later to give me my first one and instruct me on how to give them to myself. Then the wonderful neurologist asked me if I would like an injection to get rid on the migraine I had. Yes, please, I'll take one of those! LOL! It meant two injections, but, I had been dealing with this migraine and it's fluctuations since Saturday.

I'll still have stuff to take for just in case I get a migraine, it will take a little bit for the preventative to take effect I think, and we have to find out if it works for me, everybody's body works differently. The neurologist was sure to tell me that the injections don't do anything other than help with migraines. They don't help pain, or anything else, they just work on migraines, so they are non-addictive. That makes me happy to know. I'm very hopeful that this will work.

So that is my migraine update! Finally a good/competent neurologist! Yay! I came home and took a nap, still kinda had the migraine, so stayed up for a little bit and then took another nap and now it is gone. Yay!

I hope you all are doing well my Spark Friends!


Flea AKA Karri

PS: I've gone over to My FatSecret! My name is KarriW on that site if you want to follow or if you have group there, let me know!
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