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Spartan bound!
Saturday, September 26, 2015      5 comments

In a few hours seven of us will hop in our cars and make the 4 hour drive up country, tomorrow we Spartan. It's a weird feeling. Months of training, months of talking about it and we're finally here and as excited we all are there's a so... Read more
My cookie!
Wednesday, September 23, 2015      11 comments

Yesterday I was in a baking mood again but this time I really wanted my favourite cookie. Ones that are way too dangerous to keep in the house. I made them up, put 4 on a plate. Two for my husband, two for me and then bagged up the rest and h... Read more
Feeling like a tough chick
Tuesday, September 22, 2015      7 comments

Tonight at boot camp we did some exercises that I just kinda glared at, you're kidding right? I CAN'T DO THAT! Laying on my back I had to lift my butt and then do pull-ups on the bar for a min. Ugh, ya, sure, um, er....seriously? My... Read more
And yet my world didn't stop turning
Monday, September 21, 2015      12 comments

Been an interesting couple of days. On Saturday it was pouring and really windy. I stood looking out at the valley and decided to opt out of obstacle training. Not that I didn't want to go but I knew how slippery everything would be and... Read more
Accept being normal
Friday, September 18, 2015      7 comments

This week when I attended my boot camp I was a bit earlier and chatted with the trainer for a few minutes. I laughed when she apologized for the class not being hard enough for me. She went on to say how she noticed that last week I was keepi... Read more
Grind time! New record and did it with an extra accessory.
Sunday, September 13, 2015      8 comments

Today we headed out to do the Grouse Grind again. The first time we did the hike it took us 6.5 hours, the second time 3.5 hours and this time (drum roll please) 2 hours, 36 mins! WOOT! This was the first time we got to hike without i... Read more
Health, I am so grateful
Friday, September 11, 2015      11 comments

Yesterday I got to spend a few hours in ER. Not the most fun way to spend the day but it reminds me so much how grateful I am to be healthy. Throughout my life I have had times when my body acts like it's having a heart attack, all the sympto... Read more
Yes ten minutes a day does make a difference
Tuesday, September 08, 2015      12 comments

Tonight I completed my first boot camp. I was still nervous about going to it but now that it's done I'm pretty stoked about the accomplishment. The first activity was running the length of the gym, doing 10 jumping jacks, then back do ... Read more
Family photo day and twins first night at nana's!
Sunday, September 06, 2015      10 comments

Yesterday was farmer's market day with my daughter and the twins. I walked for 4 hours and logged over 15,000 steps pushing the stroller up and down the hills. It was much slower this weekend being the long weekend but I love being down ther... Read more
Ice cream and hiking
Friday, September 04, 2015      6 comments

Yesterday for no reason at all I fell into an ice cream frenzy. There was no reason for it, I had a good day, no triggers. I got the ice cream out for my normal serving but for some reason ended up eating and eating and eating. I finally put it ... Read more
Well that was awkward
Wednesday, September 02, 2015      11 comments

Yesterday I rushed from my appointment, I decided nothing was going to stop me from going to my boot camp. I was wrong, turned out there was one thing that I had no control over. The class starts next week so they were closed. I d... Read more
Moving outside of our comfort level is scary
Tuesday, September 01, 2015      13 comments

Tonight is my first boot camp. I've done obstacle training ones but this is the first time I'm doing a general, kick your butt, boot camp. I'm excited, but scared to do this! (I was given a heads up on what will be involved.) Yesterday ... Read more
Power outages, earthquakes and rain oh my
Monday, August 31, 2015      10 comments

This weekend our area got hit with a wind storm and a couple of small earthquakes. Lots of homes still without power, we're one of the lucky ones, ours came on within a few hours. I watched trees come tumbling down including a huge one in the... Read more
Pity party for one
Sunday, August 30, 2015      12 comments

I'm been pouting for the last couple of days, absolutely feeling sorry for myself and being a whiny pain in the butt. I popped my knee cap. Did I do this running? Nope Too much strength training? Nope Practising burpies? I wis... Read more
Mini vacation over, time to go back to work
Wednesday, August 26, 2015      10 comments

I had taken a few days off work and really enjoyed some downtime at home. It was fun to stock up the freezer, go for runs whenever I felt like it, washed all the walls and windows, cleaned up gardens and just enjoy doing nothing. This morning... Read more

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