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Back again, for a waaay different reason!
Thursday, February 25, 2021      6 comments

I have been with Spark for many, many years, and have been in maintence for 3+ years. I am becoming active here again for a very different reason than what brought me here. I am trying to gain back, and keep the weight I have lost due to medic... Read more
It CAN be done!
Saturday, August 18, 2018      5 comments

Hi there. Long time, no blog. emoticon I wait until I'm really itching to share. Guess today is the day ... Read more
No, my "diet" is not over...
Monday, January 29, 2018      11 comments

So much has happened since July. I put the 3rd and last push on to reach my goal, and did. Now into the new world of maintenance. People say, "Wow, you lost your weight, now you can quit your diet and eat normal again, and you won't have t... Read more
I will NOT go gently into the night!
Friday, September 22, 2017      6 comments

Six and a half months ago, I was out of breath when I got out of bed. I had a copd diagnosis about 5 years ago, and just figured that is the way my breathing was going to be. My blood pressure was totally uncontrolled even with meds. I was poppi... Read more
long time, no blog :)
Tuesday, March 27, 2012      2 comments

I'm really not a big blogger or journal type of person, but I am also kinda isolated, so maybe this will help me a little bit. I've been busy the past two days working on an exercise area in the 2nd. bedroom. I have 2 types of mats, all my wei... Read more
bummer/big time
Sunday, February 05, 2012      1 comments

I so hate death. On any level. A silly little zebra finch, who had soooo out lived a normal life span bit the dust today & I'm still leaking. I think it is a control issue. Really. And boy, you talk about something you have no control over.... Read more
step aerobic dvd Wow!
Thursday, January 26, 2012      2 comments

I was reading someone's blog, and they mentioned that they were pretty much housebound, but make great strides (pardon my pun) with a Leslie Sansone walking dvd. Again, wow! I got lucky and found 2 workouts on YouTube, about 14 min. each. That... Read more
the nutrition #'s shifting into favorable place....
Friday, January 06, 2012      0 comments

they (#'s) are moving. Upped protein from 59-75, which has been my stickler, and did it while keeping fats in a good range (down from 67 to 37). Not being a sweets lover, my carbs have been in the range that they work best for me. And here is... Read more
Not enuff cals? Snack may help.
Thursday, December 29, 2011      2 comments

Ok, got out the "Beans, Beans, Beans" cookbook. I think what I will do, is at night, make 3 snacks for the next day. All these years I conditioned myself not to eat between meals, and that may just be my calorie problem. I know that my body ... Read more
Hello, my Blog
Tuesday, December 27, 2011      2 comments

Well, been 6 years with Spark come this August. I thought I would do an update. I've managed to lose, and keep off 37 pounds over the course of 6 years. It is the keeping off part that excites me the most! I must admit, the day I started Spark w... Read more
I've done some tweaking this week...
Tuesday, August 17, 2010      6 comments

First off, 9 weeks: emoticon! I know, my arm should be sore from patting myself on the back, but darn, after 40 ... Read more
whoa! 20 points on the wheel:)
Tuesday, August 10, 2010      6 comments

don't see those very often. well, as long as i'm here, lemmee see... Still not smoking. I will actually have to look at the calander to see how long now. that's a good thing. ... Read more
Ran across this quote today. Very Positive.
Thursday, August 05, 2010      6 comments

Quotation: 'May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received ... Read more
I haven't seen this quote in a while
Thursday, August 05, 2010      4 comments

I run across this every once in a while. It is a very positve mantra... Quotation: 'May today there be peace... Read more
Miles sneaking up on me!
Saturday, July 31, 2010      5 comments

I just happened to look down at my total mileage since I started tracking it, and it is already 15+ miles! ... Read more

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