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to much calories and fat
Saturday, February 02, 2019      5 comments

Today was a good day my grandson brought me lunch then My daughters best friend had her a surprise birthday party so I ate a little of this and a little of that and when I entered my food I was shocked, I had double the calories and triple ... Read more
i lost
Friday, February 01, 2019      10 comments

I lost 3 lbs on my first week. I did not do great it must be as we all know the 1 st week is bloat, but my daughters birthday party is tomorrow night I will try hard not to eat much her best friend is having a lot of food plus cake. but I think ... Read more
i'm going to do better
Thursday, January 31, 2019      5 comments

I have been on here for almost a week after being gone for 3 1/2 years or so. Ii be honest I have not been doing well. But I am here and I plan to stay, I plan to start eating healthier and losing weight... Read more
i have not been here in like 4 years
Saturday, January 26, 2019      9 comments

I have not been here in like 4 years so I don't know if my friends are still on here and if the groups are up and running, so I'm like starting over, I need friends to help me, I am thinking of deleting all groups and people and I hope if my fri... Read more
I didn't let the rain stop me
Wednesday, June 17, 2015      5 comments

I was determined to walk today, I didn't feel good, had a slight headache and it was raining. I waited until it stopped and I got dressed, took my phone that tracks my miles, time and calories burned. a bottle of water and my umbrella. as soon a... Read more
Sunday, June 14, 2015      4 comments

My husband and I just came home from a 2 mile walk. I wish I could get in more walking days. most days I'm too busy and some days I'm just to tired. I love walking outside.... Read more
I want to thank EVERY ONE and info about ME
Tuesday, June 09, 2015      6 comments

I want to thank every one who leave me comments on my blog. I really appreciate all of them. I may not be on here every day but plan to try for more time so I can thank every one personally and send messages to friends and send goodies as well. ... Read more
a walk with my husband
Tuesday, June 09, 2015      3 comments

My Husband and I took a walk this evening. We walked 2.2 miles in 36.52 minutes. burned up 243 calories. before our walk we went shopping and to my doctor Tim's office. mom wanted a knew large living rook rug we bought it and took i... Read more
I love walking outside
Sunday, June 07, 2015      7 comments

I love walking outside. I got in 2.63 miles in 50 minutes. not fast but It was VERY HOT and I wanted to quit but I didn't. I need to try walking a little later in the evening.... Read more
i walked outside this evening
Thursday, June 04, 2015      10 comments

I walked outside this evening by myself, I walked 2.72 miles, burned 324 calories and I walked for 47.50 minutes. I am very happy, I have not got to walk in a while, I want to every chance I get.... Read more
1 mile walk
Tuesday, May 19, 2015      6 comments

I had a long day BUT my husband and I took a 1 mile walk this evening. I was so tired I didn't think I could do 1/2 mile BUT WE GOT IN THE ONE MILE. I'M SO GLAD. I babysit my grand children LONG HOURS so I don't get to walk as much as I want and... Read more
I took a short walk but i feel better
Tuesday, May 12, 2015      5 comments

I took an 1/2 mile walk, a lot slower and a lot shorter then last summer BUT I started back exercising so it is better then nothing. I knew I was not going to go as far or as fast as I used to just started back into walking. I am VERY HAPPY I DI... Read more
I'm Back again, not doing good yet but trying
Wednesday, April 22, 2015      7 comments

I'm back again, I AM NOT doing good yet but I am trying. I have not exercised yet, raining here. I have gained my weight back I have to fix my tracker I hate to but I have to for myself, so I can see and really try. I want to lose weight so bad,... Read more
will be back soon
Thursday, September 25, 2014      5 comments

My Husband and i are going on a cruise for 8 days tomorrow. I will be back on in 9 or 10 days when we get home... Read more
I will try my best
Tuesday, September 16, 2014      5 comments

I will try my best, I mess up a lot BUT I will stay here. I need SP and ALL MY FRIENDS I want to be healthy and feel good about myself again. I know I can and I WILL. I want to be here for my grand children I have three and one on the way in ... Read more

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