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Exercise Funnies
Monday, May 16, 2011      10 comments

So I was thinking about how so many of us dread exercise, or at least dread it until we actually start doing it. Sometimes we discover a love affair with working out we ne... Read more
Wednesday, May 11, 2011      5 comments

Remember "back in the day" when you could go to work on two hours or less of sleep after partying all night and not really feel any ill effects from it? For most of us, those days are long gone. Some of us still do tend to say things like, "I'm ... Read more
What Motivates Me Today? The Next 13 Days - and YOU!
Monday, May 09, 2011      6 comments

This morning I got up with an attitude of "Let's get this thing done". I climbed out of bed and as soon as my feet hit the ground I was grunting and groaning and limping my way to the bathroom. The morning stiffness of arthritis was especially ... Read more
One Year - the flexible goal
Thursday, May 05, 2011      14 comments

As many of you know, my mother died a couple weeks ago. Up until yesterday, I had been denying depression, but it is here and it is real. I'm not incapacitated by it, but I am feeling its effects. One effect has been my lack of motivation. I can... Read more
Newspaper Tributes
Sunday, May 01, 2011      9 comments

Last week, on the day of my mother's memorial tribute and celebration of her life, the following article appeared in the San Antonio Express News. My mother was featured as someone of note in the obituary section: http://www.mysanantonio.co... Read more
Zipline Birthday Adventure
Friday, April 29, 2011      4 comments

I'm posting this on the San Antonio team page, in sparkmail to the SA team, and now on my blog because I am soooooo excited about this upcoming event. I made a pact with you guys (and myself) that this is the year I am going to face and conquer ... Read more
Klutz Moment of the Week
Thursday, April 28, 2011      8 comments

I worked out this evening...hard. Starting P90 all over again. It was TOUGH. I was a sweaty, red, nearly weepy mess...but I did it! I was so proud of myself. I ran upstairs to my bedroom to blog all about it and brag on myself. They say pri... Read more
San Antonio Spark Team Assignment: When I began....
Thursday, April 28, 2011      3 comments

"When I began this journey" is how Lillie (THE MIGHTY LILLIE) wanted us to start this blog assignment. Well...for me this journey began so many years ago. By that I mean I tried and failed and gave up so many times in my efforts to lose weight ... Read more
Thank You and I Love You are not enough
Wednesday, April 27, 2011      12 comments

It is all I have to offer right now, though. Thank you. I love you. You will never know entirely how grateful I am and how needed your love, support, presence, notes, goodies, messages, and prayers have been. There are so many Sparkers to thank,... Read more
My Mother Has Passed into His Kingdom
Sunday, April 24, 2011      26 comments

I don't feel like writing, but I need to let you all know, those who have comforted me in word and deed these last long months. Mom died at 2:45 am on Good Friday. She died with a smile on her face which we hadn't seen in a long time. I know she... Read more
Exercise is Work and Work is Exercise!
Sunday, April 10, 2011      15 comments

I made my 2011 calorie burn for the EPIC challenge this week...finally! How did I do it? Scrubbing and Painting walls, doors, trim, windowsills, and baseboards. Ripping up carpet, the wooden rug tracks that hold it in place, scraping th... Read more
My April Fool's Surprise Was No Joke
Friday, April 01, 2011      24 comments

Well, at my last doctor visit I had labs drawn. I got a call a few days later and was told to come back in one week and have them drawn again. The explanation was that the doctor wanted a "comprehensive comparison" but there was no need to worry... Read more
Hi, I am MaryJane, San Antonio Spark Team Leader and yet...
Friday, March 25, 2011      23 comments

Hi, I am MaryJane, San Antonio Spark Team Leader and yet... I've been an absentee leader lately. This team was fantastic and well run by THEMIGHTYLILLIE when she asked several of us to form a leadership team with her a while back. It is ru... Read more
The Confusion, The Pain, and the Cruelty of Impending Death
Tuesday, March 15, 2011      176 comments

I'm not writing this to say that all death brings confusion, pain, or cruelty to the one meeting the end of his or her life. I am saying that for so many of us who must watch and minister to a loved one as they decline into the inevitability of ... Read more
Happy "Non-Fat" Tuesday - Some History and Recipes!
Tuesday, March 08, 2011      5 comments

Mardi Gras - That huge yearly party so many of us attended in our wilder, carefree days. Many of us haven't outgrown it, thankfully, and still hold the spirit of this raucous, deliciously decadent time near and dear to our hearts. I still have... Read more

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