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Took 8 weeks off running because of shin pain, but today restarted C25K, week 1 day 1! Excited to ge AMYG5025 4 KSE1018
6/1/21 10:00 A
I ran over 25 miles this month!! Something I haven’t done since 2014!! I feel fantastic!! 🏃‍♀️💪 ACRAIG921 23 AMYG5025
6/1/21 9:14 A
Shirataki noodles - delicious bowl, filling, and 310 calories! 🤩 TIKITOMBAN 12 AMYG5025
6/1/21 9:14 A
Good morning from Boston! It’s a beautiful day here. Got my morning ride in on the bike trainer and AMYG5025 3 KOFFEENUT
5/25/21 9:29 A
This is literally my first meal prep in a year #imback 😊 Not sure what you wanna call it but I ca TMP0418 28 AMYG5025
5/15/21 10:26 A
I tried a new recipe (oatmeal, blueberry sauce, almond butter). from a successful team member who's IMNOTSTOPPIN 13 JAMER123
5/12/21 9:20 P
First jeans I’ve bought myself in 10..yes 10yrs after losing 118lbs now. No gym. No friends or famil SW1992 189 FELICIA1963
5/11/21 8:36 P
Twelve days no sugar, eating lean and green, and lots of fruit. Tracking, planning, and walking. I h KARENWILL2 26 AMYG5025
4/30/21 10:57 A
Well, March 312th, 2020 was a heck of a day. Let’s hope today brings a return to normalcy (whatever AMYG5025 7 GMACAMI
1/7/21 1:24 P
I still have so much trouble posting photos with my text! Here are the photos. AMYG5025 7 OCIKAT
1/5/21 9:39 A
Happy new year! I didn’t gain over the holidays, but last night my DH brought home takeout Chinese a AMYG5025 3 MS_TWISTER
1/5/21 10:13 A
Tracked all my food 😊✅ TOMSGAL85 28 GMACAMI
1/5/21 2:22 P
I was kind of bad during the holidays (🍷🍷🍷🍪) ... but got my sweaty on today. Getting back on tha TIKITOMBAN 30 LSTONRSTREET
1/5/21 9:39 A
Operation get back on track with drinking 8 plus c CLEARLIGHTCLARE 14 GMACAMI
12/31/20 10:16 P
This can be a great tool when my thoughts are trying to win.. I side track them and then refocus CHERIE38 15 READY201811
12/31/20 10:35 A
Trying this again with the photos... AMYG5025 5 GEORGE815
12/24/20 11:55 A
Got my ride in on the bike trainer this morning. It was a pretty sunrise over the city! AMYG5025 4 GEORGE815
12/24/20 12:01 P
My physical therapist yesterday. BIRDLOVER-CJ 17 WHITECAT19
12/25/20 3:30 P
All ready for my Santa Obscura 5k! The bright green Santa pack on my back is full of hand knit hats DANCINGGARDENER 12 KAYDE53
12/21/20 7:22 P
Down another 2 pounds. Been exercising almost everyday and getting my steps in. Just gotta take it o BIGMAMALEAH83 10 RETAT60
12/21/20 7:04 P
My best time in a little while!! #feelingstrong 💪🏃‍♀️ ACRAIG921 21 AMYG5025
12/21/20 8:33 A
I'm 40% of the way to my goal of tracking for 1,000 days straight! MNCYCLIST 29 CD3494791
12/22/20 7:08 A
Happy Monday! I hope everyone is ready to tackle the week. I went over my calorie goal the last few AMYG5025 17 GEORGE815
12/21/20 2:44 P
My friend wants me to do a marathon thing with her next year (she does one every year) so today I st SARABETHBELL 5 CHERRYZMB60
12/16/20 10:08 P
Scheduled my run for this morning instead of tomorrow, as we’re expecting a big snowstorm here on th AMYG5025 4 GEORGE815
12/16/20 11:05 A
I FINALLY dropped under 160! I haven't weighed this little in almost a decade. I've gotten close bef SHERIMBECHTEL 167 PURPLEMOON1
12/16/20 5:06 P
Got out for a run this morning! It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. Hope everyone’s week is AMYG5025 14 GEORGE815
12/14/20 12:06 P
Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start! I haven’t been tracking my food as much lately, thi AMYG5025 7 GEORGE815
12/12/20 2:55 P
It was supposed to be a run day, but I walked as my knees are still adjusting to the training schedu AMYG5025 12 GEORGE815
12/11/20 12:17 P
Got outside for a run today in the cold weather! AMYG5025 13 MOMOF4JDRS
12/9/20 8:38 P
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I dragged myself out of bed for a run this morning even though it AMYG5025 9 GEORGE815
12/7/20 3:58 P
Got my sweat on this Friday night! One hour on the bike trainer. This lady is training for some tria AMYG5025 13 EVIE4NOW
12/5/20 12:30 A
Workouts done. Im finially up to 1 hour on each. Bike. Treadmill. WHERE I NEED TO BE!!! #moveit KADKAD41 6 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:21 P
Feeling motivated, 5 lbs this past week from 90% eliminating night time snack.... Working on the oth SIMPLY-CRM 3 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:11 P
Oldest daughter and I got a couple little workouts KIMMYP420 11 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:03 P
I’m testing trying to post a photo. I have had so much trouble posting photos from my iPhone! AMYG5025 12 GEORGE815
12/1/20 5:56 P
Started off my day with some weight training for arms, then intervals on the bike trainer. Hope ever AMYG5025 3 GEORGE815
