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7/29/21 4:42 P
I’ve been absent from my garden for a few days. This morning, I discovered this 3.53 lb zucchini! NANHBH 30 HICKOK-HALEY
7/21/21 1:03 A
7/19/21 2:28 A
Daily Chirp & Share What You've Seen Today LITTLEREDHEN8 757 JULIEJO39
8/1/21 11:12 A
Just checking if any of my Spark friends have left here yet, since this is being shut down for good. SPINSTER321 9 NITEMAN3D
7/17/21 9:53 P
Help! Any one else trying to avoid coffee?? AMYBOOKIT 184 TCANNO
8/1/21 2:55 A
Veggies egg white cups I made myself , maple sausage , Avacado and organic blueberries healthy and GOALGETTER1211 16 FIRYMIST
7/8/21 5:36 P
I will hate to say Goodbye to SparkPeople. SHIRLEYJG7 14 BARCLE
7/6/21 10:53 P
Bento Boxes and the best table in the house. Summertime! NITEMAN3D 18 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/7/21 8:23 A
OMG!!!! I am under 300lbs…so excited!! ESHINEFIT 17 ZTGF04
7/4/21 10:02 P
Tarragon Dijon Salmon, Purple & Sweet Potatoes and Peas... Hope you had a Gr8 Day😊 CATWMNCAT 25 GEORGE815
7/1/21 4:27 P
Dinner - Aloha chicken sausage, baby broccoli, sweet potato and organic unsweetened applesauce!:) 😋 NAVYWIFESKI 26 TMP0418
7/1/21 9:33 P
New York Yankees 2021 Team Discussion RD03875 49 JIACOLO
8/2/21 10:16 A
Veggie Scramble, 2-Ingedient Bagel w/ Greek Cream Cheese, Tomato, Kefir and Coffee☕☕😊 Happy Caturd CATWMNCAT 19 EVIE4NOW
6/27/21 12:39 A
For those of us who are struggling with consistency TFOSTER1978 21 DESERTDREAMERS
6/26/21 11:19 P
6/25/21 3:15 P
Grateful for my healthy living journey! Eating clean and getting lean! 97 pounds gone FOREVER! 3 pou SPOKENWORD 32 NVRGIVINGUP
6/25/21 8:01 P
6/18/21 11:37 P
Norigami Sesame Seed Soy Wrap, Chickpea Salad, Lower Sodium Ham, Greek Cream Cheese, Baby Spinach an CATWMNCAT 17 PATRICIA-CR
6/19/21 12:48 P
Daily Chat CD7793680 4336 F8CONE8
6/17/21 12:29 A
Chicken Parmesan, Roasted Veggies, Pickled Asparagus, Olives, Dave's Killer Bread and V8 Healthy G CATWMNCAT 20 BECCAWEBB123
6/17/21 9:05 P
Anyplace like SparkPeople that you have found to use in the future? ROOTIHAUSMAN 6 LEMOW72
6/16/21 11:03 P
It is the middle of the week; it is impossible to believe there is only two more weeks left in June. CHERYLSCOTT54 6 WANT2BTRIM
6/16/21 8:43 P
Dinner - Sweet Italian turkey sausage, cauliflower au gratin and salad!:) 😋 Have a wonderful evenin NAVYWIFESKI 23 NAVYWIFESKI
6/17/21 9:19 P
6/17/21 8:48 P
So sad to see the place I’ve thought of as a second home for 5 years go… The news was hard for me t ALLYLIZZY 34 TARATARA47
6/19/21 11:33 A
from LYNCHD05 Jack, a handsome man, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to Jil NANASUEH 6 TERMITEMOM
6/14/21 10:47 P
I know that it's troublesome for many spark people that it is changing it's business model and I ten EDWARD662 5 1STBUCKETITEM
6/14/21 7:07 P
Breaking the fast... 2 Ingredient Bagel w/ Greek Cream Cheese, Eggbeater Scramble, Apple Chicken Sau CATWMNCAT 36 SPARKLINGME176
6/14/21 6:50 P
Lunch time Mmmmmhmmm Salmon salad with the works delicious 😋 #tastetherainbow TMP0418 25 EVILCECIL
6/15/21 6:31 A
What am I supposed to do on August 17th when I can’t track my food???? I downloaded Spark360 and I D MZADAMS 7 1STBUCKETITEM
6/14/21 6:56 P
Mmmm, mmm😋... Hubs got the Prime Rib and I got the bones... still plenty of meat! Hope You Have a CATWMNCAT 27 GEORGE815
6/14/21 1:43 P
Happy Sunday! It’s been a while since I have been on the app. I’ve been trying to get myself togethe EVARGASCRUZ491 25 GEORGE815
6/14/21 1:39 P
How it started and how it’s going. Down 114 and getting closer and closer to goal. I am going to mis JEN097 59 PWILLOW1
6/14/21 5:05 P
Remember Dear Abby? Is that column still in print?? Well, anyway found this bit of wisdom labell 75HEALTHYME 14 MARYJOANNA
6/13/21 7:26 A
Okay, so the shock and disbelief have worn off and I'm settling into a routine of sorts by tracking NITEMAN3D 11 GARDENCHRIS
6/13/21 3:05 P
I know SparkAmerica has announced that a nutrition tracker is coming on Aug 15. I can be patient. I ITICITIC 8 DIANEDOESSMILES
6/12/21 6:24 P
6/12/21 4:01 P
