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New runners
Wednesday, March 11, 2015      5 comments

This weekend I've decided to go out and treat myself to a new pair of running shoes. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I want to get some good shoes for the races and evening runs. I've always been partial to Reeboks, not such a fan of... Read more
Completed our first 5k!
Monday, March 09, 2015      7 comments

WE DID IT! It was a beautiful day in Vancouver for the Hot Chocolate run and Jeff and I ran or first 5K in Stanley Park. Well, we walk/ran our first 5K. We had ... Read more
I used to eat a dozen of those
Friday, March 06, 2015      6 comments

Last night I made cookies for my daughter's baby shower this weekend. I had no interest in having any last night but I did put 2 aside to have with my lunch today. After my wonderfully healthy spinach salad with sliced grapes, diced chicken b... Read more
96 pounds down 49 more to go
Thursday, March 05, 2015      8 comments

This morning I stared at the scale with awe. I finally did it, I am under 215 and less than 50 pounds from goal. In 24 pounds I will no longer be obese category. I didn't realize how emotional that would be! 14 months ago I was 31... Read more
My rock
Wednesday, March 04, 2015      6 comments

Three days till my first 5K! I was really hoping that my husband and I would be ready to run the entire thing but we're not quite there but we're so much further along than we were at the start of the year. I figure alternating betwee... Read more
We'll call it a non-scale victory
Monday, March 02, 2015      7 comments

Can I just curl up and hide under my desk please? If ever there was a stress busting type of day I just had it. It started with a cold and the fact that I telecommute. I really wanted to just call in sick and stay in bed but since I work... Read more
We got the house!!
Thursday, February 26, 2015      7 comments

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! We got the call from our Realtor last night, she finally accepted our offer! I can't believe how instantly the stress lifted from us. Within half an hour we both looked at each other and announced, "I'm hu... Read more
Wednesday, February 25, 2015      5 comments

Buying a house shouldn't be stressful. Sure there's the OMG we have to pack, arrange everything and deadline of getting moved but for the last three days we've been haggling over price on a house and put a fork in me I'm done. We found ... Read more
Ya gotta laugh
Monday, February 23, 2015      7 comments

Jeff: Crap, my wedding ring fell into the couch! Me: You sure? Did you check your pockets? Jeff: Yes! After trying to reach into the couch we flip it over. Me: We'll have to rip the bottom open, you sure you checked your pocket... Read more
95 pounds gone!
Friday, February 20, 2015      14 comments

Holy crack-a-doodles I'm down 95 pounds! WOO HOO! 50 pounds till goal and I'm doing happy butt wiggle dances! Horrible cold this week but I didn't let it stop me from exercising or eating right. As gross as I felt I still want... Read more
Fat pants
Monday, February 16, 2015      8 comments

Laundry day and the dryer broke so improvisation had to take place. I walked out in a pair of jeans and my husband just looked at me. "Umm..nice mom jeans." "Ouch!" "Are they new?" "They are 15 years old and back then the... Read more
If you only ate when you're hungry would you ever eat?
Tuesday, February 10, 2015      4 comments

I used to eat when I was sad to soothe the emotions, happy to celebrate the moment and of course good old stress but then I realized. I never ate when I was just hungry because I was never actually hungry. I rarely woke up with that wonder... Read more
Burpees...not the kind after eating too fast
Monday, February 09, 2015      5 comments

In September I am doing my first obstacle race, The Spartan. It's a 5KM run up the side of a mountain and you climb over and under obstacles. I'm really excited about it and know I need to get my upper body strength built up. If you get to an... Read more
That's me, just average
Thursday, February 05, 2015      8 comments

Last night I was out with a bunch of people, most I had never met. Really great group of women, it was nice to meet new people and to just have a night out. I struck up a conversation with one and we talked about running and the upcoming 5K, ... Read more
Bagging up the M&Ms
Wednesday, February 04, 2015      7 comments

I've love to say that's a metaphor for something profound but nope, just exactly what it says. I'm getting ready for my daughter's baby shower and I'm putting together the thank you bags. Part of them are little pink bags filled with pi... Read more

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