12/1/20 5:59 P
Message Removed CD17809303 35 CLIMBOVERARIES
12/1/20 12:11 P
Got myself out of bed this morning to go for a run. Mixed it up with some run/walk intervals. First AMYG5025 5 GEORGE815
11/30/20 5:13 P
Fitness-related Christmas gift ideas between $75-$125? She already has a gym membership and a Fitbit KJONES1971 10 KJONES1971
11/30/20 3:30 P
Hello spark friends!! Well, had usual breakfast and making a grilled chicken breast and minute brown QSIESUE1960 2 AMYG5025
11/27/20 2:50 P
This is the first Thanksgiving with no upset tummy afterwards. Normally we do Thanksgiving with my p ANNA6031 15 WILDROSEEJ8
11/27/20 3:14 P
Morning Sparkers! 9 miles, 2 hours 45 min to start the morning! SPOKENWORD 17 ISNESS
11/28/20 12:07 A
Post- Thanksgiving workout. Back at it working off those casseroles. 🙃 JKUUIPO74 7 READY201811
11/27/20 4:53 P
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I didn’t stay in my calorie range yesterday because hey, I’m AMYG5025 4 ZTGF04
11/27/20 1:34 P
Been awhile since I checked in here but thought I’d pop back in to say Happy Thanksgiving everyone! HIKINGGIRL16 18 GETITDONE79
11/26/20 11:17 P
Pre-feast spinning session done! Knocked out 40 minutes on the bike. Happy Thanksgiving, SparkFam! � SHERIMBECHTEL 10 NAVYWIFESKI
11/26/20 9:37 P
Starting over again. Five years ago i went from 420lbs to 250lbs. In the last 6 months i have gained BETSYLYNNELOSES 11 HAZEL2278
11/25/20 12:21 A
Strength does not come from controlling our emotions, but from learning to control how we respond to 1CRAZYDOG 6 CD4114015
11/25/20 7:35 P
You Know What Day it Is 😛 TT 🌮🌮🌮🌮 #eattherainbow🌈 style #foodfeats STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 KENNAN123
11/25/20 10:30 A
Moved more rocks on the driveway today, now my muscles are DONE for the day...but I’ve only just sta PEABODY04 4 GEORGE815
11/24/20 4:47 P
Today road cycling 41.47 km, 127 min, 507 kcal, 30% fat burn, 107 aver. HR, 28 C with a breeze in Ta ISNESS 26 MSMOSTIMPROVED
11/24/20 9:44 P
😒 Back at it again. I lost a lot of weight but gained it back. Now I'm going to restart again 💪. T ALLY7KING9 7 ALLY7KING9
12/2/20 3:32 P
Whhhaaat!? I cannot believe it, these jeans were too small 2 years ago when I bought them - i couldn TIKITOMBAN 49 FRABBIT
11/24/20 5:29 P
It’s a beautiful and chilly day here outside of Boston. I rode my bike on the trainer and went for a AMYG5025 9 GEORGE815
11/24/20 4:57 P
My fibromyalgia symptoms are acting up no thanks to the weather. They are tolerable since I take so AUNTRENEE 4 GETITDONE79
11/24/20 9:29 P
Went for my weekly walk with my friend, got 7 miles in. Tracking my food and water and now doing wee AMYG5025 3 NYLAURA1
11/22/20 4:22 P
First day here. Time to make a change! _YARRRN_MATEY 10 NAVYWIFESKI
11/22/20 7:00 P
I’m not throwing in the towel, but in just my personal arena, I find I’ve had to pause my weight los _CRINKLE 24 _CRINKLE
11/24/20 8:02 P
That fear you feel? That's a LIGHTHOUSE BEACON pointing you in the exact direction you need to go w TLAVONLAWRENCE 2 AMYG5025
11/21/20 9:59 P
Got my November Challenge award for doubling my 600 cal MOVE goal 14 days this month #goalfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 29 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/22/20 10:42 A
Tracked all my food 😊✅ TOMSGAL85 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/22/20 10:42 A
Kids wanted to try chop sticks. We got some. We found we eat slower and less. I like it lol. DEFENDERDARKSUN 4 AMYG5025
11/21/20 9:53 P
⛅. Walk x3, 3 of 10 core and upper body workout, 19 sec plank, 3 of 12 modified push-ups, 3 of 5 sta CSEGUIN2 7 7STIGGYMT
11/22/20 8:31 P
I gained a pound this week, which is upsetting. I thought I was staying in my Calorie zone, but I mu NANNYC5 8 NANNYC5
11/22/20 10:54 P
I ate 5 Fruits & 5 Veggies today. #eattherainbow PATRICIAANN46 8 BONNIE1552
11/23/20 6:51 A
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 11 GINNABOOTS
11/22/20 9:21 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 16 DEE107
11/22/20 2:50 P
Great way to start the weekend on a pretty Saturday morning! Got my run in and tracking my food and AMYG5025 3 GEORGE815
11/21/20 2:25 P
11/22/20 6:42 A
This is how I started my day! Beautiful and refreshing! Who's going to join me? TONLIZ05 8 GEORGE815
11/21/20 2:21 P
Loving my new (to me) treadmill! KARMANNPOWELL 12 RACHAEL2020
11/21/20 3:21 P
And for the first time in my adult life I’ve reach -KARMA- 228 SMILEY2969
1/11/21 7:00 P
Enjoy your veggies! GARDENSFORLIFE 51 MOMMACAT57
11/18/20 10:41 A
I ran 4 miles today for the first time!! I’m learning to listen to my body’s cues and pace myself!! ACRAIG921 40 AMYG5025
11/17/20 4:29 P