Anyone else struggling since learning of Sparkpeople’s demise? After being off Spark for a number of CMD703 11 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
6/12/21 8:44 A
I'm looking for another app that is as good as this one if anyone knows of another app please let me SHARONDP1964 10 NITEMAN3D
6/10/21 7:57 P
#BeforeAndAfter On my way! Only about 13ish more lbs to go! VEG_GIRL04 29 GOINGFORSKINNY
6/25/21 7:58 P
Hit 30 lbs down from my heaviest weight at today's weigh in. That's only the beginning, as I've sti ITICITIC 13 BARBIEE52
6/11/21 1:26 A
I don't always want to talk to my mom.... Since marrying and moving in with my husband I gained weig HEATHER12O 8 LUANN_IN_PA
6/10/21 6:29 A
Spark Points MACGRAW 15586 CHEIVOUS
8/2/21 11:31 A
I’m Brand new to the Fitbit, how accurate would you say it is? TIME4NEW-ME 7 TIME4NEW-ME
6/9/21 5:10 P
Working through sparks 360. Can't find my calorie counting/nutrition information did they do away wi KITI513 6 NITEMAN3D
6/9/21 3:23 A
Took a look at the new Spark America/Spark360, and it doesn't seem to have a food tracker, which is CYNFIT4LIFE 10 BLOND1E
6/9/21 6:32 A
Men, You're Not Alone Group Forum DJROTH 764 NITEMAN3D
6/8/21 3:40 P
Starting a new thing.. Prepared healthy lunches ❤️ MKTAYLOR16 19 DIZZYBRITCHES
6/8/21 4:32 P
I exercise and deserve nutritious Still 18+6 fasting. Sauerkraut turns my bad guts bacteria into goo ISNESS 24 TMP0418
6/8/21 9:25 P
A-Z Order of 4 Letter Words LITTLEREDHEN8 28 JULIEJO39
6/10/21 7:23 A
The Lose It app has calorie/water/exercise tracking. First week free then $40 per year. There is a s JREES01S 11 CD27711231
6/8/21 5:14 A
I also will be staying to the end. Things could change. I am sure they are working on solutions. CHANGINGDEDA 7 MARGARETYAKODA
6/8/21 4:14 A
Message Removed CD9436376 7 CD9436376
6/7/21 9:34 P
Where To Run To Now That It's Really Over? NITEMAN3D 7 INGMARIE
6/8/21 3:21 A
For all of you who have questions about the SparkPeople Site changes, here's a link to the article PHOENIX81RISING 12 HMMRHEAD5000
6/7/21 9:43 P
Walked for 35-minutes. #goalfeats NEPTUNE1939 8 MIMIOH
6/8/21 6:41 A
Okay, I've looked at Nutritionix Track, Cronometer and a few others... there's a bunch of stuff avai NITEMAN3D 11 LIVINHEALTHY9
6/8/21 8:27 A
Three points, is three points CHACHIDAWG 31809 SLJ1953
8/2/21 8:02 P
I get three points for this? MARTINFRIED 30476 SLJ1953
8/2/21 8:02 P
Wow, another 3 points! CD13956778 15868 SLJ1953
8/2/21 8:02 P
Big, high calorie, carb filled, protien packed breakfast (forgot to post earlier)! Hope everyone i CATWMNCAT 18 TMP0418
6/8/21 7:07 A
Day 2 - #10daysaladchallenge Lunch - Tuna, and Egg Salad SOOKIE 11 GEORGE815
6/7/21 4:26 P
GarminTracker SPORTY_1 4 KATHYRB
6/11/21 8:29 P
SparkPeople is shutting down in August MILLER-S 64 JENJEN437
7/3/21 9:25 A
SparkPeople Going Away! NITEMAN3D 14 MCCALI59
6/11/21 11:53 A
I cut a whole 25 minutes off this ride since I did it last! There are alot of places I used to have HEATHER12O 8 KAYDE53
6/6/21 10:37 P
Cant believe it, but after a big loss this week, I’m down about 72 pounds! After losing and gaining DRBENGSCH2021 33 DRBENGSCH2021
6/7/21 8:53 A
I'm sorry for so many that spark people is ending but for me, well, I started to transition to a new CARRIEB51X 12 CHERRYZMB60
6/6/21 10:22 P
Here's the actual article and not a blog, so you can actually get points for reading it. Don't they NITEMAN3D 4 CD7889752
6/7/21 7:59 P
I'm glad somebody leaked this as myself and many others have been doing this for over fifteen years. NITEMAN3D 8 LIVINHEALTHY9
6/7/21 7:54 A
Just read that SparkPeople is going away forever in August... true or false? NITEMAN3D 15 CD7889752
6/7/21 7:59 P
My calories today are really low so far but I'm not hungry and my energy is great! Maybe leftovers SERVANTROSE5 3 STEVE4476
6/6/21 2:21 P
Down a bunch, but just barely lower than the day before. So made 2 lbs for the week. JIMMOORE14 10 MOMMY445
6/6/21 3:30 P
Sam’s Run 5K in the rain this morning! Official time was 38:18 and I won 1st place in my age group ( MOMOF4JDRS 17 SHOAPIE
6/6/21 12:39 A