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I started the Keto diet 2-3 weeks ago and have los QUEENIEMOUSE 23 GEORGE815
6/12/21 1:00 P
What critter did you get this week? FUZZIEBEAR3 607 DCHANCE6
6/8/21 11:49 A
Had to go see the Doc today; my eye kept me up most of the night. Apparently, I have pinkeye. :( DCHANCE6 12 SLIMMERKIWI
6/5/21 4:02 A
Happy Sunday! #sundaysillies REDEEMED_DANCER 17 CHERRYZMB60
5/30/21 10:00 P
Breakfast: 3 ingredient pancakes with frozen wild blueberries, chopped walnuts, and honey. I added 1 BECCAWEBB123 18 DCHANCE6
5/30/21 1:47 P
Message Removed CD25400325 8 CHERRYZMB60
5/30/21 10:04 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 20 CHERRYZMB60
5/30/21 10:11 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sunday! Yesterday was a pretty good day! Work went well, the job TEXASHSMOMOF3 32 AZMOMXTWO
5/31/21 9:50 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 29 LAH1222
5/30/21 11:24 P
5/31/21 11:16 A
What a great reminder to love and be ones SELF. HOBBESIS49 17 BEYONDOPHELIA
5/31/21 11:15 A
2021 Summer 5% Challenge! This is your invitation! Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weigh KALISWALKER 27 NANASUEH
5/31/21 10:01 A
It’s the weekend....but it is also important to eat well! SISSYFEB48 21 SPEDED2
5/30/21 9:42 P
Wildlife spotting on my hike this morning. Have a great day everyone 🥰 FANCYGIRL76 20 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/30/21 2:16 P
Just a friendly reminder that we can do it. I'm not the skinniest but I'm learning to be happy with NEKOMINI 90 BAILE1MA
5/29/21 10:37 P
Where are you hiking? FUZZIEBEAR3 2689 KURTZIE1998
6/12/21 9:00 P
6/11/21 8:53 A
#BeforeAndAfter I can do this. PAYNENA 42 GRACEANNE46
5/30/21 11:40 A
After yesterday’s workout, I officially finished 80 Day Obsession. 80 days of consistency, working o DRBENGSCH2021 22 SUNSHINE150
5/23/21 11:14 P
Made it to the beach for a morning walk, saw this dog with goggles on, and a tanker comin' thru the DLBEASYRIDER 12 WHITEANGEL4
5/23/21 9:36 P
Left Fitcamp early to get my haircut. I still got 44 minutes of full body workout. So, I am golden o UASK4ITDAVE 18 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/21 2:23 P
Does this look like a weird plant based brekkie?!? I am sitting here waiting for my water for my tea STILLSPARKLEIGH 30 AZMOMXTWO
5/22/21 9:41 P
😄 Grand dog Cosmo will be here tonight for his second visit in 2 weeks to Gramma and Papas house. H TROUTPOUT 21 ALLYLIZZY
5/22/21 1:32 P
Kind of wowed right now. (I remember when tofu onl EXFULGERE 16 ALLYLIZZY
5/14/21 2:07 P
I’m doing this under duress because I hate selfies😆, but I surely am thankful for an unforgettable TOMSGAL85 22 RDM121312
5/15/21 4:44 P
5/14/21 10:01 A
Jaxxon Harley: as he's winking at me one last time..."Mom, I'll see ya on the other side." My heart J2002HEIDS 42 ALLYLIZZY
5/14/21 1:46 P
French breakfast radishes harvested yesterday, crunchy and delicious. TOMSTONE1 21 PWILLOW1
5/3/21 2:52 P
Message Removed CD26054030 21 JANS-JOURNEY
5/3/21 10:11 P
Good morning Spark Family! Hope everyone has a great day! 🌸💖✨✨✨ LKASOFF 42 ISNESS
5/3/21 12:29 P
Posted a photo SL2747LIZWILL 44 OCIKAT
5/3/21 11:43 A
Hope the munchies don't hit today.... #eattherainbow BONNIE1552 8 SNOWYDAY53
5/1/21 5:49 P
Basic question, im sure. But how do I get notifications if someone comments on something I posted? JAMIE23531 7 TARATARA47
4/30/21 11:54 P
Finished a hike? Post here and let us know! FUZZIEBEAR3 301 NEWVINE
5/18/21 9:41 A
Ready to be roasted for dinner tonight! -POOKIE- 94 MARGARETYAKODA
4/25/21 6:00 P
Last year I had gotten some peppermint, spearmint and lavender plants and have enjoyed them all. I k DEEKELLYE 7 MICHELLE312817
