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sign of normalizing
Sunday, April 11, 2021      10 comments

good afternoon - yesterday was fabulous. We picked strawberries - such a feeling of normalization. Things our families used to do. DD was wonderful and kind. Grandkids just loved grandpa and Nana being there. we all got 2 boxes of strawberr... Read more
wonderful visit
Saturday, April 10, 2021      9 comments

good morning - up to meet my DD and her family for strawberry picking. She does this every year. We have to get there early to beat the heat and the berries being picked over. She comes home and makes Strawberry pies. I am going to take photo... Read more
good afternoon
Friday, April 09, 2021      8 comments

I have lost weight again. GD age 3 is coming to swim in our wade pool. I was hoping for a calm time with my GD. DS has been calling all morning and talking with DH. DS is not calm at all. DH does not have the patience or desire to handle ou... Read more
good morning
Thursday, April 08, 2021      7 comments

good morning - This weekend is going to be busy. My son and his family are coming for a BBQ. We are going to have the wading pool, a splash pad, and a water table with toys for my GD. Everything we have been through all my grandkids. I do not ... Read more
yesterday I could have binged
Wednesday, April 07, 2021      7 comments

good morning - We had a surprise visit from our son with GD. He came and we looked at our son and he looked horrible. My GD is a wild child. I asked DS what's up- I am babysitting too much. He is married to a bully for a wife. We invited th... Read more
wonderful day!
Tuesday, April 06, 2021      4 comments

good afternoon; DH & I went grocery shopping. Did great there! DS contacted DH and we discussed what was happening. I had blocked my son. He got abusive in texts with me. Dh says it is his turn to deal with his son. I am to remain blockin... Read more
wonderful morning
Monday, April 05, 2021      8 comments

good morning - both DH and I did not sleep well. I had a busy mind that was planning a trip. I have situations like this more since we have not been able to travel. When I wake there is something that I need to look into. Our trip to South A... Read more
Happy Easter to all!
Sunday, April 04, 2021      6 comments

good morning - Woke up to a lovely card from my DH. We are having a quiet day. Everyone have a wonderful day! ... Read more
got a call from travel agent
Saturday, April 03, 2021      6 comments

good morning - She told me that the trip for September has not been canceled although they have canceled all trips through July 31st. The Agency will make a final ruling to cancel or not in mid-July for our trip this September. I was glad sh... Read more
good Friday
Friday, April 02, 2021      6 comments

good morning - I slept so well. 8 hours which is rare for me. I sure can tell the difference when this happens. It is like a miracle to me. It sets me up for success. I wake refreshed, positive, calm, and confident. My vitals are excell... Read more
knee feeling much better
Thursday, April 01, 2021      9 comments

good morning - I am still not exercising like I used to just 2 days ago. I am doing my physical therapy exercises. I may not burn the calories as I did but I have to get this knee back in shape. I am also working on doing exercises with my hi... Read more
my knee just gave way last evening
Wednesday, March 31, 2021      7 comments

good afternoon- My good knee gave way when I was folding laundry. I was folding clothes and putting them away. I had clothes in my hand and reaching to open the drawer of my dresser. My left knee just collapsed. I felt it go. I was able to... Read more
controversy about vaccines
Tuesday, March 30, 2021      10 comments

good morning - I have traveled internationally most of my adult life. I had to be prepared to do whatever the requirements of another country, city, or providence. This is how it is. It is like the Army - these are the regs and you just do. ... Read more
The weather man said .....
Monday, March 29, 2021      4 comments

good morning - The weatherman said it will be much warmer today. I woke up thinking I better see about my gardens and how they are doing. We have been having some strong winds. We lost some more branches and twigs. I run outside in shorts b/... Read more
Could have been a lousy day
Sunday, March 28, 2021      5 comments

good morning - woke up and looked at DH. Good morning - he did not respond right away. I look at him. He is definitely not in a good mood. I go about my business and he is silent. I look at the weather outside and it is very windy. My alle... Read more

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