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  • Day 490 - Hebrews 10:36 & Tutu Tuesday

    6/22/2021 9:14:20 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Tuesday! Well, yesterday proved how out of shape I am. In my head I think, "It was just 3 extra hip hop classes." And I know that sounds like a lot, but I used to dance for 6-8 hours per day 6 days per week. So it doesn't sounds like much to me. But my body says otherwise.... Read more

  • Day 489 - Hebrews 2:1 & Monday Motivation

    6/21/2021 8:00:02 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Monday! It's a bright sunny day here! This week is nationals for the competition teams at the dance studio where I teach, which means on top of my 3 classes today, I'm also teaching everyone else's classes this week. Extra income for me!!!! On the schedule today: Pilate... Read more

  • Day 488 - Romans 8:15 & Fathers Day

    6/20/2021 9:00:16 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! I have to say my father is the best. I could tell you stories about the time he drove 8 hours to my college dorm (and then 8 hours back home) to get me home for Thanksgiving because my car wouldn't start and I was homesick. Or about all t... Read more

  • Day 486 - Galatians 6:2 & Friday Funnies

    6/18/2021 9:36:12 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Friday! Yesterday I got in the Pilates and swimming. I also got in some walking (and not just to the pool and back). On today's schedule: vacuuming and donating blood On a side note: someone pointed out to me that my phone tracks my steps, which are dismal. Howe... Read more

  • Day 485 - Hebrews 6:10 & Thankful Thursday

    6/17/2021 9:09:20 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Today I'm thankful for a great friend who is willing to come over after work to help me finish a project. Well, yesterday derailed slightly. I have a set schedule in my head where certain tasks should be done around a certain time, but if they aren't, then I start rearranging tasks... Read more

  • Day 484 - Mark 10:45 & Happy Wednesday!

    6/16/2021 9:16:56 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    This picture was taken at the house where we lived in Alabama. We had beautiful purple irises in the flower bed. Well, I only got one fan put up yesterday. But it was because I had to wait for an extra set of hands. The grounding wire for the fan was really short and our electric... Read more

  • Day 483 - Matthew 23:11 & Tutu Tuesday

    6/15/2021 10:23:45 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Tuesday! Well, yesterday wore me out! I ended up sleeping in a little this morning. I needed it. I'm on call today as the mother I babysit for is past her due date. If she goes into labor before her in-laws arrive this evening, then I will head over there to watch the ... Read more

  • Day 482 - Romans 12:10 & Monday Motivation

    6/14/2021 8:33:19 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Monday! On today's schedule: babysitting this morning, then I have 3 dance classes at the dance studio which are really spread out, so I plan to get some lesson planning done in between classes, and hopefully cleaning the bathroom after my classes are over. Have a great ... Read more

  • Day 481 - Isaiah 40:29 & Sunday Sillies

    6/13/2021 8:43:25 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Sunday! I took a break from posting blogs while I visited family. My mother and I got out for a walk every morning last week except one (because it was raining). I got to play with my niece and nephew. My niece (12 weeks old) is smiling and making attempts to copy some noises. ... Read more

  • June 2021 Update - last update?

    6/7/2021 10:42:12 AM, by STEPHM-ARATHON

    Logged on today to see that they're killing this site. I'm super sad about it! I know a lot of people I used to know aren't active anymore and I'm off and on, but one of my favorite things to do is log on and read random blogs. Maybe blogs are too long and not the way of the world anymore but I stil... Read more

  • Day 474 - Psalm 27:14 & Sunday Sillies

    6/6/2021 8:45:41 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Sunday! Recital went fairly well yesterday. However, my first group got onstage, the music started, and it was the wrong music. They were dancing to "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid and the Reprise version came on. I had to dash across the stage to plug my phone int... Read more

  • Day 473 - Habakkuk 3:18 & Recital Day!

