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Posted a photo ALLENJOSEPH 15 ARTJAC
6/24/21 2:49 A
6/24/21 4:17 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 25 JOYCEHARRIS3
6/24/21 6:36 A
I am thankful for the memories i have made here started at 210 pounds (2012) i not the bigg SPARKFRAN514 36 GODS-PRINCESS
6/24/21 9:25 A
Posted a photo ALLENJOSEPH 21 ARTJAC
6/24/21 2:48 A
6/24/21 6:35 A
A great day hiking #fitnessfeats #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 6 GODS-PRINCESS
6/24/21 9:00 A
Happy Wednesday Spark Friends!! Off to the Thrift store for me this morning. Off to SUMMER CAMP for FLASUN 29 JAMER123
6/23/21 10:54 P
6/23/21 9:54 P
Four letter word - change one letter BARBIEE52 3522 JAMER123
6/23/21 9:07 P
A-Z Places (Cities, States, Countries)! JAMER123 3012 JAMER123
6/23/21 9:06 P
AAU Keep a Word - Drop a Word ✂ KRYS210 387 ELIZACG9
6/24/21 8:48 A
Enjoy Wed when it arrives in your neck of the woods . SPARKFRAN514 22 GODS-PRINCESS
6/24/21 8:32 A
Posted a photo KATHYSCOTT6764 22 ALLYLIZZY
6/23/21 1:32 P
Hope everyone is drinking their water and getting a walk or something in.....have a terrific rest of DARLENEK04 15 TOMATOCAFEGAL
6/23/21 5:38 P
I did 16.5 miles on the exercise bike today. Yup my legs feel like Jello. CAT5JACK 11 JOYCEHARRIS3
6/23/21 6:39 A
Our garden plot is thriving! So far, we’ve harvested delicious, fresh lettuce every day for the past NANHBH 28 ROCKYCPA
6/23/21 10:34 P
Does this shoe fit ?? 75HEALTHYME 25 ALLYLIZZY
6/23/21 1:41 P
Make a note of this .... for tomorrow, next week, next month, next year... or when ever you need to 75HEALTHYME 16 HAPPYSOUL91
6/23/21 11:02 A
Posted a photo DBEAU57 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/23/21 8:53 A
Happy Tuesday!! Everyone who knows me - I LOVE FLAMINGO'S. This was a picture of me as my Fave Tim FLASUN 30 JAMER123
6/22/21 11:28 P
Tenacity Tuesday WIMSONFLOWER 2 JAMER123
6/22/21 11:28 P
6/23/21 9:36 P
6/22/21 9:07 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 DININA48MN
6/22/21 2:56 A
For anyone who wanted the recipe for my freezer jam. It uses much less sugar than other recipes and ACRAIG921 12 PICKIE98
6/22/21 6:45 A
Live in peace w/what you cannot change. You have to keep reinventing yourself. Embrace your succes 1CRAZYDOG 13 HAPPYSOUL91
6/22/21 11:12 A
How HOT is it in your corner of the world? 75HEALTHYME 27 HAPPYSOUL91
6/22/21 11:12 A
When I started my journey in 2018, I never truly imagined that I would be successful and reach my go COCOBEBO42 37 KBEGEY
6/22/21 4:10 P
I just thought of a benefit to SparkPeople closing down.... I will no longer need to concern myself 75HEALTHYME 5 HAPPYSOUL91
6/22/21 11:13 A
Two Words / Change One! MNNSAIDE 2321 JAMER123
6/21/21 8:24 P
Two words, change one fun game! JAMER123 9600 JAMER123
6/21/21 8:15 P
#BeforeAndAfter My Dad having desert before his lunch because its his special day! He enjoyed a sma COOKWITHME65 35 1CRAZYDOG
6/21/21 9:09 P
Hope all you Dads out there had a terrific day. I took my hubs to Dairy Queen for a treat and manage DARLENEK04 16 ILOVEROSES
6/21/21 9:45 A
Salmon and broccoli cheese stuffed potatoes with pepper for dinner last night ❤️ Stepmom is making ALLYLIZZY 39 TMP0418
6/22/21 7:27 A
HAPPY SUNDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! Happy Father's Day to all the Men or women out there who have been lik FLASUN 19 STILLSPARKLEIGH
6/21/21 8:15 A
Change is difficult... even when it was your own idea to begin with!! 75HEALTHYME 16 STILLSPARKLEIGH
6/21/21 8:17 A
The other day in a conversation with my heart specialist (MD) he asked how much of us is from geneti 75HEALTHYME 6 HAPPYSOUL91
6/21/21 9:48 A
Change #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 30 GODS-PRINCESS
6/21/21 11:13 A
