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good morning to all!!
Tuesday, February 23, 2021      5 comments

good morning - spent a lot of time in my yard yesterday- cleaning up. I will return today. I will get my exercise in this way. I am in training for a possible trip this fall. I really do not think it will happen but I am using this possibili... Read more
positve mood came back
Monday, February 22, 2021      9 comments

good morning - The struggle with no water was terrible. But there are many that are still struggling. I am glad FEMA got involved. I send prayers to all in need. We finally got fresh vegetables and fruit in the house. I am very grateful for ... Read more
Finally WATER this morning!!!
Sunday, February 21, 2021      13 comments

good morning- What a night! I could not get to sleep. My hair felt awful. I decided at midnight to get a gallon of drinking water - heat it up and wash my hair the old fashion way over my sink. I did and fell right to sleep. Clean hair how... Read more
got up hoping water is there
Saturday, February 20, 2021      14 comments

good morning - this has been tougher every day it goes on. I am thanking myself for being so prepared. We have drinking water which I had stored in the garage, we use wipes to wipe our hands which I had stored. We still have not had a shower... Read more
water - how does anyone thrive without water - how do people in 3rd world countries do it
Friday, February 19, 2021      5 comments

good morning - We have no water, but we are getting water from the snow for our toilets. we went and got bottled water to drink. The grocery store - a big chain - had no food in the refrigerator sections or frozen sections. So you have the mi... Read more
Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is on vacation in Cancun
Thursday, February 18, 2021      5 comments

while his state is in crisis. he is vacationing in Cancun. I love politicians that are running from a crisis. This would not happen in the military as my son says who is an Army Vet. Abandon the ship! You would think he would want to be... Read more
adventure continues in Texas
Thursday, February 18, 2021      10 comments

good morning - to add to the inconvenience - we have no water. I got on local news and found out that our city is having water problems due to broken water lines from the extreme weather. We got every container we have and filled it with wate... Read more
Where is maturity when you need it
Wednesday, February 17, 2021      9 comments

good morning - as everyone knows in the world, Texas has been hit with a terrible power outage on top of a tremendous cold spell. the temperature was 11 yesterday 30 today. Ice on the trees - 6 inches on grown - the roads can be icy. Yesterda... Read more
it is FREEZING 10 degrees now
Tuesday, February 16, 2021      4 comments

good morning - the master shower and toilet are not working due to possible frozen pipes. DH and I are not getting much sleep on alert for the house. Going to venture out today. DH has an appointment this morning for the vaccine. We will be ... Read more
Shoveling out our driveway with a dust pan & broom
Monday, February 15, 2021      5 comments

good afternoon - We got 6 inches of snow - powder. We do not have a shovel anymore. We usually would get a dusting every few years. This is the second snow this year. This is one is much larger snowfall than we ever had before in my state. ... Read more
Happy Valentine's to All
Sunday, February 14, 2021      5 comments

good morning - I got such good sleep last night. This morning I just saw a feed with FLOTUS at a local business with a ponytail and scrunchie buying treats. That is exactly what we all need to normalize. The picture made me smile. My DH le... Read more
DH came in and told me to look
Friday, February 12, 2021      8 comments

good morning - we had a freeze last night. there are about 3 huge branches of our trees have come down. I called our tree man. He is so busy - it will probably be late next week b/4 he can come. I hate to see lovely old trees come down. Ha... Read more
finished cleaning up my DD's doll house
Thursday, February 11, 2021      6 comments

good morning - I finally finished cleaning up and repairing my DD's dollhouse that we stored in our attic. It was so dirty from dust and musty smells. I even polished and waxed all the wood furniture and floors. some of the glue can loose on... Read more
good news and then crazy stuff
Wednesday, February 10, 2021      4 comments

good morning - Lost weight - I was on a plateau for 3 weeks. Yea!! emoticon Talked to a travel agent who I ha... Read more
awake very calm - BP fabulous
Monday, February 08, 2021      5 comments

good morning - just read my email about our city administering a new app so you can see the status of where the vaccines are going. Well, I go into the app since I am already registered. When I log on, it has my name, - no phone number or no a... Read more

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