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Update on David
Saturday, May 08, 2021      7 comments

He is doing much better. Went to see a foot specialist, who reviewed his History, asked loads of questions, and concluded he has Drop Foot Syndrome, caused by an injury to a nerve in his foot most likely from last Fall when he fell and bent... Read more
Monday, April 12, 2021      11 comments

David is still down, both ankles have given way when he tried to stand up Sunday morning. We rented a lift to move him from the recliner to the bed so he will be more comfortable. So far I am able to take care of him, and therapists are to ... Read more
MRI followup
Monday, January 25, 2021      17 comments

I saw the dr. today....he says I have Bursitis. He said he does not think the Synvisc (which has done wonders for my knees) will help, however, we can try to have a shot into the hip joint itself...so far he has given me shots around the hi... Read more
My M.R.I.
Friday, January 22, 2021      8 comments

Thursday we went to Birmingham, passed 2 wrecks, the 3rd one had us stopped on a bridge for over an hour....then the Open MRI....the technician was super nice, talked to me about what to expect, added pillows where needed to make me as comfy a... Read more
Today's News 10/29/19& Prayers please
Tuesday, October 29, 2019      20 comments

David will be going in the hospital on 11/01/19 for a replacement of his pacemaker/defibrillator which of course will be a surgical procedure, and anytime he is sedated, it is dangerous. I am asking for everyone who will to say a small ... Read more
Here I am again...........Prayer Partners...
Sunday, June 03, 2018      11 comments

My grandson by marriage has had brain surgery for Neuro-Blastoma and even after the surgery the dr. only gives him six months. The surgery was last weekend, he is 27 years old, with 3 children. His name is Adam, and I am asking anyone who ... Read more
My mother-in-law
Wednesday, August 24, 2016      13 comments

Good morning, We got a call a few minutes ago from the caregiver for Davids' mother. She thinks mama has had a stroke, perhaps a light one, but another stroke, nonetheless. She is waiting on the Hospice nurse to arrive, she is the one... Read more
Update on Nikki
Thursday, March 10, 2016      5 comments

Nikki lost her battle with cancer and MRSA on Tuesday evening. She fought to the end to stay with her husband and children, but after countless surgeries and various treatments her body just became too tired to carry on the war. I had ... Read more
Thursday, February 26, 2015      4 comments

Nikki is holding her own. We raised the money for a family trip to Disneyworld in April for the 4 of them....I am afraid she will wilt when she comes back. I think she is taking these treatments and fighting so hard, but this may take a l... Read more
Update on Nikki
Thursday, January 29, 2015      2 comments

My daughter called last night. Nikki saw her team of drs. yesterday and went back today. Yesterday, they told her the cancer is aggressive. They plan to treat it as aggressively as Nikki can stand, but they were realistic and she wanted t... Read more
Asking for Prayers
Sunday, January 25, 2015      3 comments

I am asking for prayers for my step-granddaughter. She had extensive cancer surgery 4 months ago. It has come back with a vengeance and unless God intervenes, I don't know how much good further treatment is going to do. She is 32, has... Read more
Sammie(my shadow)
Sunday, May 04, 2014      12 comments

This morning, at 2:30 AM, my little Pom woke us up screaming....... I grabbed a towel, wrapped her up and cuddled her, talking to her, trying to calm her, and David grabbed my phone to call the Vet on his emergency number, and bless that m... Read more
Prayer Request for David.
Saturday, April 26, 2014      12 comments

For those of you who have been praying for Daniel and his team, they are now home as of this past Wednesday. He said to thank everyone, that they believe all the prayers kept them safe several times, as they had grenades go off less than 10... Read more
Saturday, January 18, 2014      13 comments

Prayer needed immediately for our son Daniel and his team, they were ambushed while on patrol. All we know is 1 killed and some wounded. DarleneK UPDATE: David called Daniel's CO at Ft. Bragg. They were in an ambush while o... Read more
UPDATE on me
Wednesday, January 08, 2014      12 comments

Laughing here, yes I am home and thank you to each of you who took the time to read my blog and say a prayer....I did very well if you discount the swollen lip that I evidently bit, and the sore throat from the intubation....seems to me th... Read more

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