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Why is it so hard to get back on track?
Saturday, July 16, 2016      15 comments

My favored workout is swimming. I always feel great after a good swim, both physically and mentally. Always. Without fail. The pool is one of the few places where I feel very competent and confident physically. Besides, I hate t... Read more
2016: Another year, another new start
Saturday, December 12, 2015      11 comments

HAS IT REALLY BEEN A YEAR? I haven’t blogged for an entire year. I guess the reason is good: I’ve been really busy building up a law practice and it has gone well for the most part. I made more money than I expected to, and have put togethe... Read more
2015 Winds of Change
Saturday, January 03, 2015      17 comments

I’ve decided to call 2015 the Year of Change. I have not been particularly happy lately, and there are lots of reasons for that, which I intend to take this year to explore. I know that in order to find the happiness I’m craving, I’m going to n... Read more
Recent Discoveries
Sunday, June 29, 2014      9 comments

Okay, maybe some of these have not been so recent, but since I am stubborn and stuck in my ways, I tend to cling to old concepts until they are beaten out of my brain, often more than once. This usually involves some sort of pain, either physic... Read more
Best Breakfast Ever
Wednesday, June 18, 2014      9 comments

2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 4 mini sweet peppers, and a handful of spinach. Yummy and colorful. 262 calories, 7 carbs, 16 fat, 22 protein. This will keep me sati... Read more
Camp Wannabefit Swim Challenge!
Tuesday, April 15, 2014      9 comments

I figure this is the best way to reach the most people. If you're part of Camp Wannabefit and you like to swim, let's do a challenge! I don't know what everyone's swim level is though, so in the comments below, post what you like to do in ... Read more
Emotional Dumper
Sunday, February 09, 2014      7 comments

I have a half hour to write this blog because it is now 8:30 and I want to be at the pool when it opens at 9. Call it practice for the high pressure job of getting legal documents drafted and filed in ridiculously limited time frames. I ha... Read more
Why the Weight Won't Come Off - Part 3: Leveraging My Personality Type
Sunday, November 10, 2013      15 comments

The concepts of introversion and extroversion have been around for a long time, but only recently the Internet has exploded with information and opinions. I’m not going to explain how all that works here, but if you’re unfamiliar with the conce... Read more
Why the Weight Won’t Come Off - Part 2: Listening to the Dark
Friday, November 08, 2013      11 comments

We all have stress in our lives. It’s inevitable. We eliminate one stress, and another takes its place. We cannot avoid it, but we can minimize it and not allow it to take over our lives. What does this mean for weight loss? It’s co... Read more
Why the Weight Won’t Come Off – Part 1: Hot Flash Hell
Wednesday, November 06, 2013      8 comments

I can picture the visceral response to this title from all my 50+ women friends. If you’re under 50 and haven’t experienced this yet, get ready. It’s a real treat. To my male friends, sorry if this is TMI. You’re happily excused. I’ve b... Read more
Saturday, October 05, 2013      20 comments

I joined Spark People in March 2009 at almost 190 lbs. I set my SP goal at that time to reach 135, figuring that I would be happy fluctuating between 135 and 140. By March 2010, I had lost 50 lbs and broken the 140 mark. I had reached my goal... Read more
The New Acquisition... Meow?
Saturday, September 21, 2013      29 comments

Let me be clear... this is my SON's new acquisition, not mine emoticon At least that's what I keep telling him ... Read more
An “I Don’t Wanna” Blog for the start of BLC 23
Thursday, September 05, 2013      22 comments

REASONABLE, MEASURABLE, OBTAINABLE GOALS I need to lose at least 12 pounds. Fifteen would be better. That’s a pound to a pound and a quarter a week. Yes, it’s manageable and doable. But I’ve been saying that for the better part of a year a... Read more
Introverted? Read this article....
Friday, July 19, 2013      18 comments

Best article ever. Extroverts should read it too. www.clutchmagonline.com/
ntrovert/ ... Read more
Happy Independence Day Baby Bird
Thursday, July 04, 2013      10 comments

A few weeks ago, we noticed a bird's nest in a tree that hangs over our back porch. A robin kept coming and going and we watched her raise up three babies. They were so fun to watch! The nest hung over our yard though, where the dogs go, so w... Read more

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