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Venting and Whining – Loose Skin is Disgusting
Saturday, July 02, 2011      27 comments

Well Spark Friends, you all decided to get me where it hurts this weekend. For reasons I can’t fathom, my Blog post from May 29, 2011 “Photos: Me – a year and a half ago” was voted a “Most Popular Blog”. Since Spark People gave me that a... Read more
Please read if you are in San Diego
Wednesday, June 29, 2011      6 comments

If you are in San Diego and would like to help with a video project please contact me with an email. Thanks to many requests, Kai is going make videos some of the exercises that have helped me so much over that last months. This should be ... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Celebrating 100 pounds gone
Saturday, June 25, 2011      57 comments

Today the scale said 173.2 pounds. I skipped 100 and went to a 101.8 pound loss today. I haven’t been eating too much the last couple of days with an upset stomach, so I dropped fast this week, which started at 178. This is so unbelievab... Read more
How would you celebrate a 100 pound loss?
Thursday, June 16, 2011      22 comments

I never thought I would get here, but in 5 pounds I will have lost 100 pounds since Oct 2007 when I joined Spark People at 275 pounds. I didn’t have a plan for celebrating this milestone. I just couldn’t conceive of it before now. ... Read more
I'm not a lost cause
Tuesday, June 14, 2011      9 comments

The other night I was telling my son all about my recent ocean experience and how much fun it was. He, like me, never thought I would lose weight and stop being in pain all the time. He was carrying the groceries because I wasn't ab... Read more
I'm not inactive any more
Monday, June 13, 2011      9 comments

It is just after midnight and I should not be doing this now but – I had the most active weekend of my life. Saturday I went with Kai to the SD Spark Rally at Lake Miramar and walked 5+ miles. I even jogged a teeny tiny bit of it just to see i... Read more
Photos - Wetsuit arrived today!
Wednesday, June 08, 2011      14 comments

I was not sure what to Blog about for Spark today and looking for inspiration when this man arrived on a package. That had this in it. ... Read more
Six months of fitness training
Sunday, June 05, 2011      16 comments

The fitness trainer I used has requested no further references.... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Photos: Me – a year and a half ago
Sunday, May 29, 2011      207 comments

I found a file of photos from September 24, 2009; about a year and a half ago. The occasion was my goodbye luncheon from 6 years as a Contractor for the US Navy. A look at these pictures should help with the body image problems I’ve been... Read more
I got cortisone shots in my wrist and hip
Saturday, May 28, 2011      7 comments

Why? Because I am going to be surfing this summer and I want to be pain free or pain reduced in those two places I will need in order to be able to “pop up” on the surfboard. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Yes, a 51 year ol... Read more
Photos - The Bridge Walk was so fun this year
Sunday, May 22, 2011      12 comments

What a different experience between the two years. Last May I was so scared to walk over this bridge. I was scared to try, and I had a lot of fear of not making it. I trained from February to May, walking from a mile or less to three plus mil... Read more
How much weight to lose?
Friday, May 20, 2011      8 comments

I saw something today that made me start dwelling on my weight loss again. Before now, the numbers have been too huge for me to think about. Another person is on a team for (so many) pounds to lose. That made me think about how many pounds I ... Read more
Amazing view on the scale today
Wednesday, May 18, 2011      12 comments

I’m slowly writing my Blog about the Bridge Walk on Sunday, but I just have to take a minute to say that I saw 190 pounds even on the scale today. I can’t really believe it still, but it seems that I am really going to do it and become a ... Read more
I climbed a 100 foot cliff - pictures
Friday, May 13, 2011      8 comments

This past weekend I took my son to a beach hotel north of here so we could just get away and relax. I planned on swimming in the pool and walking on the beach and trying to talk to my 17 year old without turning into a screaming lunatic. ... Read more
I weigh less than 200 pounds now
Thursday, April 21, 2011      24 comments

I'm trying to record my thoughts on dropping into the 100’s for the first time in at least twenty years. How can I celebrate crossing into the 100’s? This has to be a milestone I can commemorate, doesn’t it? My weight moved so slowly do... Read more

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