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huge thunderstorm last night
Tuesday, March 23, 2021      6 comments

good morning - I was woken up by a thunderstorm, lightning, and rain for about 2 hours. I just watched the light show. We have not had a storm like this in awhile. I tried to go back to sleep but did not do well. I am not sorry that I watche... Read more
wonderful morning
Monday, March 22, 2021      5 comments

good morning - My Energized bunny is already outside working in the yard. I am having a lovely morning. DH is going swimming soon. Slept great last night! Have a good morning and a better day!! ... Read more
wonderful morning
Sunday, March 21, 2021      5 comments

good morning - what a difference between yesterday and today. I am remaining calm and focused. DH was so busy with everything going on. He was getting more anxious. Found out that he was drinking 2 pots of coffee a day again. We had a talk t... Read more
late start
Saturday, March 20, 2021      6 comments

good evening - had internet problems but up and running now!!... Read more
great visit
Friday, March 19, 2021      6 comments

good morning - Amazing what a difference when children are raised with good parenting. My DD's kids came over 6 1/2 and 9. My GD just loved her mom's dollhouse which was built when my DD was 8 for her birthday. My DD was so surprised it look... Read more
I should be .. but I am not
Thursday, March 18, 2021      5 comments

Wonderful morning - I should be... emotional eating - had another confrontation with my son. His dad told him- he needed to apologize to me for his nasty texting to me. He texted me that he is was sorry for all the drama he has caused. The... Read more
Happy St Patty's Day - Top of the morning to ya!
Wednesday, March 17, 2021      8 comments

emoticon ... Read more
wonderful morning
Tuesday, March 16, 2021      5 comments

good morning. Arm hurt for one day. today no problem with the arm. Off to take DH for his vaccine. I feel so much better; I am more protected against this monster of COVID. I used CVS pharmacy for our appointments. It was efficient and q... Read more
got my second vaccine
Monday, March 15, 2021      6 comments

good morning - doing great! I have a sore arm like a Tetanus shot. But nothing like the Shingles shot. Go get your vaccine! I feel I got this monkey off my back!!! DH goes tomorrow. have a good day!!! ... Read more
wonderful morning
Sunday, March 14, 2021      2 comments

going to get my second vaccine.... Read more
wow - a trifecta!!!
Saturday, March 13, 2021      6 comments

good morning - I got up this morning so upbeat and energetic. I did this. I got on the scale- lost weight again, measured - lost inches again, and then I put on my size 10 jean shorts. what a Trifecta. The shorts were the real test. Jean ... Read more
woke up all refreshed
Friday, March 12, 2021      4 comments

good morning - did not get the phone fixed yesterday. My guy who does this stuff has a van he works out of. He had a family emergency. I got rescheduled for today. He told me that he got rid of the store b/c his landlord raised his rent duri... Read more
What a great morning!
Wednesday, March 10, 2021      8 comments

good morning - I got good sleep and feel light-hearted. My landscaper came by and inspected the damage from the ice/snowstorm. It got down to 9 degrees at night at one point. The plants/scrubs that I have had for 20 years did not make it. I k... Read more
wonderful morning
Tuesday, March 09, 2021      6 comments

good morning - DH and I have had talks about the status of my son. I have had training on PTSD but have not had to use this for quite some time. My son had always used his resources and got help. The latest is that my son contacted my DH and... Read more
Spa day
Sunday, March 07, 2021      6 comments

good morning to all - Today I am taking off. we did so much yard work yesterday my hip aches - not too bad. We got 10 bags of leaves out of our yard. I started to get together information and kind of designed my front yard. I have a good i... Read more

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