Had Dinner for Breakfast so having Breakfast for Dinner🙃... Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes, Greek Yog CATWMNCAT 33 ISNESS
6/20/21 10:42 P
Raining all day here...still got my water all drank...y yay.......hope everyone has a good weekend... DARLENEK04 21 ILOVEROSES
6/20/21 11:25 A
got in a total of 9 glasses today! Celebrating success! #h2whoa GREYGIN 20 TOMATOCAFEGAL
6/20/21 9:17 A
Happy Saturday! Yesterday's mall walk was great for 1 hour- total steps for day 11K 4.33 Miles. To FLASUN 23 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/20/21 10:52 A
Heard today is National Kissing Day and found this.. NOTE calorie burn !! 75HEALTHYME 16 HAPPYSOUL91
6/20/21 10:13 A
My favorite summer salad: Tomatoes, green bell pepper, cucumbers and onions. Season as desired. I u RAMONA1954 27 JAMER123
6/19/21 9:50 P
Something to ALWAYS remember 75HEALTHYME 29 HAPPYSOUL91
6/20/21 10:15 A
This is MY time! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 24 LIS193
6/20/21 4:05 A
6/19/21 12:36 A
Beat my calories intake 3 days in a row. 1GLIDER 13 GERRYH2
6/19/21 7:51 A
It was a GOOD Day!!! Finished my work week hustle challenges on fitbit strong…. And I met or exceed STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 CD3802882
6/20/21 8:45 A
Happy FRIDAY!! Today will be our Mall Walking day. Grandsons and Daughter having a FUN Summer in NY FLASUN 16 LIS193
6/19/21 4:03 A
Wishing everyone a. 75HEALTHYME 18 HICKOK-HALEY
6/19/21 2:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter 🤣😂🙃😏😁💕 Have a great Friday everyone!🙏☕️🦋🏡👟🙌👊 WINGSDREAMS 6 JAMER123
6/18/21 9:36 P
Feeling 🙃 silly! Hey!, I had to!🤣 Hope this made your day!💕 For those that accused me through the WINGSDREAMS 7 JAMER123
6/18/21 9:35 P
With this SP site closing in August…I’m hoping to keep in contact with you on other platforms. 🙂I’ WINGSDREAMS 13 WINGSDREAMS
6/19/21 10:25 P
I had a great start to my week! My annual checkup, and the doctor is thrilled. I'm 5 lbs away from BTINCHER2001 24 CXKCLL
6/18/21 6:45 A
Lots of walking today! #moveit MACHOL 11 CHESTER47
6/18/21 9:40 A
Met with a friend today to encourage her to stick to her goals! #goalfeats MACHOL 11 MIMIOH
6/18/21 7:25 A
Before 250 After 199 PNUGENT2331 33 CHUBBYNOMORE3
6/18/21 11:54 A
6/19/21 12:37 P
Message Removed CD11945874 30 HICKOK-HALEY
6/19/21 2:57 A
Meeting my goals! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 19 LIS193
6/18/21 3:55 A
Pushed myself at the gym this morning. Drank my water. Almost to my step goal. Five servings of veg RAMONA1954 8 JAMER123
6/17/21 11:07 P
Wednesday… not the best day … had a plan but it didn’t work well - I wasn’t hungry in the morning & ENNAZUS176 15 BECCAWEBB123
6/17/21 9:01 P
glad that I have motivational music for busy days! #goalfeats MACHOL 6 MIMIOH
6/17/21 7:59 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 3 EVILCECIL
6/17/21 4:35 A
Still moving even though I'm busy! #moveit MACHOL 7 BONNIE1552
6/17/21 11:59 A
Taking healthy snacks along for busy days! #foodfeats MACHOL 7 KENNAN123
6/17/21 10:29 A
My Dad made curry chicken with broccoli and channa masala for dinner last night ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 25 CATWMNCAT
6/17/21 4:44 P
Wednesday share #2 (number is arbitrary not indicative of importance) 75HEALTHYME 19 SPEDED2
6/17/21 8:41 P
Happy WEDNESDAY! Thrift shopping day! Meeting Mom & Sister there - More STEPS for me today! Enjoy Y FLASUN 27 MADEINBRITAIN
6/17/21 4:05 A
Welcome to Fat Kickers June 2021 Trivia Challenge SUNNYWBL 36 SUNNYWBL
6/24/21 1:59 A
Island Hopper Clam Chowder ❤️ This is my Stepmom’s recipe (our family recipe)… enjoy! :) Ingredie ALLYLIZZY 22 PCK12J
6/16/21 2:41 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 6 THINCPL2004
6/15/21 10:45 P
My son grilled pork steak.i added corn and Sliced Beets to dinner. RAMONA1954 19 LOVENHWOODS
6/16/21 2:00 P