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Vegan with a Vengeance Cookbook Photos
Tuesday, May 04, 2010      5 comments

Isa is one of my favorite vegan chef's - this is one of her books called Vegan with a Vengeance. It is truly amazing and I highly suggest it to anyone that is looking for something good to eat but doesn't include our little furry friends. It h... Read more
Know Your Real Age
Thursday, April 29, 2010      7 comments

Finally I had some free time and was able to watch a little show (maybe some of you have heard of it) Biggest Loser. haha I haven't had the chance to watch the episodes for about the last two seasons I think because we are always busy with get... Read more
Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Protein Shake!
Wednesday, April 28, 2010      7 comments

emoticon Yesterday I had a few extra minutes so I was watching youtube.com videos. I found this one that is re... Read more
Dietgirl Reviewed
Tuesday, April 27, 2010      3 comments

picture taken from www.amazon.com/Amazing-A
72398653&sr=1-1 L... Read more
Are Low-Fat Options Worth it?
Friday, April 23, 2010      6 comments

(Thanks www.cagle.com/news/FatLo
wFat/2.asp for the cartoon) Still more than one week after reading "The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet,... Read more
Friday April 23, 2010 Food Blog
Friday, April 23, 2010      3 comments

TGIF!!! This week has been extremely long for me - not really sure why that is though. In reality, I have not been that busy but do you ever have one of those weeks where you have less to do but it just takes a super long time to do everything... Read more
Thursday April 22, 2010 Food Blog
Thursday, April 22, 2010      3 comments

Food oh glorious food! Isn't it wonderful to know that when you are losing weight you must actually eat tasty, colorful foods? And lots of it! Hard work but I am glad to sit down each meal and enjoy my rainbow colored foods. My goal lately h... Read more
Thursday April 22, 2010 Exercise Blog
Thursday, April 22, 2010      2 comments

Sorry for my absence yesterday, there was Sunshine!!! It finally crept closer to 70F/21.1C yesterday!!! So, I did all my housework and work early in the morning so that I could spend some much needed time out in the sun! I had two glorious ho... Read more
Saucony Running Shoes
Tuesday, April 20, 2010      8 comments

Yay! The UPS man delivered our brand new running shoes. We ordered these two pairs of shoes online at Dick's Sporting Goods about four-five days ago. Unfortunately the stores did not hold all sizes so we had to order ourselves online instead ... Read more
Monday April 20, 2010 Foods
Tuesday, April 20, 2010      3 comments

Yesterday I was able to convince myself to take my measurements once again. Since I haven't seen any changes in about two months, I have not gotten myself to go ahead and go through the pain of seeing no changes in numbers. haha Daily I measur... Read more
Weight Loss Update: April 19, 2010
Monday, April 19, 2010      6 comments

emoticonPounds Lost: zero! Again for the second month I still have not lost any weight, very frustrating! I am ... Read more
Monday April 19, 2010 Foods
Monday, April 19, 2010      2 comments

It seems like lately things have not been as smooth riding as I wish so I have not had the chance to get online and post blogs. Thankfully though I am keeping strong and holding onto healthy eating and exercising. In fact, this month my husban... Read more
Healthy Eating - Vegan Style
Sunday, April 18, 2010      2 comments

Here's a wonderful site that I found the other day when I was doing some more research on health related information associated to the vegan lifestyle. IMAVEGAN is always (thankfully) keeping me up to date with a lot of information and making s... Read more
11.4KM/7Mile Run
Friday, April 16, 2010      4 comments

Yesterday was finally a gorgeous, sunny day in our area. It got up to around 87 degrees F I believe - or so my blackberry was telling me as I was sitting in the sun capturing some Vitamin D. Doesn't everything seem to go better when the sun is... Read more
Buying Running Shoes
Thursday, April 15, 2010      7 comments

My husband has been yelling at me - well at first it was gentle suggestions and then yelling - that I must purchase new running shoes. I'm very attached to them, they have gotten me through many hard miles since November! Actually I've had the... Read more

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