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Graduate Studies

Are you a graduate student? Connect here with others like you!

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Graduate Students A group for those facing the challenges, stress, and unhealthy habits associated with graduate school Members: 1,714
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Graduate and Professional Students Unite! A group for grad students trying to balance busy schedules, healthy eating and exercise. Members: 733
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Law Students This group is for all of those people facing the unique stresses of law school. Members: 429
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Science Nerd Grad Students Support Oh man, research, classes, adjusting to grad school life, drinking and just trying to get by. How the hell do you get in shape as a science grad?! Members: 215
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Law Students Contrary to popular belief, law students CAN find the time to live healthily! What about those late night study cravings??? Come and find motivation and support! All law students worldwide welcome! Members: 115
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Dissertation Support We will encourage one another both in making healthy choices day by day and towards taking one step after another towards dissertation completion. Members: 33
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60 Day Workout Challenge 60-Day Workout Challenge! You'll need the ability to commit to daily exercise to succeed in this challenge. Members: 4
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Architecture Students since we have no time to eat healthy or exercise Members: 1
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