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Day 29! Motivation Monday!! **plus a prayer request.
Monday, January 30, 2012      6 comments

I have GOT to kick butt today. I ate too much for lunch yesterday and didn't exercise enough. I did exercise for 20 minutes in the morning but I felt like I should have put in more last night maybe but went to bed instead. Although I guess it's ... Read more
Day 28: Fresh New Day, Fresh New Week, Fresh New Outlook!
Sunday, January 29, 2012      3 comments

There are only 2 days left until I hit 30 days straight of blogging, and tracking, etc., etc. I have definitely had up days and down days within these last 28 days. That's ok. It is what it is. ( I hate that I say that now! Marc has that in my h... Read more
Day 27: Why Does Fear Steer My Ship?!
Saturday, January 28, 2012      3 comments

Why do I continue to let him decide where I go? Why do I settle for not going ANYWHERE since he is in charge? Why is that ok with me? Why does he always win? Why can I not stand up to him? Why can I not grow a pair and tell Fear to go to hell? D... Read more
Day 26: It's 4:20 somewhere..
Friday, January 27, 2012      4 comments

And apparently that's when my body wanted to wake up this morning. At least I'm getting all of my online stuff done. I do have a full day ahead of me. Yesterday I did not do too bad with eating. I had a couple of munch attacks but satisfied... Read more
Thursday, January 26, 2012      3 comments

Yesterday I blew it. Yes I exercised (not enough though, not nearly enough.) Yes I drank my millions glasses of water. But, I blew it when it came to controlling my afternoon munchies. I was SO tired. I did that thing where you eat to get enough... Read more
Day 24: Where are the whistles, the wolf calls? Hello? I'm right here!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012      4 comments

(or..Is it wolf whistles & cat calls?) Yes it is silly. But it's my silly, so it's ok. I miss being LOOKED at. I was exploring my new Spark Team and one of the post was Why do you want to lose weight? And one of my reasons is not being seen... Read more
Day 23: Digging Down Deep!
Tuesday, January 24, 2012      2 comments

I'm really trying to dig down deep this morning for some pep and motivation. I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. Needless to say, I'm not feeling too peppy this morning. I've been doing my normal looking for motivation by looking ... Read more
Hey! It's nice to veet you! (no, not a miss spelling, just a corny introduction)
Monday, January 23, 2012      6 comments

I ran out of time yesterday, so this morning I'm having some Pretty Me Up time! I have conditioner doing some magic (hopefully) and I did a clay mask (the first time in AT LEAST a year).. ... Read more
Day 22: I WIN! I WIN! I'm in the overweight zone!! Take that Smirky Boy!
Monday, January 23, 2012      5 comments

LOL! I win the race! I am officially in the overweight zone and out of that dirty word "O" zone. I actually got there the morning after the contest started but I wanted a few days to pass just to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. SO now I get to... Read more
Day 21: Soulful Sunday
Sunday, January 22, 2012      2 comments

(I am so proud that I have been blogging straight for 21 days! Yay me!) Today is Sunday. This morning we will go to Faith Formation and then church. We also go to my MIL's house on Sundays for lunch. I really hate to say this but, I don't look... Read more
Day 20: Super Spark Saturday!
Saturday, January 21, 2012      2 comments

I CAN DO THIS! The challenge is ON! Marc and I are both only 1-2 pounds from getting OUT of the dirty word OBESE and into the over weight zone. So now we're in a race! And IT'S ON! lol! Shhh.. I have a secret. I'm scared. He's got the will... Read more
Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken
Friday, January 20, 2012      2 comments

HERE'S THE LINK: http://recipes.sparkpeople.c
e=871817 HERE'S THE RECIPE: Minutes to Prepare: 5 Minutes to Cook: 480 Numbe... Read more
Chef Meg's Easy Steamed Fish Packets
Friday, January 20, 2012      1 comments

HERE'S THE LINK: http://recipes.sparkpeople.c
e=695378 HERE'S THE RECIPE: Minutes to Prepare: 5 Minutes to Cook: 10 Number... Read more
Day 19: To Be an Inspiration..
Friday, January 20, 2012      1 comments

"You must be careful how you walk and where you go, for there are those following you who will set their feet where yours are set." - Robert E. Lee, Civil War General One reason I'm on this journey is for my boys' future. I want eating he... Read more
Day 18: Today will be a GOOD Day!
Thursday, January 19, 2012      0 comments

Today will be a good day. I can feel it. Yesterday had it's up's and down's, but today will be different. Today I will get "The Trio" accomplished and then some. Tonight I will go to bed proud of myself. ("The Trio": Water, Nutrition, Fitness)... Read more

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