    6/5/2021 10:09:55 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Today is recital! And that means lots of running around backstage lining up kiddos for their dances and demonstrating the dances for my classes in the wings (with barely any room to move). I'll definitely be getting in a lot of steps today. My boss said to wear something comfortable, ... Read more

  • Day 472 - Psalm 9:9 & Anniversary

    6/4/2021 9:10:17 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    This guy and I are celebrating 16 years today! Part of me wonders how it could have been that long already and part of me wonders how he has managed to put up with me for that long. He definitely a keeper! On today's schedule: laundry, vacuuming, babysitting... Read more

  • Day 471 - Psalm 103:11 & Thankful Thursday

    6/3/2021 9:57:32 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Today I am thankful for a wonderful husband who strives to live a life of integrity to honor the Lord. Tomorrow is our 16th anniversary. We are spending most of today hanging out together since tomorrow I have to work. The hope is to make it to the pool this afternoon if it doesn't ra... Read more

  • Day 470 - Psalm 103:1 & Happy Wednesday

    6/2/2021 8:06:01 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    The sunset picture was taken from our bedroom window in our house in Colorado. I sure do miss that view! Happy Wednesday! I am babysitting this morning. On the schedule after babysitting: Pilates, paying bills, lesson planning, church this evening Have a great day, friends!... Read more

  • Day 469 - Psalm 33:8 & Tutu Tuesday

    6/1/2021 8:25:38 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Last day of classes for my Monday classes went well. I had several parents express how much their child loved my class. That made my day! On today's schedule: hopefully Pilates video (my tummy is feeling a little rough this morning, so this may not happen), dusting, lesson plannin... Read more

  • Day 468 - John 15:13 & Monday Motivation

    5/31/2021 11:32:23 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Monday! May we remember the sacrifice of those who gave up their lives so we could be free. Well, yesterday was spent driving to, attending, and driving home from a wedding. One of my husband's coworkers got married. It was at a beautiful location along the Hiwassee River i... Read more

  • Day 467 - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 & Sunday Sillies

    5/30/2021 8:32:20 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Sunday! Last day of classes for my Saturday dance classes went really well. One of the parents found out I am 38 and was shocked. They thought I was in my mid-20s. So compliment of the day. I also got the outside work done, but while I was out there a salesperson from Vivint c... Read more

  • Day 466 - Isaiah 33:2 & Saturday Smiles

    5/29/2021 8:24:06 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Saturday! Today is the last day of classes for my Saturday dance classes. Recital is next week! I'm also hoping I remember to stop at Walmart to get lettuce and tomato for tacos tonight. I have everything else I need. I just forgot to pick up the lettuce and tomato on Thursday... Read more

  • Day 465 - Colossians 6:18 & Friday Funnies

    5/28/2021 9:51:11 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Well, yesterday got a little derailed. But I did get some walking in. On today's schedule: Pilates, vacuuming, lesson planning... Read more

  • Day 464 - Psalm 102:17

    5/27/2021 10:04:51 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    I'm thankful for the pool in our neighborhood. What are you thankful for today? I made it to the pool yesterday afternoon and did 100 lengths. Half of those were walking, the other half were swimming with various strokes. Boy were my legs worn out last night. I also thought I ha... Read more

  • Day 463 - Psalm 143:11 & Happy Wednesday!

    5/26/2021 1:24:29 PM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    This is a sunset picture I took a few years ago at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Happy Wednesday! Well, yesterday was HOT! I took the girls I babysit to the playground in their neighborhood in an effort to keep the little one awake long enough to make it to lunch so ... Read more

  • Day 462 - Psalm 143:8 & Tutu Tuesday

    5/25/2021 8:28:49 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    I got that Pilates workout done yesterday! Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
    n&index=40 On today's schedule: dusting, babysitting, Pilates Have a great day!... Read more

  • Day 461 - 1 Timothy 2:1 & Monday Motivation

    5/24/2021 10:06:01 AM, by REDEEMED_DANCER

    Happy Monday! I slept in this morning. The hubs and I have not been really consistent with going to bed on time, which has made me really sleepy. So I didn't set an alarm this morning. I ended up waking up at 8:45, when I usually set the alarm for 7. For those not in the know, I'm a... Read more