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Does Size REALLY Matter? Pics and Links
Thursday, December 01, 2011      15 comments

Hee hee hee....Like the title? If you know me and/or follow my blogs, you know I am all about self respect, self love, and self esteem. I believe that if you don't have or don't develop these attributes you won't be happy at any size or at ... Read more
EPIC Plans, Christmas Plans, Time Warp Plans!
Tuesday, November 29, 2011      5 comments

The final leg of EPIC is here. I'm happy to announce that we have 27 participants divided up into the 3 teams EPIC Body, Heart, and Soul. I'm so proud to be able to say I ... Read more
Saturday, November 26, 2011      2 comments

Writing this because for some reason the last blog I wrote has disappeared and I have to write a blog per week for my participation points in the EPIC challenge. San Antonio Spark has successfully run a year long challenge called EPIC (Exer... Read more
I'm Keeping My Promise this Weekend... A Happy Dance for MODIGGI!
Wednesday, November 16, 2011      11 comments

I made a promise to a friend. It was an easy promise to keep when the event seemed a bit far off. It is an easy promise to keep even now, because I am so filled with joy for this friend that my embarrassment and knowing I will look insanely fool... Read more
For Greg - (GHK1962) Not a Pound Puppy, but a New FOUND Friend! PICS!
Thursday, November 10, 2011      14 comments

Greg recently vlogged about the joys of adopting shelter dogs. I thought he might like to hear our Found Dog story. My brother provides security patrol for a wealthy and very rustically rural community near Canyon Lake. For nearly a week ... Read more
The Story of an Iron Woman - and How it Applies to Sparkpeople
Monday, November 07, 2011      11 comments

Do you know what an Iron Man Triathlon is? Here is wikipedia's description: An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) consisting of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 11... Read more
The Shortest Blog I've Ever Written. Keeping It Simple!
Friday, November 04, 2011      10 comments

I wrote this tongue in cheek, but it really isn't a lot more complicated than eating better, moving more, getting yourself going and staying motivated through the wonde... Read more
The Truth about MJ - as you have never heard it before
Wednesday, November 02, 2011      21 comments

This blog was hard to write and harder to share. No frills. No pretty pictures or cute cartoons. I've been encouraged by 2 leaders close to me to share something I have hidden for a while from you. Deep breath, MJ. Here goes. In your face.... Read more
Halloween - Pics of Hubby and Grandson
Wednesday, November 02, 2011      7 comments

Halloween was a success in five ways. First, David, my grandson, had his first trick or treat experience. He turned 2 on October 27th and is beginning to grasp the concept. Second, my strategy to not give out chocolates kept me safe from d... Read more
Battle Armor for the End of 2011 - or- Taking 2012 by Storm!
Tuesday, November 01, 2011      11 comments

hab•it: (noun) An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. How long does it take for a practiced behavior to become a habit? The general concensus is that if you do something repetitively for 60 d... Read more
A liddle bitta dis and a liddle bit o' dat - Ramblings of an Odd Mind
Monday, October 31, 2011      6 comments

Yeah, I'm a bit scattered today. Want to share some stuff with you guys that is related and unrelated and just ...stuff. I should have titled this blog "Speaking of....." because everything I am talking about kind of segues into another topic. S... Read more
Sparkers! Meet the Sparkers! They're a Modern Weight Loss Family!
Friday, October 28, 2011      6 comments

(Sung to the tune of The Flintstones theme song) Sparkers, Meet the Sparkers! They're a modern weight loss family From the town of Sparkville, they're learning to live real healthily. Let's walk with the Sparkers down the street. T... Read more
My Next Step(s) -and- SAVE THE DATE FOR SOME FUN!
Sunday, October 23, 2011      14 comments

Going on the assumption that my surgery was a complete success and my thyroid will start functioning again at its former hypothyroid rate, I think it is time to start figuring out what the next steps are in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. ... Read more
Surgery -or- Weight Loss Should Get Back on Track!
Saturday, October 22, 2011      12 comments

I have had hypothyroidism for over 25 years. I've taken synthetic and natural hormones to help keep a normal thyroid balance for years, though many times the dosages and types had to be adjusted when my levels changed or the medicines no longer ... Read more
The Definition of Me - An Assignment from THEMIGHTYLILLIE
Monday, October 17, 2011      11 comments

In brackets below is the assignment given by THEMIGHTYLILLIE. My blog follows the brackets. [[Write a blog titled "The Definition of Me" and answer the following: While adjectives may allow us to describe things to other people, we all kn... Read more

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