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Thursday, February 20, 2020      3 comments

Today was a good day. Got walking in by doing errands for mom. Eat over my calories today. Will get back on track tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great day! Keep SPARKING 💥!... Read more
Wednesday, February 19, 2020      3 comments

Today started out as a good day even with about 4 hrs sleep. Went to my final TOPS meeting with the group I have been with for a while and have known all my life. Lost 1 lb today! So proud of myself for managing to lose even under the stress I h... Read more
Tuesday, February 18, 2020      3 comments

Today was a great day! Went to mom's cleaned a little, did laundry with son's help, put all mom's Christmas stuff away and got the regular stuff out. While at mom's climbed to the 5th floor twice! This is new for me usually I can only handle onc... Read more
Monday, February 17, 2020      6 comments

Today was another good day! My stress was less until started working on the financial books for my group so they are ready to hand over if I need to transfer groups. Got a nice walk in with a little interval jogging. It felt great to jog even if... Read more
Sunday, February 16, 2020      5 comments

Today was a better day. Slept a little rough last night but woke up to a sunny warmer day. Went for multiple walks of varying distances. It felt refreshing to be out on a walk with music in my ears and no cares in the world. It's the only way to... Read more
Saturday, February 15, 2020      5 comments

Today was an ok day. Went to bed late again and got up early. Went with my mom and son to run some errands. She can't do them herself as she has a loaner so no scooter for her to use. Got myself a couple things while we were out. No morning work... Read more
Friday, February 14, 2020      3 comments

Today has been a very stressful day! I went to bed late last night as I will be tonight. Woke up early. No morning workout. I think I was already stressed and did not realize it. Anyways got a call from mom her insurance is going to be to high s... Read more
Thursday, February 13, 2020      3 comments

Today was a great day! Went to bed late. Slept through the night and woke around 8am (about 8hrs)👍. Went to shovel snow it ended up only taking about 2 mins so not much of a workout. Went for a walk to run errands before the freeze moved in and... Read more
Wednesday, February 12, 2020      3 comments

Today started as a great day! It was a rest day. TOPS meeting and weigh in. Lost 5 lbs!💪 Got mom and a TOPS member we give a ride to in the van to hea... Read more
Tuesday, February 11, 2020      5 comments

Today was a great day! No morning workout due to having to leave early to go to mom's. My walk was completed in parts by walking to and from bus stops and taking the stairs to my mom's 5th floor apartment. Short core workout this evening but no ... Read more
Monday, February 10, 2020      3 comments

Today was an off day but a great day! Slept better last night but for less hours. Didn't feel the greatest this morning so skipped my morning workout. Went for a walk around noon to run some errands with hubby. Had lunch. Still did not feel well... Read more
Sunday, February 09, 2020      3 comments

Today was a weird but good day! Completed my morning workout. Legs were sore but worked through and it felt good knowing I didn't quit. Had a late lunch knowing I had a class at 5pm. Planned to do yoga when I got home. But that didn't happen do ... Read more
Saturday, February 08, 2020      4 comments

Today was a great day! 🌄 Got up around 9am this seems to be my magic number. Expecialy if I don't sleep through the night. 👟Got my morning workout done and it felt great! Made chicken chili. Ground chicken, canned tomatoes, couple frozen tomat... Read more
Friday, February 07, 2020      3 comments

Today was a good day! Slept a little better last night but not much. Did morning workout and chair yoga in the evening but did not get my walk in. Not sure why but oh well. Shoveled snow after my morning workout. Made a couple bucks for doing a ... Read more
Thursday, February 06, 2020      5 comments

Today was a great day! Completed my morning workout (walk video). I also did some snow shoveling this morning but only took a few mins instead of an hour. There is more to shovel but will wait till after my morning workout to do it. Completed my... Read more

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