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I'm so busy I don't have time to breathe!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I want to get back into strength training, but it just takes so much time! I have 18 hours of school and 13 hours of work and I'm involved in numerous clubs and activities and sometimes I have group meetings outside of class and tests and committments with my sorority. And sometimes I like to see my boyfriend. I feel like an ass when I put working out before him...
Seriously... I have two papers, an oral presentation, initiation of new pledges in my sorority, two group meetings, and several tests coming up. I seriously totally just want to crawl in bed with a giant cream filled doughnut and eat it and then sleep for three weeks straight.... thank goodness thanksgiving break is almost here! Otherwise I might actually die from relaxation deprivation. I keep having to go work out late at night on the elliptical because it's too cold to run outside and it's always dark. And I hate working out at the gym because they just got new equipment and it is waaaaay too crowded. I hate standing there and waiting on machines. I just don't have time. I'm pretty sure 1/3 of my food intake comes from bars: meal bars, nutrigrain bars, curves bars, slimfast bars. I eat them while I am walking because I don't have time to sit down. I haven't cooked anything since August.

Wow I just posted a huge blog complaining about EVERYTHING. I really don't need to complain so much. I have a wonderful boyfriend and I'm really not all that fat. My problems could be a whole lot worse. I just am not used to having to go 90 mph all day on only 6 hours of sleep.
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  • AMBER_007
    Ok chicky stand back and breath. On of those natural things you gotta do even though you think you dont have time :P

    I know what its like to be swamped. Been through school and been put through my paces when I started working in industry.

    Key to being swamped is plan plan plan. I know its hard sometimes but you'll be less stressed if you do. You need to eat real food first off your body need it when your busy like this. Take 1 day out of your week or a few hours out of saturday and sunday on the weekend (maybe when your doing the laundry and cleaning house) and cook a few meals for the week. Then maybe leave 1 or two to frozen dinners if you gotta. Salt content is high in most frozen meals so try not to eat to many of them in the run of the week.

    #2 Like it or not your body needs sleep. 6-7 hours a night minimum or more depending on what your body needs. If you working a lot or under high stress it may be more. I know on occasion theres going to be an all nighter it happens by try to limit those as much as possible. You need to put yourself first.

    As long as your getting enough sleep make that time for the gym. Really busy times well.. ok maybe you have to give up strenght training on occasion but dont give up the cardio. Its a good stress reliever and you need that when your on the go.

    And finally dont be hard on yourself if you dont get everything done that you wanted to in the day. You cant be going at full speed 100% of the time. No one can. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself. Think of yourself as your best friend. What would you say to her? Would you hold her up to the standard you hold yourself up to sometimes?

    Oh and you know what, nope, one more thing and this is an important one. Review what your involved in and prioritize but make sure you are at the top of the list not the bottom. Remember if you arn't healthy and happy you cant be there for anyone or any of those other things.

    4810 days ago
    That's okay - Let it all out honey! You can do that in blogs : )
    4915 days ago
    Hang in there Lisa. I know it seems like a lot right now and IT IS, but you can do it. I'm sure your boyfriend is very understanding about it all. This is just a time in your life and it will pass, but don't let the benefits that you are getting right now slip away from you. You are achieving things NOW that will BETTER you in the future, so just hang tough and really focus on what's most important for the time you have available. Remember you are getting exercise when you walk to classes. It was good to hear from you though and know that you are doing well even though you a crazy busy. Take care, Barb
    4931 days ago
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