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Do you accept responsibly for your choices in life?.
Saturday, February 16, 2008      1 comments

In general, society is always looking for an excuse for what people do. All one has to do is read the newspaper or watch the news on TV to hear about the vicious and needless crimes people do. And the shame of it is, the person commiting the ... Read more
Your smallest actions add up to something big!
Tuesday, January 01, 2008      1 comments

Have you ever noticed how when someone does an act of kindness for somebody else, it has a snowball effect? Jesus said that what you do for the least of them, you are doing for HIM. A little over a year ago, I was given a whole bunch of new ... Read more
Facing Your worst fears!
Tuesday, January 01, 2008      0 comments

God has not given us a spirit of fear. If God is for us, who can be against us? No weapon formed against us will prosper. I stand on God's word and promises. The only thing I can think of that we have to fear is: not what someone can do to ... Read more
Becoming the Person you want to be
Tuesday, January 01, 2008      0 comments

After much thought about this subject, I can reflect back and know that I am not the person I used to be (thank God) and am becoming the person I want to be. All the PRAISE AND GLORY go to GOD for that fact. Am I there yet? No....still a lot of ... Read more
How do I react to setbacks?
Sunday, October 14, 2007      3 comments

I would have to say that there is more than one way to pluck a chicken. If the mountain is too big to climb over, then I go around it. And All the PRAISE and GLORY goes to GOD for my being able to accomplish that. If one door closes, then tha... Read more