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Friends Spark Sunshine!
Saturday, October 24, 2009      2 comments

I finally got in a good day of exercise. YAY! I have got to figure out how to manage my time a little better, so I can get all of my work done, exercise, and be here more often. Friendship keeps me emotionally healthy. Being emotionall... Read more
A Day of Tears
Friday, October 23, 2009      6 comments

We hear about the problem with bullies all the time. I thought Arkansas was immune to that kind of meanness. That is the stuff of city kids, not our wholesome Arkansas kids. I was wrong. A brave and admirable young lady came to me today beca... Read more
Thursday, October 22, 2009      4 comments

October is an exceptionally busy month for us at the Center, probably second only to August. I no longer get aggrevated with students who miss their appointments because that is the only time that I get to powder my nose or grab a cup of coffee... Read more
My Peeps
Friday, October 16, 2009      8 comments

I haven't blogged in a long time, and I miss it. It is even longer since I have done anything with Blogspot. I seem to have lost myself these last few weeks. I had that whole depression thing going for a while, and then work consumed me. Lit... Read more
I Howled
Tuesday, September 22, 2009      4 comments

Depression is smothering me tonight. I am getting so very clumsy. My memory is so bad that I won’t even boil water without setting the timer for 5 minutes. Otherwise, I would completely forget that I had something going on the stove. I did t... Read more
Rhonda Lost Her Bloove
Monday, September 21, 2009      3 comments

I seem to have lost my blog. I have not posted to my external blog in over a month. I just cannot get into the bloove. I have an idea or two, but my fingers simply refuse to do the walking. I need to blog. It is therapeutic. It makes me fe... Read more
Playing in the Rain
Friday, September 18, 2009      5 comments

Tomorrow is the big day. I am worried that rain will keep folks away. I am worried that the rain will keep my grandson away, but I am being optimistic. Rain should not keep any of us away from the Nature Center. After all, it is ABOUT ... Read more
Grass in My Living Room
Sunday, September 13, 2009      7 comments

I spent the day with family yesterday. I do not do that very often. Indeed, I have not done that in years. I tend to shy away from my family because I feel like the little black sheep. It seems like everyone is accomplished but me. And they... Read more
The Shameful Panties
Saturday, September 05, 2009      6 comments

I have a thing for denim jumpers. Really, I guess I like jumpers in general, but the denim ones are my preference. Since I never throw anything away, I have jumpers in a variety of sizes around here. Yesterday it occurred to me that I might h... Read more
The Happy Band-Aide
Friday, September 04, 2009      5 comments

Hole E. Cow! I just remembered that I never did send out the End of August email. I think I need to hire an assistant who will actually LOOK at the things that I write in my planner. I am grading tonight, but I will get out a super duper emai... Read more
Forgot How To Blog
Tuesday, September 01, 2009      0 comments

I think I have forgotten how to blog. It seems like I do nothing but type quick notes and replies here, at work, in email, in class, with friends . . . . always answering in a hurry. I DO get time to sleep this week, though! Yippeee! Next... Read more
He Will Always Be My Baby
Thursday, August 27, 2009      8 comments

I have worried about my son all week. He called me tonight. The premise of the phone call was, “Do you remember . . .. “. We visited. He was looking at some things that his grandmother meant for him to have and some things that she meant for... Read more
Son Searching for Daddy
Sunday, August 23, 2009      2 comments

What in the SAM HILL is my kid thinking? Reader’s Digest Version: My son is 23 & I have been divorced 20 years. His father is not worth the bullet it would take to shoot him. He was physically and verbally abusive. Refuses to hold a job.... Read more
To An Athlete Dying Young
Sunday, August 23, 2009      3 comments

A. E. Housman (1859–1936). A Shropshire Lad. 1896. To an Athlete Dying Young THE TIME you won your town the race We chaired you through the market-place; Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you... Read more
Gettin Scrappy
Saturday, August 22, 2009      3 comments

Well, I am just downright grumpy. I have caught myself trying to snap somone's head off several times today. I need one of those choke chains around my neck I guess. I had to check myself several times today because I was getting too short wi... Read more

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