4/9/21 9:29 A
I am a little bit bloated this morning. I think that I had too much sodium yesterday and the weather AUNTRENEE 4 DCHANCE6
4/9/21 9:13 A
Introduce yourself FUZZIEBEAR3 38 DCHANCE6
4/5/21 9:48 P
Good morning, day 9. Worst day yet. At urgent care CARLOSLAKELAND 20 AQUAGIRL08
3/28/21 9:05 A
NSV🙆‍♀️ I went out to dinner last night after finding out that I had a blood clot in my leg and had CARRIEB51X 10 CATWMNCAT
3/27/21 1:40 P
Message Removed CD26054030 20 OPTICALXILLUSIO
3/28/21 5:21 P
Who’s ready for swimming! Trying on my NEW Smaller size swimsuit! Happy Saturday! SPOKENWORD 60 OPTICALXILLUSIO
3/28/21 5:17 P
Don't wait till you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take to reac KALISWALKER 31 ERIN_POSCH
3/26/21 4:08 P
Posted a photo NAVA2021 234 TKLBRIDGET1
3/25/21 11:36 P
I am so disgusted, yet excited. I hate how I’ve packed on 7 pounds recently. Yet excited to really g MAMACRAFTY1 20 ZTGF04
3/21/21 8:57 P
Problem - Revelation 75HEALTHYME 18 JAMER123
3/21/21 10:46 P
3/20/21 9:41 A
Good afternoon spark friends. Sad to say covid is in the house. So far we are okay. Uncomfortable bu CARLOSLAKELAND 49 CGARR442
3/23/21 12:02 A
3/20/21 5:59 P
Holy Smokes! I knew I was moving today but 300% my MOVE goal and a hiking badge. I’m gonna sleep goo MSMOSTIMPROVED 56 SPARKPEOPLE1951
3/20/21 4:32 P
Looks like I have a headress, but I'm actually jus CKOUDSI617 14 IMUSTLOSEIT1
3/27/21 1:56 P
Happy Sunday to you! 🌟🌟🌟 BARBIEE52 24 JAMER123
3/15/21 11:07 P
Message Removed CD26026042 17 LITTLEFLOWERTC
3/14/21 4:51 P
3/24/21 8:16 A
3/6/21 7:47 P
Breakfast today is one of my favorites with an add KARABELLA03 17 GEORGE815
3/2/21 3:11 P
Making progress: first time under 200 in two year DAVIS414 79 DAVIS414
3/3/21 8:24 A
I tried this with hamburger meat and Raos marinara. It was excellent replacement for spaghetti. Very PAULAHANSEN 11 GEORGE815
2/28/21 11:10 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sunday!!! Took a 3 day break from social media and just enjoyed m TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 TOMSGAL85
3/2/21 2:40 P
Breakfast: I loaded my oatmeal up this morning. I have oatmeal hiding under there 😆 BECCAWEBB123 48 WENDYM79
2/28/21 1:05 P
Message Removed CD26026042 57 75HEALTHYME
2/27/21 10:48 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 33 SPEDED2
2/27/21 8:33 P
Down exactly 22lbs Starting weight: 178.8 Current weight: 156.8 Goal weight: 130 LATISHADEE 13 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/27/21 1:45 P
This is what I deal with when I eat my lunch. Every day. 😆 MIAMI_LILLY 61 DCHANCE6
2/26/21 8:34 A
Sign of the Times #164 SPEDED2 38 ALLYLIZZY
2/27/21 12:47 P
Dinner today...Oaxaca Bowl...so good SISSYFEB48 15 _RAMONA
2/26/21 1:27 A
My weight is stuck at 201 and its been a week (after losing 9 lbs in 6 weeks). I think I just hit a PUREAWESOMEMESS 5 SLIMMERKIWI
2/23/21 7:51 P
Posted a photo ZARAPHENA86 9 GEORGE815
2/21/21 6:11 P
#BeforeAndAfter I am gaining muscle. So I am not seeing lbs drop on the scale. I am seeing it a b FROGROBYN 15 DCHANCE6
2/21/21 4:21 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 84 GEORGE815
2/21/21 6:00 P
Heart is pounding: our smoke alarms went off and we had to have the fire department come. Turns out BIRDLOVER-CJ 13 GEORGE815
2/21/21 5:58 P
Spent almost an hour chopping up ice and shoveling snow today. I'll feel it in the morning, but righ KRISTIN1868 5 GEORGE815
2/21/21 5:55 P
My optimistic neighbor out trying to put a dent in the white stuff. He is prepared. Stocking cap, EVIE4NOW 38 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/21/21 7:36 P
Posted a photo CLYMANWEST 55 TEEDEE911
2/18/21 12:22 A
2/16/21 5:28 A