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The struggle is real
Monday, October 07, 2019      1 comments

I'm a big girl. I have depression and anxiety. I eat when I'm nervous or worried, which is a lot. We just dropped my son off at the armory to be sent to Basic Training. I'm trying so hard to handle my anxiety now and in the future. I will not... Read more
I guess it's time...
Friday, October 04, 2019      2 comments

I've been on the roller coaster of weight loss for over 20 years now. It's been nearly 20 years since I was under 200 pounds. Life is hard on a diet. I like food. I like the bad foods. I have a million reasons why I am a big girl. I only have a... Read more
Um yeah, I totally did that!
Saturday, November 09, 2013      6 comments

So after a long week & a not so healthy lunch Friday, I *really* wanted to cancel my appointment with the trainer...especially after my husband reminded me that I was supposed to be working core strength. After a little guilt trip from my husba... Read more
UGH! Where did *those* come from?!
Thursday, November 07, 2013      4 comments

So I was proud of myself & feeling good about myself so I went to Target to get me some cute workout clothes. Fast forward 24 hours and I'm scheduled to go meet my trainer at the gym. I leave work, rush home, and change clothes. Cute workout ... Read more
Ooops! Did I eat that?!
Wednesday, November 06, 2013      5 comments

So the other day I had an epiphany, and I've been trying to learn from it and live by it. I realized that allowing myself to "cheat" was just silly. Of course I realized ... Read more
Excuse me, Can I borrow your UMPH?
Tuesday, November 05, 2013      5 comments

So today, my arms hurt. Like a lot. But I consider that a good thing. If they weren't hurting, I wouldn't have a constant reminder that I, Heather the fat chick, did streng... Read more
Goal #1 is in my sights!
Friday, January 18, 2013      1 comments

With the help of a colonoscopy prep, I am closing in on my first mini goal of 5 pounds lost. My reward system is set up so that when I hit this goal, I "earn/win" a date night :) I informed my husband today that he should be prepared for a dat... Read more
Now that's an eye opener!
Saturday, January 12, 2013      0 comments

I decided to bite the bullet & take starting measurements for this round of my journey. My waist is 44 3/4", when I last measured for SP in June of 2011 it was 40 3/4". My hips are 53 3/4", last was 50 1/2". Thigh is 30", was 28.5". Upper arm... Read more
24 days?! Will I be ready in time?
Wednesday, January 09, 2013      2 comments

So it hit me this morning .... the 5K that my family and I are signed up for is in 24 days. Now I've been trying to get back into walking, and I know I can do this...but I was REALLY hoping to beat my last year's time of 1h5m. I'm not a runner... Read more
Second verse....different from the first!
Sunday, January 06, 2013      2 comments

Ok, so I'm back. Again. I'm not going to kid myself....it's not easy trying to be healthy. But it's time I do what I can to be the healthiest me I can be. I'm currently waiting on some tests to find out exactly what is going on with my body. It ... Read more
Lazy wench begone!
Thursday, January 05, 2012      1 comments

I'm fat. I'm not fluffy, I'm not plump, I'm fat. I have long since accepted that and I want to change it. I've gone done this road before and did so well on it that it pains me to look back and see how far I've come from being on track. It i... Read more
Gotta face the facts - Inspirational Moment 7/25
Monday, July 25, 2011      1 comments

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. - General Schwarzkopf... Read more
Something a little different today..........
Thursday, June 30, 2011      2 comments

For today's motivational moment, I decided to go with song lyrics that touched me. Well I couldn't pick out merely a line or two from the song, so I am giving you the entire thing. I'm not going to bore you with my take on the lyrics & how dee... Read more
Woohoo Wednesday - One to ponder....
Wednesday, June 29, 2011      0 comments

Today's quote comes from one of my personal heroes, my high school band director, John Trousdale. "Practice makes permanent" Many people are under the false impression that practice makes perfect. That if you do something over and ove... Read more
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Sunday, June 26, 2011      3 comments

Okay so I was kinda sorta MIA from SP for a couple of weeks. We started training for the 5k I want to do in October & my feet rebelled big time. I blew off my Spark Team's weekly mall walk because my feet just hurt too bad. I decided to take ... Read more

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