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AYITL - Blog #46 - Day of Awesome Moments!
Friday, March 31, 2017      6 comments

Short blog but awesome day! Three things happened today regarding my health, nutrition and fitness that were absolutely amazing moments! Moment #1 - Weigh In Day! ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #45 - Need to blog more!
Thursday, March 30, 2017      4 comments

Almost every day here on SP I post on the message boards. I usually post in the 3 Item To Do List every morning to make sure I'm setting daily goals. Well those people must think I post a blog every day and do laundry every day - because it alwa... Read more
AYITL - Blog #44 - Crossfit 17.5!
Friday, March 24, 2017      3 comments

Tonight I officially complete the 5th and final workout of the 2017 Crossfit Open! I honestly can say I'm so excited and SO proud! Who would have thought? People had to talk me in to signing up and here I am finishing the 5th and final workout! ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #43 - Great Weekend!
Monday, March 20, 2017      3 comments

Have you ever had such a workout where the few days afterwards you feel like you were hit by a truck? I have before, and got to experience it again this weekend! My wonderful weekend started with the 17.4 workout - which was amazing! ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #42 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Friday, March 17, 2017      5 comments

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ready for a laugh? 2013 2014 ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #41
Thursday, March 16, 2017      5 comments

Last night I got two new recipes in! Technically I didn't make or eat the one - but I picked out the recipe, bought the ingredients and suggested my husband and step daughter make it - so I'm taking credit! We had Italian night! We don't e... Read more
AYITL - Blog #40 Crossfit 17.3 and the "Great Fall of 2017"
Wednesday, March 15, 2017      6 comments

Friday's Crossfit Open 17.3 is in the books! Only 2 more Friday's and I'll be able to say that I competed in and completed the 2017 Crossfit Open! Here are some pictures of our gym and the action so you can see how many people I'm working ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #39 - 7,000 Steps!
Thursday, March 09, 2017      7 comments

So my goal for the month is to get 7,000 steps each day. It's only the 9th and unfortunately I've missed it twice already! The one day I was just exhausted and didn't much care to even try. The other day I went to sleep with less than 400 steps ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #38 - Food Inspiration!
Wednesday, March 08, 2017      3 comments

The thing I love about cooking is it is very much an art. A little of this, a little of that, some love, some time and a meal is born! I've figured out in my life that food is very much a love language for me. I love to be inspired by fresh ingr... Read more
AYITL - Blog #37 - Birthday Party!
Monday, March 06, 2017      6 comments

Another great birthday in the books for my step daughter Amelia! Yesterday, 12 little boys and girls came together to skate, eat too much sugar and celebrate a great young lady! And we all had a ball! I even strapped on my skates for the big day... Read more
AYITL - Blog #36 - 17.2 Results
Saturday, March 04, 2017      4 comments

My 17.2 Crossfit Open went good. Not great, but good. I ended up deciding to do the scaled workout. I think I could have maybe done the Rx but I really wanted to attempt to do a Pull-up. Several other people throughout the day had never done an ... Read more
AYITL - Blog #35 - Crossfit Open 17.2
Friday, March 03, 2017      5 comments

How do you feel when you accidentally screw up something easy? This morning I just laughed. Yesterday was March 2nd - only my second day to get my goal of 7,000 steps in a day. Guess who forgot and went to bed with only 465 more steps to go? Thi... Read more
AYITL - Blog #34 - March is already Madness!
Thursday, March 02, 2017      5 comments

It's been an interesting week to say the least. Starting with the announcement of the Crossfit Open on Thursday night I was on an adrenaline train. The came the wonderful and intense workout that lead to a weekend of celebration, too many drinks... Read more
AYITL - Blog #33 - What a weekend!
Tuesday, February 28, 2017      3 comments

Friday night was absolutely amazing. My first night of the Crossfit Open is in the books! And I'm proud to say - I finished! In 17:03! Thanks to that finishing time I am currently ranked 5th in the scaled division at my gym! Woo hoo! The wo... Read more
AYITL - Blog #32 - Crossfit Open 17.1
Friday, February 24, 2017      6 comments

Tonight's the night - Workout 17.1! Here's the workout for the night! Here's everything set up at our gym! ... Read more

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