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Getting the munchies again....
Wednesday, October 14, 2009      2 comments

Yesterday I ate more than I have all week. I had my usual breakfast and lunch and for dinner I had pasta (which was awesome if I do say so myself). But then I had 2 Hershey's Treasures candies, a regular size Snickers bar, 2 bowls of pretzels ... Read more
Not taking things for granted....
Tuesday, October 13, 2009      0 comments

Since that accident Saturday I am more cautious than before. I never used to tell people to drive careful unless they were going long distances like out of state or the weather was bad etc. But now I tell my boyfriend, parents and brother ever... Read more
Monday, October 12, 2009      4 comments

Saturday night was good except that part where I came across a BAD accident and stopped to assist. Sunday was great though (again other than news about the accident) my boyfriend and I went and looked at rings!!!! Only problem is I could... Read more
Things are getting better every day.....
Thursday, October 08, 2009      1 comments

I'm starting to feel better, my voice is back, I'm down another lb and I finally have a new phone!!! YAY!!! In other news my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to be surprised or if I wanted to be with him to pick out a ring!!! I'm thinking (... Read more
Down another lb!!!
Wednesday, October 07, 2009      1 comments

According to my home scale and the one at work i'm down 6lbs not the 10 lbs my boyfriends scale said lol. But that's ok because I'm still losing weight and today I weighed myself again and I am down another lb. Part of it is from doing t... Read more
Sick again....or still....
Tuesday, October 06, 2009      0 comments

I still have no voice, in fact it's worse than it was yesterday. My nose is plugged today and I've been coughing a bit. Luckily my doctor is sick as well so he's going home early and I'm able to leave too since there is no provider (it's our P... Read more
Weird weekend.....
Monday, October 05, 2009      1 comments

I'm down 10 lbs, I don't know if it's my boyfriends scale that just weighs me less or what but I'm not complaining lol. I felt sick Friday with my sinuses acting up pretty badly. Saturday I woke up fine. Went to my son's soccer game (whic... Read more
Day 1: 30 Day Shred
Friday, October 02, 2009      2 comments

I did the 30 Day Shred for the first time last night. BOY am I sore today. Plus I have another sinus infection so I'm feeling really.....YUCK. I'm exhausted all I want to do is take a long hot bath then curl up on the couch with a big comfy b... Read more
Early Alzheimer's.....or something
Thursday, October 01, 2009      1 comments

I keep misplacing my rings and bracelet. I wear them everyday and only take them off when I shower or put lotion on. Then I sometimes forget to put them back on right after my shower at home. When I go to put them back on later they aren't we... Read more
BIG step.....
Wednesday, September 30, 2009      1 comments

I know that my boyfriend is the guy that I've been waiting my whole life for. It's a relief but at the same time scary. I'm so comfortable with him and I want to take things slow but things seem to be rushing in a way. Its not necessarily a b... Read more
Wonderful Surprises.....
Tuesday, September 29, 2009      2 comments

My boyfriend just sent me flowers at work. I'm kind of embarassed I'm not used to these kinds of sweet gestures. All my exes thought that a meal at McDonald's was romantic. My office smells so wonderful now and I can't believe that I've final... Read more
30 Day Shred....
Monday, September 28, 2009      3 comments

I'm supposed to be getting it in the mail today. I'm so very excited to start it and see the results. I am starting to hate having my picture taken and my friends and I are the type of group that take pictures religiously. I hate every pictur... Read more
3 day weekend.....
Friday, September 25, 2009      1 comments

It's Friday and I can leave any time now, and I don't have to be back until 1:00pm on Monday!!!! Saturday I'm going on a date with my boyfriend and tonight the kids are staying at Grandma and Grandpas so I can get the house cleaned!!!! WOO HOO... Read more
Rainy days.....
Thursday, September 24, 2009      4 comments

I love this time of year. I love the cloudy days, the rain on the fallen leaves, the smells. It reminds me of my grandparents old house. My grandpa had a burn pile in the back yard and I loved the smell of every fall when he'd burn the leaves... Read more
Best wake up call....
Wednesday, September 23, 2009      2 comments

This morning I got a wake up text from my bf. It was so sweet just a "Good morning. Hope you have a great day." It was very thoughtful and put a smile on my face. I love that he's the last person I talk to at night and is now the first perso... Read more

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