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Home again home again jiggity jig
Saturday, March 20, 2010      1 comments

Home again, another business trip behind me and 2 weeks before the next. This trip was a little bit harder. Working from 6PM to 6AM made for weird days since none of the stores in Manila open until 10AM and you can't get dinner when we get ho... Read more
I'm learning, I'm learning...but what the heck is that on my upper arms?!
Thursday, March 18, 2010      2 comments

Ok, lesson 389. Check if your clothes still fit before packing. I tossed clothes in my suitcase for this trip at the last minute. I knew what I wanted to bring so what's the rush? The business suits were all a size smaller than my last ... Read more
What time is it?!
Sunday, March 14, 2010      2 comments

Urgh!! According to my body it's 2:25 PM in the afteroon. I'm ready to go to the gym, I want lunch and getting a little antsy. BUT I'm in Manila so it's really 5:26AM on Monday and the gym isn't open, breakfast won't be served... Read more
I want more of those days!
Sunday, March 14, 2010      0 comments

Yesterday was one of those magical days where everything just goes right. LOVE THOSE DAYS! But then again, who doesn't? It started with the drive into the airport, no traffic, glided my way there. At the park n' fly there was an attendan... Read more
I'm back to being the woman my husband married
Tuesday, March 09, 2010      5 comments

Ok, reality check I still have a long way to go. But doing the happy butt wiggle dances today because I officially weigh what I did when I got married 7 years ago. I haven't seen this weight for 3 years! Now I feel like I'm starting to lose w... Read more
Can packing and unpacking be an Olympic sport?
Monday, March 08, 2010      1 comments

I've just unpacked my suitcase from a short business trip and while I did that I opened up another suitcase to pack for the next one. I no longer make lists of things to pack, it's just automatic. I've joked with my husband, while I'm gone... Read more
Heading back to Manila for a week
Sunday, March 07, 2010      2 comments

I just unpacked from a business trip to Oregon and now I'm repacking to head back to Manila. I have to admit, the trip to Oregon was harder to stay focused on. My hours were long, the gym in the hotel was nasty and I made the foolish mistake ... Read more
Water retention is awesome....when it ends :)
Wednesday, March 03, 2010      5 comments

Ok, maybe retaining water now and then is a frustrating thing, but don't you just love it when it ends and the few pounds come falling off? I hit 279 today, I haven't been under 280 in 3 years. I got off the scale, back on...still 27... Read more
15,000 steps, tired feet and twenty five pounds
Tuesday, March 02, 2010      2 comments

I missed the goal by 2 days but I hit the first 25 pounds down mark today, I also was on site and walked just over 15,000 steps as I walked through the contracts and back and forth to my desk. My feet are throbbing, I started my day wit... Read more
Tough week, feel like I won a good battle
Sunday, February 28, 2010      1 comments

Wow, what week! Work was nuts, quarterly business reviews, new contracts to learn, expanded duties. On top of that mood swings that even had me thinking, what the heck is that?! This week I watched the scale stand still, not budging an o... Read more
Cranky? But I don't do PMS!
Thursday, February 25, 2010      2 comments

Yesterday was a great day, I wore a suit since I was going to be working onsite that I hadn't fit into for 3 years. Got lots of great comments and was very flattered, but there was this gnawing, go away, you're annoying me feeling welling up ... Read more
Gym time...and I went!
Tuesday, February 23, 2010      4 comments

My daughter and I have started going to the gym but today Logan (aka grandson, aka peanut) was too fussy and she had to skip. First reaction, darn I was looking forward to going, oh well, we'll go tomorrow. But then something that... Read more
Being a copy cat...
Monday, February 22, 2010      0 comments

1. What time did you get up this morning? 5:45AM 2. How do you like your steak? I'll admit it, I like it well done. No mooing allowed on my plate. 3. What was the last film you saw at the movie theater? Dear John. 4. What is you... Read more
When did Atilla the Hun become a Yoga instructor?
Sunday, February 21, 2010      1 comments

I learned a lot this week and had a lot of fun, and a bit of pain finding things out. My 21 year old daughter has 20 pounds of baby fat to lose, her son is 8 weeks old so she thought we should work out together to help keep each other moti... Read more
Is it Saturday yet?
Thursday, February 18, 2010      0 comments

It's been a great week but wow, talk about busy! Final phase of my promotion is done and I started my new job which I jumped around and did happy dances about getting (it's my dream job) and then reality hit. Hang on...I have to do the w... Read more

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