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Friday, February 12, 2016      4 comments

So this valentine's day I told my husband no candy, flowers, chocolate dipped berries, jewelry, cards. If he wanted to show me the love he'd give me a starbucks gift card. Love my coffee!!!! I used to drink my coffee with sugar, cream, whipped c... Read more
Big changes
Thursday, February 11, 2016      3 comments

So yesterday I did something I've wanted to do for a long time. I cut and colored my hair. Oh my gosh I feel fantastic, so much lighter. I was hoping for a big splash of purple but the color didn't take to well. It still looks great and I'm happ... Read more
Better Choices :)
Wednesday, February 10, 2016      3 comments

So yesterday I blundered, I fell off the horse, I bit the cookie and ate the ice cream!!! So today I vow to make better choices, especially at night. I d... Read more
Fat Tuesday
Tuesday, February 09, 2016      2 comments

So today is fat Tuesday the day to indulge in our favorite fare before lent. I personally I'm gonna try real hard to not indulge. Last night I did real well, until I saw I had some wiggle room so I decided to fill it. Not such a good idea, I en... Read more
Once you loose it
Monday, February 08, 2016      4 comments

I thought this would give us all a giggle or two. I've alwa... Read more
Enjoying the Moment
Sunday, February 07, 2016      3 comments

So family is watching the super bowl and I'm just in it for the commercials. I've done real good with what I've eaten and glad I put some effort in having plenty of good choices on hand. I've stayed under cal and carb count so far and feeling g... Read more
Diet is a four letter word
Sunday, February 07, 2016      2 comments

So I used to have a hard time dieting but since I've had to change my eating habits due to health issues I've revamped my thought process too. I don't know what it is when you diet, when you diet or think your dieting you feel like you are being... Read more
Super bowel Choices
Saturday, February 06, 2016      3 comments

So tomorrow is Super bowl Sunday! A day to eat and of course watch football. So my husband ordered hot wings and has put his request in for dips and quacamole. But I want to eat healthy and have planned on a veggie tray yogurt dip, fruit some l... Read more
Bad start!
Friday, February 05, 2016      2 comments

So my day didn't start off to well. Had to take my mom to the ER to get looked at. My mom has multiple health issues but I can usually tell when it's something or nothing. She insisted so I took her in, turned out she was fine. But better to be ... Read more
Thursday, February 04, 2016      2 comments

Another evening down without going over and not giving in to my cravings. The thin mints and ice cream are calling but I'm gonna turn them down. Down 3 lbs and wore a pair of pants I haven't worn in a while. Feeling pretty positive. 150 to 147 b... Read more
Another evening
Wednesday, February 03, 2016      6 comments

Made it through another evening without snacking needlessly. I also love the support that is given on this page. We all need help and someone to pick us up when we fall. I'm also inspired by alot of the post I've read. So to anyone who ate thing... Read more
Evening time munchies..
Tuesday, February 02, 2016      6 comments

So it's almost 10 pm and all I can think of is snacking!!!! I want to EAT!!!! Trying to keep my mind off food, so here I am writing hoping I can curb that want. Drinking some herbal tea to help get sleepy so I can hit the hay. But the food force... Read more
Off to a good start today=
Tuesday, February 02, 2016      2 comments

I'm up, coffee made and breakfast in front of me. Feeling mighty positive today. When your eating and doing no physical activity gets out of hand, it'... Read more
Staying Healthy through Cancer and Diabetes =
Monday, February 01, 2016      5 comments

So I have had liver cancer for 8 years now. Due to my liver making to much glucose I became a diabetic 3 years ago. It's real important to keep my weight down and eat right. For the first two years I did great, now I'm having trouble staying on ... Read more

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