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Tuesday, January 25, 2011      2 comments

Sometimes my brain gets ahead of my ability to put things into perspective. I process information, I organize tasks, I help my coworkers figure out how to prioritize and tackle one crisis at a time. In the "old days" when I was an ER n... Read more
Abby, Part Three - Second Beginnings
Sunday, January 23, 2011      6 comments

"Hi, Mom. I just got home from work." "How was your day?" "Ok. Got to meet the new manager. I think he's going to hold people accountable for their jobs which is what I've wanted to see here for a long time. He just may be the one ... Read more
Abby, Part Two - The Plot
Sunday, January 23, 2011      0 comments

I couldn't believe Baby had already been sold. When I talked to Son in the evening, he was in tears - this tall, "tough" kid was tired of being alone, and had looked forward to being welcomed in the evenings when he got home from work. He t... Read more
Abby, Part One - Beginnings
Sunday, January 23, 2011      2 comments

"What a week", I thought to myself as I was settling in bed for the night. Our town had been hit by a small tornado, and while we were all safe, I had been involved in it and suffered some property damage. We'd wrangled with insurance compani... Read more
Thoughts on a cold Friday
Friday, January 21, 2011      2 comments

I should never be surprised at the weather here in Ohio. The old saying is "If you don't like the weather here, wait 10 minutes. It will change." Yep. Earlier in the week it was 40 degrees. Today, we have 5" of snow, it's 10 degrees with wi... Read more
Tuesday evening
Tuesday, January 18, 2011      0 comments

I have no deep thoughts tonight.........no ramblings..........no illusions or delusions. I'm going to finish some documentation, turn on the Biggest Loser at 8, and exercise while I watch tonight. Motivation is there, and I'm hanging in toug... Read more
Monday - a day "off" work?!
Monday, January 17, 2011      2 comments

I'm a workaholic, I guess..........at least that's what it feels like sometimes. As I examine what it is that drives me in the job I do right now, it's my need to make sure I'm doing things the right way, setting a good example for those whom I... Read more
Sunday, January 16, 2011      5 comments

"You named her WHAT?" my daugher asked my son. "Baby" was his reply. Thus began a journey that, for Baby has a good ending, but for Son - not so much. Baby began her life somewhere in southern Ohio. That's all we know. My son found... Read more
Saturday and all is well..........
Saturday, January 15, 2011      1 comments

.........at least so far! It's actually mid-afternoon almost and I'm cooling down from exercising. I have a ton of things I needed to do for work, but I needed this me time more! Getting caught up with laundry, exercise, posting, and general... Read more
Friday, January 14, 2011      3 comments

If ever there was a day I'd just like to forget - this is it, at least work-wise. I cannot even explain it. All I can do is move on from here, and realize that I do the best I can. Other people have to take responsibility for themsel... Read more
No guilt........no remorse......small victory
Thursday, January 13, 2011      4 comments

Tuesday was an odd day. I can't describe it as anything other than that. It started out odd because school was on a 2 hour delay and that always puts our mornings in a state of disarray. Trying to get my co-supervisor in the groove after her... Read more
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      1 comments

So, I was sitting in my comfy chair with my very soft blanket wrapped around me watching "Biggest Loser" last night. I had planned on doing a lot of things differently than the day had actually ended up panning out, and I was sitting there, all... Read more
Tuesday, January 11, 2011      5 comments

I graduated from a small high school in mid-northern Ohio. My mother worked for a physician in the area, and he had 5 children all of whom were close to me in age. He had a set of twin girls who were a year older than me, and one of them has ... Read more
Monday, January 10, 2011      1 comments

Today is one of those Mondays in which, if I could afford it, I'd call my boss and tell her that I quit. However, I have bills to pay, and really do like having something other than a car roof over my head, so quitting isn't an option. I ... Read more
Sunday late night........
Sunday, January 09, 2011      1 comments

..........and I'm just stopping in to say that I'm very grateful that I've been given the opportunity to celebrate my mom's 85th birthday with her. While I hope I'm more mobile than she is at her age, I hope I'm still as sharp mentally and as... Read more

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