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Scales lie (not really)
Monday, March 29, 2010      2 comments

Scales lie. I say this because I am the same weight I was one year ago. In a way, I can celebrate that I don't weigh more. But I feel like crap. I am out-of-shape, and that's what makes me feel fat - not the scale. I've lost muscle and put on fa... Read more
Getting Back on Track
Monday, October 12, 2009      0 comments

I'm above my maintenance range again. I'm hopping back on the wagon, starting to track my food intake again. Because of emotional eating to cope with stress, I put on 5 lbs. in less than two weeks. Not good. So, time to do something different. I... Read more
Ready for a Re-Charge
Thursday, September 18, 2008      1 comments

During my maintenance journey, I did get to the bottom of that range, 125 lbs., once. At that point in my life, I was literally jumping out of bed in the mornings to go race downstairs and weigh myself. Every morning was a celebration of the ach... Read more
I Love SparkPeople; Maintaining
Saturday, July 05, 2008      1 comments

Since I reached my goal at the beginning of June, I've been steadily maintaining at 130-131 lbs. I've weighed myself on a regular basis as a "check-up" on how I've been doing. One month of maintaining is a big accomplishment for me. This mo... Read more
Understanding Body Fat, Setting Realistic Goals
Friday, June 20, 2008      2 comments

com/bodyfat.htm I found this site to be very informative--and consistent with information I found in other places. I wish I had this information when I was originally setting my goals. I'm finally down... Read more
a little story
Friday, May 23, 2008      2 comments

This amusing little story happened on my birthday: I was walking down the hall and one of my co-workers stopped mid-walk and said, "What have you been doing?!" in a very shocked tone of voice. The question caught me totally off guard a... Read more
falling off and cimbing back on the wagon
Sunday, May 18, 2008      1 comments

Although I've still been exercising and trying to watch what I eat, I've totally fallen out of the habit of using SparkPeople to track my nutrition and fitness. It started with Mother's Day weekend. We were doing several home-cooked, special din... Read more
Discovering Patterns
Monday, May 05, 2008      0 comments

I felt like I blew it big time today. I over-ate for emotional reasons. I knew I was doing it when I was doing it, but I didn't stop. After dinner I felt sick and uncomfortably full. I was 200 calories over the top of my calorie range. The... Read more
Holding Steady...and updating goals
Tuesday, April 15, 2008      2 comments

I'm now in a holding pattern at 140 lbs.--the scale hasn't moved for one full week now. I know that it's because I'm seeing results, I'm happy with the changes I've made, so my motivation is lagging and the temptation is to slip back into my old... Read more
Old Clothes
Sunday, April 06, 2008      0 comments

Yesterday I went through my closet and tried on almost all of my clothes. My recent weight loss changed how my clothing fits me, and with spring here, I wanted to try on some of my warm weather clothing to see what would work. I was happy t... Read more
Making Progress
Tuesday, March 25, 2008      3 comments

I had a great experience yesterday. 4 years ago, I worked at a fitness club where I helped other people learn how to exercise. (Ah, the irony....) Yesterday, I saw someone I used to work with and she commented that she could tell I had been exer... Read more